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• 04.29.15 11:39 am


I went to see John Lydon do a Q&A for his book last night. The event was mediated by a woman and it appeared women had put it together too. They all did a terrible job. 

The questions were pathetic and included copouts like, “Can you speak a little about that?” and “There’s some good writing” in this book. We couldn’t see the guy at all because he was sitting on a stage (I had to climb on to a speaker to get this pic) and why the hell were we way out in Greenpoint, Brooklyn?

However, John was fantastic and his brutal honesty made all the affirmative action mistakes melt away. One of the most interesting things I thought he said was being “absurdly arrogant can be an act of friendship.” That’s profound. Bursting into a room and yelling, “Hey fags” while biting into an apple doesn’t mean you hate everyone. It’s a way of saying, “Let’s do this.” It’s the way you’d talk if you were walking into your brother’s bedroom. You’d jump up on the bed and fart in his face. To be kind and respectful is often a totally patronizing pantomime. A true egalitarian tells you when you suck because he wants you to get better. John told the interviewer she was asking terrible questions and even helped her use the microphone correctly. He wasn’t doing that to humiliate her. He was acting the same way he would if it was his sister and they were alone.

Sometimes it’s the assholes who smell the sweetest.

  1. gobsnot says:

    He told a female tv interviewer “Never interrupt when a man is speaking!” and allegedly grabbed some female singer by the throat at an award show for no good reason. He has no patience for women. Shame.

  2. r says:

    Sometimes you need to choke a bitch

  3. Dan of the Mole People says:

    Lydon gives no shits about feelings.

    I’ll send him the legacy edition of London Calling as a thank you!

  4. le punk says:

    his first book “no irish, no blacks, no dogs” was great. will probably pick up this one too

  5. “It’s the way you’d talk if you were walking into your brother’s bedroom.”

    OK, but not your sister’s.

    Women generally don’t appreciate teasing of the sort men indulge in with their friends:

    “Hey, ugly, how’s it going?” etc.

    Even me.

    I’m not a stereotypical female in many respects but — perhaps because I was an only child — I HATE teasing and the sort of casual assumptions it makes about the stability of your relationship with person X.

    Whereas my husband, who has I forget how many brothers, continues to tease me even though I’ve been politely asking him to stop for almost 20 years. (Maybe it’s the “politely” part — see Gavin’s description of the female hosts, above.)

    With anyone not my husband, teasing/bluntness presumes a closer relationship with me than likely exists anywhere except in the teaser’s (male) mind.

    Over the weekend, a guy I’ve known for years made a passing, tame joke about how short I am. I… didn’t appreciate it. But I guess I ask for it because in so many ways I have a masculine personality.

    PS: It’s also possible that the women at the event were familiar with Lydon’s temperament and were, in their own female way, hoping to keep him from getting angry at them.

    I’d be terrified around him, too. Would rather die than meet him.

  6. ??? says:

    I’ve been calling my girlfriends (I’m a girl) sluts and hoes since high school. Now I’m a grown mother of two and still do it. ‘Biotches’ is also popular. My brother calls me ‘freak’ and says ‘boom ba-ba’ when I enter a room. It makes us giggle.

  7. ??? says:

    I would also like to add that the magazine subscriptions (my brother and I get each other mag subscriptions as gifts) are made out to ‘birthday freak’ as are all my birthday cards from him. He also repeatedly tells me that our mother loves him more than me. He’s 38.

  8. le punk says:

    he’s a nice enough fella. he’s mellowed in his old age as well

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