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Lesley Arfin
• 03.12.10 09:00 am

I think she does, kind of! I’ve been working in Korea for a week and this little girl is on the cover of, like, every book I was given.

I think she does, kind of! I’ve been working in Korea for a week and this little girl is on the cover of, like, every book I was given.

I actually took about 15 minutes navigating my first Korean website trying to find an image of the book, specifically for this purpose. I have a lot of time on my hands.

I guess my real question for you is “Why did I move to Korea?” and also “Is there a way to get out of my contract?”

Nah, honestly, it’s not that bad. The job is actually OK, I just have never had a situation in my life where every day, at all hours of the day, I am saying to myself, “OK! It’s OK. Take it one day at a time. You have your health, a place to sleep, friends (back home), a boyfriend (back home), family (back home), a job and enough to eat. You’re not having any major crisis.” But I often feel like I am and that I’m on some weird vacation that I just want to be over now.

I am actually misting up a bit typing this email, which is weird because I haven’t cried since I have been here, but I guess I am crying now. Maybe it’s culture shock or maybe it’s that I’m PMSing or maybe it’s that I just read two of your latest
“Ask Barfs” trying to find where to email this, and they sounded really heartfelt and sincere and people being warm and honest with each other always gets my crying-trigger.

Anyway, I shouldn’t be complaining. My boyfriend is coming here soon (two months), but being alone isn’t something I am super well versed in either and I think that’s part of it. I know this sounds corny, but I am going to start going to the gym to fill my time, maybe that will help. I dunno! It’s a big change I didn’t really think through.

OK, that’s all. It’s somehow comforting seeing a young, keen, sort of smug looking, Lesley Arfin-esque kid all the time. It reminds me of being at home with my cats, enjoying being jobless, having a beer at 3 p.m. and reading Street Carnage.


Dear Girl In Korea,

We are here for you honey! I get homesick at a sleepover party, so I feel your tears!

Two months is long (for your boyfriend to arrive) but it’s also a good adjustment period, and yes, going to the gym and all that should help.

I don’t know what Korea is all about. I don’t know why you moved there! One thing my mom always tells me when I travel: “I’m just a plane ride away.” That always makes me feel a little better. Just thinking about “moving to Korea” is giving me homesick knots, but don’t listen to me! I’m a pussy when it comes to travel.

Get your bad ass on and wild the fuck out! You’re a human “Choose Your Own Adventure.” DO IT!!!


P.S. Yes, that girl does look like me a little. Every time you see her you can think about how proud we are of you for having the balls to do something as random and weird as moving to Korea.

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  1. Ah so says:

    Ah Korea…the poor man’s Japan. I kid. I’m just jealous that you are “back east.”

  2. stagemom says:

    i’m in sweden right now. color me homesick.

  3. Cpt. Obvious says:

    ^ No one cares

  4. Street Boning says:

    Lesley looks like the witch from the wizard of oz…

  5. sharon says:

    i lived in japan for a few years when i was a teenager. i was with the fam but it was still really weird and scary!! stick it out, you’ll be glad you did when you get back to the states.

  6. me. says:

    lesley! you look the the girl in Beach House!

    that’s you!

  7. Professor Mudbutt says:

    Can somebody put warnings on SBTVC headlines, like it took me a while to realize that Ask Barf is strictly for pathetic women, or that Vito Fun is for fags and their hags (well the latter one didn’t take that long). Like, if an article is about beer or Slayer, I’m pretty sure I’ll figure that out from the headline. Why can’t you have uniform standards?

  8. ADDvice says:

    Hey Girl in Korea,

    I have a couple of friends teaching in Korea. You should hook with them, eat good cheap food, karaoke, etc. and get settled in before you bfriend gets there. Not sure how to give you there contact info as I don’t want to post it here….hmmm.

  9. Taeil says:


  10. dan dizzle dan says:

    Arf, you are the only sincere voice on this site. That’s ballsier than Korea.

  11. poopsmear says:

    this was cute

  12. noturkeys says:

    gurrlll, it’s just culture shock, for realz. you’ll adjust in time to your new surroundings. don’t give up!!!

  13. Anonymous says:


  14. sweet benny kirkpatrick says:

    Im in seoul now, get a massage it helps me.

  15. 2? says:

    I’ve noticed that Leslie seems to be extra sweet, loving, and used-to-take-heroin ish to balance out the coldness and unfeelingness of….everyone else.
    Gender roles. YEW ENFORCE DEM!

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