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Lesley Arfin
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Dear Barf,
I was just in San Francisco and all they talked about was how New York isn’t so great. As a New Yorker I went from mildly amused to highly annoyed. What is up their ass?


Dear Barf,

I was just in San Francisco and all they talked about was how New York isn’t so great. As a New Yorker I went from mildly amused to highly annoyed. What is up their ass? Why are they so obsessed with us? They sounded like weird Germans bitching about Bush or Canadians telling everyone they’re not Americans. Why can’t they just be their own thing and get over it? We never talk about them because we don’t care. Why can’t they do the same?
-Redd in the LES

Dear Redd,
In case you didn’t notice while you were out there, San Francisco is College II. People with no ambition move out there to shop at thrift stores and work at coffee shops for the rest of their lives. They make zines, get things pierced, and have been partying like it’s 1994 since 1995. Can you blame them for being jealous? It’s like how the island on Lost is stuck in a perpetual time loop [Ed note: Lesley wrote this before the episode where the helicopter makes it back to the boat] and no one knows it yet. Well, that’s SF for you. Rather than get angry, I say try to have compassion for them, for they know not why or what they do.

I like to think of SF as my own little sex oasis, cuz out there, 6s are 10s and making a living as a writer is like being Madonna. Embrace it. The thing about going to College II is that you never graduate. And remember how laid you got back then?



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  1. Loomis says:

    San Francisco is a place where the punks never say goodbye. In the rest of the world, 23 is the age you bid adieu to dying your hair, mohawks, motorcycle jackets etc. In SF you’ll have 40 year-olds like Duane Peters walking around in creepers and tartan pants. Why is that?

  2. Miles5000 says:

    I just moved to san francisco and i think ol’ barfin is giving it more credit than it is worth. I mean, seriously, it’s not nearly that cool. I can’t get a job as a hot dog vendor in this town. people get “hyphy”. what the hell is that anyways? sounds like doing meth but.. whatever. I don’t think extreme sports are that cool so that’s another disadvantage. soooo……. whatever.

    for the record though, i’ve had to listen to a lot of assholes from new york talk about how great they are or how tough they are or how cool they are….. because they are from new york. Constantly bragging when no one else in the room cares. These people also need to step off their tower and go fuck themselves.

  3. go away says:

    umm…. is this Vice 2?

  4. thumbs down says:

    wow some people actually don’t prefer the east coast, who knew.

  5. skydoll says:

    Well, yeah those arrogant New York bastards! I mean, it’s like, they think they know better than anyone else… when in reality well, they do.

    West Coast East Coast… opinions about what’s better it’s all based on who you ask. It has to do with people’s personalities… yeah, some people actually prefer having a better “quality of life” while New Yorkers just LOVE living life with all the drama, challenge, toughness and craziness than other people can’t deal with…

    Did I mention that in NY we love diversity? As opposed to West Coast where, there is diversity YET theirs is just segregated.

  6. Marf says:

    I tink you mean partying since “1999 since 1995” ?

    Oh, and tell your buds over at Good, Bad, and the Ugly to update their damn ‘site with the new spring threads!!


  7. uh huh says:

    I know why san fransisco is like this, it’s really simple. it’s illegal to walk into the city from anywhere, you have to at least take bart or drive. so all the crazy fun bums stay in oakland. if nyc made it so that you couldn’t walk across the brooklyn bridge, it would end up the same way and gavin mcinnes would probably live in new jersey.

  8. mr.wilson says:

    New York’s alright if you like saxophones.

  9. wha??? says:

    people in SF don’t hate people from NYC…they hate people from LA. If you want to stereotype to 1,000,000 you might as well make it the right stereotype.

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  11. MEGAN says:

    i hate my goddamned friends and refuse to go to rehab

  12. squib cakes says:

    why would i be jealous of new york? today in san francisco it’s 70 degrees and sunny. eat a dick, nyc.

  13. Justice Alito says:

    I go to SF all the time and have never heard people talk about New York. They don’t give a shit about New York. LA on the other hand….

  14. SF resident says:

    Its true, LA sucks. We let San Diego slide but we especially hate Orange County.

