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• 08.16.13 12:00 pm


The butt-ugly white beta males over at SPIN have decided Jim Goad and everything about him was one of the worst things about the 90s. Need proof? 

Nope. In today’s culture of snark journalism all these pussies have to do to preach to the converted is list what they hate and everyone goes, “Yeah!” Just list that ANSWER Me! featured articles by Jim called “People Ruin Everything” and the transcripts of a prank call to suicide doctor Jack Kevorkian. No need to explain what was wrong with them. (By the way, Debbie, not Jim, wrote both articles, and they were hilarious.)


That’s SPIN’s writer on the left and the editor on the right. Don’t they just drip with ghetto coolness?


Anyway, here’s the “takedown” (they love saying that—also “decimated” and “skewers”)

This one hits all the notes. 

1- Say someone “fancies themself” intellectual without saying why they are not. They don’t need to find one mistake in The Redneck Manifesto. They just have to imply it’s faux intellectual. This is common with liberal-arts types who hate research. They call any facts they don’t like “junk science.” “Asshole” is also a big word with them these days. Like when Bill Maher says, “Climate Change Assholes.” It means “Person who says something that might hurt others’ feelings.” Whether the thing is true or not is apparently irrelevant. Personally, I find “Mean People Suck” to be very hurtful.

2- Again with the argument that Political Correctness is a straw man. A guy just got fired from ESPN for using the term “Chink in the armor.” Another guy just got fired for saying “nigger” while wasted at a party. He’s black! What world are they living in where PC is fake? The PC witch hunt has been ramped up a thousandfold since the 90s.

3- Punk was becoming more diverse in the 90s? What? So, Jim Goad was mad that women and blacks moved in to his punk scene in the 90s and he retaliated? Jim Goad always hated punk, for one. He might have listened to it for about a year or two around 1981 or so, but then he became the World’s First Wigger and later the World’s First Ex-Wigger. Not a single punk rocker was interviewed in ANSWER Me!, although there were interviews with Public Enemy and the Geto Boys. Twenty years on, people such as Soderberg apparently think they’re breaking new ground by slamming white “bros” while idolizing macho black males. SPIN has been preaching for over 20 years that there’s nothing OK with being white, while it’s the epitome of cool to be white while pretending you’re black. Two, the only rule about punk was that there are no rules, so Answer Me! couldn’t have been more appropriate. It was the only magazine that had no boundaries. And it was always right. Instead of mocking it for being such a pile of lies, how about you find one?

4- The purpose of the board game wasn’t to rape a woman. One character was the “Predator” and the other was the “Prey,” and their gender wasn’t specified. If you chose the “Prey” character, the object was to avoid being raped by the Predator while he followed you through an urban area. Also, if you include prison, rape is much more common with men so it’s actually sexist toward men to trivialize it. And finally, liberals love it when cool blacks such as Tyler the Creator talk about rape. Isn’t that racist or  something?

5- Just when you think a sentence like “The whole thing seemed like a proto-Tea Party circle jerk” is totally devoid of substance, we’re reminded that Goad went to jail 15 years ago, so there. Of course, we’re not reminded that the girl in the equation was a violent psychopath who was eventually jailed herself for purposely running over someone with a car, because that would subvert the script, and one must never deviate from the script.


  1. Steve Oakley says:

    I don’t read Spin. I do read Jim Goad on his website, Taki, here and his books. Jim is a truth teller and it is evident when you read him.

  2. Josh says:

    It’s simple: A record label advertising rag with no substance finds it easy, 20 years after the fact, to criticize a 4 issue magazine with a circulation of 13000. Where’s the love of the critical underdog? And guess what my dogs, that little magazine Vice that Answer Me! inspired, it kinda stole your market and made your magazine the most irrelevant thing of the noughties and the tensies. Why does Spin even exist anymore? Oh it doesn’t considering it went out of print a year ago…

  3. Boilerplate says:

    FYI, Brandon Soderberg helped hush up a rape scandal for the rap group Das Racist at the request of his Spin editor Julienne Shepherd who dates Das Racist’s hypeman.

  4. Jon says:

    FYI,the hypeman from Das Racist isn’t white, ya dummy, so it can’t be rape. It was reverse-rape!

  5. Joey says:

    Jim, didn’t you do freelance articles for SPIN back in the day?

  6. Jim Goad says:

    @ Joey
    No, but they wrote about me several times.


  8. Simon says:

    I get the impression the whole political correctness business went on the backburner in the late ’90s and the 2000s only then to make a major return around 2010-2011 or so. It’s really uncanny how to me it felt like it happened overnight.

