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Lesley Arfin
• 07.30.10 12:00 pm

My friends and I have a blog that we run. We do video interviews with up-and-coming bands that come through our area.

(Photo courtesy of Titty City)

My friends and I have a blog that we run. We do video interviews with up-and-coming bands that come through our area. Instead of doing the normal ratings thing, we like to tell the story instead of the opinion. Sometimes, though, I’m neurotic and I think about what Homer Simpson said, “I saw you pouring your heart and soul into this business and getting nowhere. I saw you desperately trying to cram one more salty treat into America’s already bloated snack hole.” I put “blogs” in the place of “salty treat” and “snack,” and think that people don’t really need another music website. Is this true? Has it all been done or are music websites important?

Thanks Barf,

Dear Texas,

Hi! I love your state! Is your town like Friday Night Lights? I bet it is. Coach Taylor, he must be so inspiring.

That’s a great Homer Simpson quote. It’s great because it’s a contradiction as well as self referential. Just like The Simpsons were also sort of cramming salty treats into America’s butthole (I used some creative license on that), so should you. All music blogs are as important as they are unimportant. The only thing that actually makes something “important” is when someone says it’s “important” and we believe that person. Is music what you need to write about it? If so, then yes, go for it. If it’s not what you need to write about, go for it anyway.

What you need to do is try something before you decide it’s no good. If it doesn’t work out, you’ll know — but trust me there are many more things that litter the world with bullshit. I don’t think your music blog is gonna make the whole salty snack cake topple over.

Nothing on the Internet is really THAT important (except maybe free porn sites and Wikipedia).


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  1. Bone Hole says:

    You need to do whatever you fuckin can to keep rock-n-roll alive baby. Rock on!

  2. dolphin sex says:


  3. Kennedy says:

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  4. Curds says:

    as much as i hate every single blog (ha, ha), ya’ll really put it in perspective here, lesley. thanks! best ask barf ever.

  5. pogi says:

    I think the secret ingredient is Keep It Simple and Sexy (K.I.S.S.). You can never go wrong with naked amateur chicks blog sites like Titty City. They get billions of views and Barf always uses their pics on her posts.

  6. over it says:

    Leslie, why do you include pictures of naked and/or trashy girls with each of your responses?

  7. super ghetto child says:

    new music is totally dead right now? the passage time may prove that only classic rock is the only form of music that truly stands the test of time. am i wrong?-
    uh… gotta go listen to some Elvis, doors, stooges, blue oyster cult and dinosour jr. now.
    and yeah – LA is totally whatever.
    ps- lesley arfin rules!

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