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TV Carnage
• 04.03.09 09:10 am

While working on my new full-length TV CARNAGE Exercise Video I’ve been exposed to some of humanities most desperate ploys to make money. However, one ploy that always works for me is the exercise video that is consistently on the cusp of becoming a unforgettably filthy gang bang film but pulls back to fulfill it’s promise of being a good old fashioned, wholesome money grab.
P.S. Guy shooting this, when you are dealing with a skin tone that isn’t Caucasian/European American you have to calibrate your readings and lighting to not make him NOT look like a guy David Duke would doodle on his duo tannnnngggg.

  1. Last In Line For Almost Gang Bang says:

    You guys leave some for me, too.

  2. Kippy the Kelpy says:

    Why is the black guy wearing a different color than the whities

  3. i want says:

    tvcarnage > boners

  4. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    they are all dressed like cartoon bears. radical

  5. mons says:

    they’re so goofy! whatdja do that for, goof??

  6. Squirrelypoops says:

    I hate how the street boner tag thingy is longer than the gd videoclip.

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