  9. The Token Ethnic says:

    I still have my Answer Me! zines and the latter collected reprint book. As a “minority,” I never found them offensive, and they were quite interesting/funny. No, I’m not self-loathing or hate my own kind. Hell, I couldn’t get into Randall Phillips’ zine. He called me “one of the good ones” for some reason. Keep on Goading, Goad!

  10. “Don’t they just drip with ghetto coolness?”

    See, that’s why I insist that “ad hominem” attacks are legitimate, no matter what the stuck up dead white males say.

    It is SO relevant that these guys look like dorks.

  11. Vlad says:

    These guys are not good looking. They are repulsive and ruin everything.

  12. TWalsh2 says:

    Cut ’em some slack: 1) They write/edit for Spin; 2)look at ’em; 3)even though they hate all sports, they have to pretend to like soccer so they don’t seem like total b*tches among the b*tches who gather at American bars to watch European “football”; 4) they’ve never had to get up after getting knocked on their ass; 5) never punched a dude; and, 6) are afraid of black folks(male and female), country folks (male and female), and suburban teens (male and female).

  13. corey says:

    I like the sassy little pose the one on the right does.

  14. Ed Cefala says:

    “The Punk Who Wouldn’t Shut Up” is about the most harrowing thing I have ever read.

  15. Jack says:

    Where did you get the thing about most rape victims being men if you include prisoners (if that was what you meant)? It sounds like bullshit to me.

  16. Ghetto Defendant says:

    It’s almost as if one picture is saying to the other, “hey gurrrrl!”, right before he gives the other guy two snaps up…

  17. Rick says:

    I counted two “proto-“s in that paragraph. That’s two too many. Whatta douche.

  18. JJ McKay says:

    Fuck them Spin faggots.

  19. Anonymous says:

    i always wondered what spin magazine thinks about things, but i assumed it was out of print because it eats my balls.

  20. Curmudgeon says:

    I’ll never understand why betas like these Spin losers decry the bro-ness of white guys on the one hand then suck the proverbial dicks of hyper-macho black guys (bordering on Gorillas). If a white guy says a girl has a nice ass in a forward tone, these slanderers will say he is rape culture incarnate. But when black guys rape white women at cartoonishly high rates these noodle-armed noodle heads have nothing to say.

    And that is where their vanity shines through. Their narcissism. Their myopia and ignorance.

    If you’ve ever hung out or interacted with people like these Spin hacks it will quickly become apparent how hermetically sealed their lives are from the nitty gritty world beyond yuppie-condos and lily white suburbs.

    They don’t know what is like to have to fend off a pack of disadvantaged youth and escort your lady friend through a bad neighborhood to keep her from becoming culturally enriched.

    No. They have their one black friend and then look at pictures of others on the internet. This along with their near completely fictional Critical Theory and hyphen-studies classes, makes them experts on how bad white people are.

    Guys like this need to go live in or near an at-risk neighborhood and get to know their beloved “Others” on personal basis.

    I am not homophobic, and I do not like the word, but I can think of no other term for “writers” like this but faggots.

  21. ham says:

    some people actually take music writers seriously. you should do more pieces attacking them. i’ve hated spin for a long time. you should go through their whole writing staff

  22. Simon says:

    What you’re trying to say, Curmudgeon, is that Peter Steele died at the worst possible historical timing.

  23. Nobody reads SPIN. Not since 1996, anyway. I think they get a federal subsidy to stay in print. Bob Guccione Jr. is a subhuman closet queer.

  24. Jim Goad says:

    Since I’m guessing the ghetto-savvy and mad-niggerish Mr. Soderberg checks this page once every five minutes or so, he is welcome to face me in a live dialogue—via IM, Skype, phone, whatever—to be printed without a word or comma edited on this site where I effortlessly unmask him for the brainwashed conformist tool he is and leave him dizzy, blabbering, and with soiled diapers. It’d be like a tomcat playing with a roach.

  25. Mr. Kimball says:

    Is that entire magazine just “lists” of “things”? And has “making lists of things” ended up on the, um, list over at Stuff White People Like?

  26. o. says:

    people still read spin? really?

  27. Keith E Lee says:

    “the whole project seemed more like a proto-Tea Party circle jerk than some noble attack on “good taste.””

    So, I wasn’t aware that ANSWER Me! contained any articles concerning tax reform or that it claimed to be “noble” in any way. Either I missed the point or this guy is making assumptions.

  28. […] Answer Me! Was, Like, Literally the Worst […]

  29. Michael Philip Galarza says:

    Nice story, bro.

