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• 04.30.09 11:46 am

Do yourself a favor. Get some Mary Jane Cigarillos, put on Clifford, open your mind and float down stream. It is a SNL skit that goes on so long that it becomes a dare to get through it. That may not seem like much of a pitch but considering it becomes such a psychedelic mess, it feels like a bet was lost and the loser had to spend 15 million on a film and purposely fuck it up.
I use this film for training purposes. If you wanna be in the TV CARNAGE gang this is one of the films used to beat you in.

  1. Adam says:

    The facial expressions in the “Look at me like a normal human boy!” scene are amazing.

  2. Larry the Scary Rex says:

    he’s a scary dinosaur.


    / /
    lol lol



    well that didnt work out.

  5. Ghoul Skool says:

    I wanna say… Mason?

  6. ty says:

    Exactly. About time, SBTVC.


  7. nick says:

    why don’t you quit ripping off “the best show” on wfmu for once. shit is pathetic.

  8. kevin says:

    i saw “clifford” in the theater when i was like 14 and even at that tender age, I thought “who green lit this piece of crap”.

  9. buffalowinger says:

    watching this movie is a walk through the park. how do i get into the TV CARNAGE gang?

  10. stuffnthings says:

    I love that movie.

  11. Alcoholocaust says:

    next you need to talk about Nothing But Trouble.

    another movie where you can’t really tell if it’s supposed to be that bad.

  12. Alcoholocaust says:

    LOVE THIS MOVIE. My mom made us watch it when we were like 8.

  13. pogi says:

    this movie has bothered me since i was a kid.

  14. Guy says:

    Some smart studio somebody let the The Cliff soak in all kinds of bacteria for nearly four years before finally unleashing it on a world that had only recently become accustomed to post-puberty Ben Savage.

  15. whiney internet faggot says:

    hmm, maybe at least wait more than 3 days after Best Show does a huge clifford-centric martin short interview…

  16. GOLDCAT says:

    guys: the road to wellville.

  17. Al Eternity says:

    this really wasn’t that good.

  18. SHOWPONIES says:


  19. Tom Bom, jolly Tom says:

    Don’t be scared of his sharp sharp teeth.

  20. lolz says:

    HA! my mom did SFX for clifford, she totes has a black acid washed clifford jacket. i remember going to the set when i was little and martin short made me cry.

  21. J.B says:

    Beckles you’ve got high standards, Clifford is amazing. But have you seen THIS?!?

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