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• 12.11.09 12:00 pm

Last year some time, Street Carnage Films and Decon Media were asked to document the Movie Watching World Championships wherein eight people try to stay awake for five days watching movies.

Last year some time, Street Carnage Films and Decon Media were asked to document the Movie Watching World Championships wherein eight people try to stay awake for five days watching movies. We told the sponsor, Netflix, we’d do it on one condition: No notes. We were going to do it our way and they could only see it when the final product was done. That’s it. That’s how we roll.

So we stayed up with the contestants and documented their every move. Sure we got a little wasted at times and yeah, we might have been a teensers rude but it was five days of people staring at two giant TVs with no sleep. You know what happens when that happens? You lose your fucking mind. Sleep deprivation is natural LSD so the film is really about a Plexiglas loony bin in the middle of Times Square.

Anyway, when we showed the movie to Netflix, we confidently said, “Here’s the movie, dawgs. It’s perfect. And if you don’t like it, you can go fuck yourselves (but don’t worry about having to do that because you’re going to love it).” A few days later they called us back and before they could say anything we said, “You’re welcome.” Then they go, “Um, we’re going to go fuck ourselves, thanks.” CLICK.

It hadn’t occurred to us they wouldn’t like the film. Fight faces immediately took over our collective visage and we said, “Not that we take notes (we don’t) but what would your notes be if we did because, you know, they might not be THAT hard to implement after all?” They laughed and said they had no notes. The only thing they’d like to do to the movie is take their logo out of every scene. Then they went off and said hurtful shit like, “You are soliciting gangs, you’re vandalizing people’s property, you’re high and drunk half the time, yelling and screaming like a maniac … it’s terrible.” We tried to explain that’s what happens when you don’t sleep and they basically said their care machine just ran out of batteries. So, we said, “THAT’S IT!” and told them we are going to be confiscating the movie and distributing it ourselves. If this hurt their feelings, they did a very good job of hiding it because all they did was say, “Good” and “bye.”

So without further to do, we present to you a documentary about a Movie Watching World Championship wherein Richard Simmons was abused, a guy hallucinated a beagle crawling up a plant, a bunny head was used as a weapon 78 times, and the guys who made it got fired.

Info on buying after this teaser snail trail …

It’s available here for $15 ppd (no matter where you live) and will ship the week of January 4th, 2010.

PS: We’ll be presenting some of the lowlights of the film at Jon Friedman’s Rejection Show on January 20th.

PPS: Jay Electronica did the soundrack.

PooPooS: If you’re still waiting for your GMIFA DVD, don’t fret. A huge shipment of them went out today.

PooPooPeePeeS: Here’s the Horny skit again. (We keep getting emails asking where it is). BTW the top thing is a shout box, not a search thing. The search box is right below it. Come on guys. It’s pretty clearly marked.


  1. Sandy Banks says:

    FINALLY!!!!!! What a bout a box set?

  2. brain cave says:

    AHA, I made a joke in the shoutbox (BTW it looks like it should be the fucking search box, wtf is a shoutbox anyway?)

  3. Sir Fagsalot says:

    This site has turned into

  4. jorgy porgy says:

    just but it fagalot

  5. Santa Claus says:

    skelt krew 4 life


    The thing I don’t understand about the firing is what the fuck did they expect? You’ve been pulling the exact same brand of hilarious bullshit for like a decade now.

  7. Maxipad says:

    should of stuck it in Sharons ass

  8. loosejuice says:


  9. shea says:

    Street Carnage needs more tentacles.

  10. fuck BK says:

    jersey shore.

  11. gregor says:

    groovy beats guy

  12. Brian says:

    Holy shit, I forgot how funny that “Fight Faces” post was.

    Shitty you guys got fired. Did they not like the Richard/Gene Simmons hilariousness?

  13. girl says:


  14. Kolaceck says:

    I have teardrops tattooed on my butthole for guys I’ve banged in prison.

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  16. Anonymous says:

    more of this more of this

  17. JuCIFEUR says:

    You should have sold this to IFC.

  18. ANonymous Too says:

    These clips look pretty fucking funny to me.

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