  30. Michael Philip Galarza says:

    ANSWER Me! was great however this recent development of writing crypto-republican bullshit not so much. What I can’t definitively decide is whether this transformation into a conservative is genuine or just a liver spotted man-child rebelling against the status quo. See Goad claims to believe only in “truth” and “the facts” but whenever someone disagrees with him he chastises them for being conformists and having safe, mainstream popular opinions. So which is it? Are you interested in the facts or having edgy counter counter-culture views? Will you respond to this or just edit my post inserting your own smarmy, snarky comments like a little fucking brat?

  31. Jim Goad says:

    Third option: Maybe you’re just dumb as shit and can only see two sides to any issue. Yeah, I think we’ll run with that one.
    If you’d like to come off even dumber, kindly attempt to define “crypto-Republican.”
    Also: “bullshit” would imply “factually wrong,” so point out where I mangled the facts. Try and not to look dumber than a tree stump while doing it.

  32. Michael Philip Galarza says:

    What would the third side be? That someone is paying you to write these articles acting as a shill for the Right?

    Crypto-Republican: a pejorative term implying a secret support for, or admiration of, Republican political ideology. In a nutshell.

    Alright I’ll concede the unintentionally misleading use of the word “bullshit”. How about this crypto-Republican humdrum you’ve been writing lately?

  33. Michael Philip Galarza says:

    You fell off, bro.

  34. Jim Goad says:

    I’m not implying a “third side” exists. That’s a ridiculously simplistic way of looking at things. I’ve always stated that reality is incredibly complex—probably far more complex than humans can ever understand. I don’t take sides in this idiotic “left/right” binary that’s proposed. I’m simply a critic of egalitarian ideology, which is the dominant cultural narrative these days, and all the idiocy that flows from it. The only things I’ve ever written about Republicans have been negative. And I’d say 95% of the editorial content on Taki’s Mag, if it mentions Republicans at all, is also negative. You are free to contradict this. Good luck with that.
    And thanks for insinuating that someone’s paying me to parrot what they believe. No one at Taki has ever told me what to write. But your allegation is something that can’t be proved or disproved, right? Much of my writing criticizes idiots who try to argue that way, who pretend as if they can read minds. That’s why I bring up that whole uncomfortable “facts” thing. Because people don’t know how to use them in arguments. It’s almost always purely emotional. Point out where I’m wrong factually. Why is that nearly impossible for 99% of you to do?

  35. Jim Goad says:

    re: “You fell off, bro.”
    Yeah, see, whether you approve of me or not isn’t a concern of mine. Tell me where I’m wrong. That’s the only thing that would bother me.

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  37. Derek says:

    Hey Jim,

    Any update on when ANSWER Me! 1-4 will be available for purchase?

  38. ChiTownPlayaHata says:

    There still is a Spin Magazine?

  39. Annoying Correction Man says:

    Hey Gavin, Jim might hate punk but there was a Mentors article in Answer Me!

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  41. Rob says:

    In case anyone is still reading the comments on this page, you might be curious to know that Mr. Soderberg is in trouble for his false narrative of a confrontation between rioters and Orioles fans:,0,3455147.story

    In short, he claimed that Orioles fans, largely white, started a confrontation with protestors. Tons of video evidence proven the exact opposite, that the protestors where stealing from and assaulting fans. Then on social media, when a picture surfaced of a redhead and a black man struggling over a large bag, he and his fellow city paper reporter claimed the woman was drunk, had thrown a chair at the protestors, and was trying to steal the bag from him. The man has an obviously stolen bottle of vodka in his hand (pourer still on) and video shows him grabbing the redheads purse and dragging her a few feet in an attempt to pry it from her grasp – the bag was never the object of dispute (and doesn’t look like something he would carry around so my guess was stolen from someone else). This Soderberg is a world class cunt. It’s great to have sympathy for the disenfranchised but to lie outright in order to change a narrative, slander someone, and act so unbearably self-righteous is just fucking obnoxious. I agree with the sentiments expressed here. I hope he gets fired. Someone who takes himself so seriously could stand to take a hit and reassess one’s life.

  42. Rob says:

    Apologies for the typos: *proved and *were

  43. Janor says:

    I’ve always dug Jim Goad’s writing. I think he’s one of the funniest satirists and shock value humorists in the country. I think my favorite Jim Goad line was at the bottom of the first Answer Me table of contents: ANSWER ME IS NOT PRINTED ON RECYCLED PAPER! FUCK THE ENVIRONMENT! I just think he’s funny as fuck and I don’t care about the political implications or what Spin magazine says, I think he’s funny, other people’s opinions don’t matter to me.

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