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• 09.24.16 08:00 pm

Don’t eat the rich. Ask them what to do. Here’s a handy tip from us successful people: When the cops arrest you, don’t try to fight them, SEETHE. 




Here’s the above shirts.

Here’s the Wu-Tang financial advice Twitter I was talking about.

Here’s Ann’s brilliant new book.

  1. ColinJ says:

    My only comment to Ann Coulter haters out there: Read one of her books and see why you should shut the fuck up.

  2. frank says:

    Ann would regularly make troll comments to the effect that “American should conquer the middle east and forceably convert them all to Christianity.” She was totally a neocon pro-war Bush cheer-leader for the previous 15 years and churned out that sort of troll garbage on the regular.

    She seems to have woke the fuck up in the last year and got with the program. But we can’t forget that she spent the previous 15 years as a useless idiot. I’m glad that she’s #woke now, but it’s only because of the efforts of better thinkers. It’s pretty obvious who she’s been reading.

  3. OogaBooga says:

    Yeah. She seems to have improved a LOT. She used to be a total Neocon fucking twat. But’s it’s been awhile since I’ve heard her say anything I disagree with.

  4. raymi says:

    talk about stockholm syndrome fer Ann

  5. ??? says:


  6. Poop says:

    All arguments aside, a guy waits until he’s rich and then he turns conservative.

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