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Street Carnage
• 05.03.17 02:45 pm

It’s becoming hard as shit to keep track of all these new “alternative” political movements and memes. Knowing what they all stand for and what tactics they use has become a joke. Luckily, Miles is woke as fuck and lets us know what’s goin down on the streets in this video.

  1. Street Carnage says:

    U stinking capitalist u always is trying to get us to subscribe to ur stinking rebel media and now a new materialistic object called rebel edge! No we won’t subscribe to ur money worshipping propaganda machine cuz we is Street Carnage we is anarchists who don’t pay for nothing u money grubbing pig. U don’t fool us and we will burn this motherfucker down! You hear! May day! May day!

  2. Got Milk! says:

    Wake up White people.

  3. Proud Boys the Neo Nazi Youth Wing says:

    Based Stickman
    The good squad.

    Kyle Chapman (reincarnated Ernst Rohm) is a 41-year-old Californian who showed up to a pro-Trump (reincarnated Hitler followers) rally in Berkeley (Kristallnacht) with a gas mask, a shield, and, yes, a stick, thereby earning this nickname upon his arrest. (“Based,” as coined by the rapper Lil B, has become internet slang for, essentially, “glorious.”) Chapman has announced plans to start a “tactical defensive arm” (SA brown shirts) of an alt-right social club (Neo Nazi Youth Wing) led by Gavin McInnes (soon to be divorced media attention whore).

  4. Benito the Dog says:

    Peter “Taki” Theodoracopulos
    The proto–Gavin McInnes.

    An elderly Greek (literally & homosexually) playboy who named one of his dogs “Benito,” once spent three months in jail for cocaine possession, and runs the leading publication for hepcat paleoconservatives and cosmopolitan racists: Takimag, which prides itself on telling hard truths about the superiority of whites without being “boring” about it.

  5. You give me energy says:

    My wife left me and took my sweet boy Crayden and our daughter Jennica. Simply because of the dick sucking incident and my Obama logo-shaped hog. Every nite I cry and pray to Christ the redeemer for my babies to be returned by the Vile Woman. You give me energy blasts from my stereo as I repent and pray to God that she is smited next Christmas.

  6. frank says:

    Taki came over to my house one time. Only after he left did I discover that he had vomited on my carpet.


    First, there can be no common cause between Christians and Irony Bros. Indeed, the idea that Irony Bros have any cause other than omni-directional destruction is stunningly ignorant. The illiberal Christian movement, a disparate and nascent group to which I am at least tenuously attached, can feel starved for allies in the institutional Church, and for that reason it may go looking in places it has no business being. This is a mistake.

    Second, if the tradinista cause is to be more than an internet hobby, it has to be taken out to the suburban parishes. It may be hard to talk to the suburban dad at the local mega-parish who has never heard of Alasdair MacIntyre (let alone that maybe communism isn’t godless materialism) about liberalism. But it’s necessary if one believes in this cause. If the purveyors of illiberalism aren’t willing to do this, then they are simply engaging in an incestuous internet form of the worst conceptions of the Benedict Option.

    My suggestion is we take what lessons we can from this incident—and then, of course, never speak of the Chapo guys again.

  8. Me Chinese me play joke says:

    Every comment so far is absolutely unreadable. Basically the definition of garbage. Maybe if I could read through the first few something would make sense? Yeah, not gonna happen.

  9. Me Chinese me play joke says:

    How was the may gay rally? I thought about going but I have this thing called a job. Of course it would have been fun to punch some commie assholes in their assholes. I think I might keep a few cartons of eggs to get ripe in the sun for a few weeks for the next time I come across some of you pussies protesting stupid made up shit.

  10. Chitownplayahata says:

    ^^ Me Chinese me play joke
    OogaBooga 是性交 faggot。

  11. OogaBooga says:

    When I was a little sicko bastard, I used to capture big ole’ bufo toads, lick em on top of their warty necks oozing that hallucinogenic poison, and then stick my wee wee in their mouths. To this day I’ve never had better blow jobs than those psychedelic princely bufo’s. The only “sensation” that beats that is fucking a cow heart hooked up with cables to a car battery.
    I think my memories of those youthful excursions with Mother Nature left a lasting skid mark on my mind. It probably explains why I like to jerk off while imagining Pepe the frog banging away on Kermit till he squirts a load of little tad poles up Kermits Asshole. Then they slide out and down Kermit’s frog legs and wiggle away and crawl up my legs into my gaping inflamed Asshole……and I cum remembering my bufo’s. Ahhhhhh me dank meme memories!

  12. All Hail Pepe & Putin ~ May Kek be Upon Them says:

    During the Cold War the Russians had the reputation of being dour and humorless.
    Not anymore. Now it’s the uptight sphincter of the Western Left that is full of constipated shit.

  13. Gary Crant says:


    #MAGA Brigades need to recruit piers and drummers!

    Scare the commies right out their boots!

  14. Gary Crant says:

    Bagpipes – instrument of WAR!

  15. bnmbnmbnm says:

    Gavin the self-professed “anarchist” meets actual, real-life anarchists and finally realizes how other people must look at him. In reaction, he gets mad at punk antifa kids in a fit of psychological projection; essentially lashing out at his younger self.

  16. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    “We here today…Trump…we here to fight. That why we here today.” That Domincan lady will birth 5 Major League shortstops. The best players to come out of Washington Heights since Manny Ramirez. I guarantee it.

    Why did the antifa hate the unmaskings down in Alabama? Alabama law states that it’s legal for police to unmask people. It goes back to the KKK.

    There’s no way a real Miles McInnes would be able to appreciate Venti’s wonderful mammary glands.

  17. Asshole says:

    Fine ally…some thing that doesn’t make cents.

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