  15. sandy eggos says:

    blecck NY is full of snotty hipsters that swear they’re cooler than everyone else no matter what—FACT: NY is full of people that ARE NOT really from NY, in fact you could re-name NY “new mid-west” and it would totally fit! most californians could give a shit less about NY, we’re to busy enjoying the sun, beach, lack of hipsters (@ least the super annoying one’s anyway) and our much lower rent to be botherd with your lameness.

  16. sherpa says:

    the only people arrogant enough to hate San Francisco are the people who are delusional enough to believe that New York is anything more than a self-perpetuating parody of itself.

  17. to sandy eggo says:

    so your telling us that SF is full of people that were raised in SF? get real SF probably has a higher or at least equal rate of out of towners moving there.

  18. skydoll says:

    Why would SF be jealous of NY?

    New York is just the Financial, Real Estate, Advertising, Advertising Capital of the world?! Oh yeah and New York is also a major center for FASHION, insurance, media and the arts in the United States.

    While San Francisco is the GAY capital of the world.


  19. jonathan says:

    to uh huh – it is actually legal to walk across the golden gate bridge. but there’s not much happening on the other side aside from awesome nature etc so that doesn’t really change your point.

    oh yeah, awesome nature. new york is obviously way better culturally but what keeps me here is having miles of mountains & rocky cliffs & giant trees & sunshine right here at my fingertips. that & it’s a lot easier to scam the government. i still miss the east coast though.

  20. jonathan says:

    also i’ve never heard anybody out here talk about new york as much as you folks talk about sf. seriously.

  21. heroine sal says:

    what does heroin feel like

  22. skydoll says:

    Heroine Sal: LOL
    The only people in NY that talk about SF are people from SF that come to NYC because they CAN’T find a decent JOB there.

  23. Minna says:

    Most of us in SF love NYC and most of my pals in NYC love SF too. At least in my group of friends, we all do a lot of work in both places and many of us have moved back and forth between the two cities. I’ve always felt there’s a much better cultural exchange between SF & NYC than there is between SF & LA.

    There are annoying things about both places, but you can make blanket statements about cities likes, unless you’re talking about LA which is just the most fucking horrible, ludicrous place in the world.

  24. Why can't we all be friends??? says:

    Listen, Californians started it when they dared to bad mouth New York. Peace!

    Keep it sleazy,


    P.S. LA sucks.

  25. Tom says:

    I live in NYC and I love SF, but orange is my favorite color and flavor so i might just be easy to please.

  26. shit juice the illuminated says:

    hey dipshits, people on both coasts have their heads strapped tightly to their own assholes. why else would anyone pay ass-raping rent to live in a tiny box in the middle of a concrete wasteland surrounded by homeless drug addicts that they’re afraid to talk to? oh yeah, because they’re stupid. go plant a tree and then hang yourself on it. thanks. xo sj

  27. ass rape says:

    There is nothing wrong with S.F. It’s just that not much seems to get accomplished by people who live there. NY can have elements of the other extreme where people are so caught up in being driven by this or that, that their quality of life gets fucked. And as for Los Angeles, it’s not as bad as people make it out to be. At least people get things accomplshed there. Yeah certain areas of LA suck but if you go uptown in ny or on wallstreet it’s gonna suck just as hard. Like with every major city, it all depends where you live. LA has it’s own Williamsburg or Mission type places. I personally prefer NY and LA to SF because I don’t feel like retiring at 25.

  28. moi says:


  29. # moi Says:
    03.10.08 at 11:29 pm


    moi: you are a massive guy blow. not to be all patriotic but we get free everything in australia.

    that said, im really learning alot about america

    and from what i’ve heard/seen im more interested in visiting NY over CA

  30. NY ROCKS! says:

    I wanna visit Australia!!! Especially Melbourne because I have a good mate over there I love the word “mate”. Mate, Mate, Mate. xxx

  31. coast-to-coast says:

    People in SF don’t do anything? That’s poppycock. That apple mac your creatively typing on came from here. A majority of the research that enabled your anti-anxiety medication came from here. Basically all of your hardware/software applications that serve as a foundation for your work at any modern office came from here (McAffee, Oracle, Salesforce, and on and on and on).

    Digidesign is based here as well, which produces the program protools, which all of your shitty Brooklyn music is recorded on as well.

    People here always seem like they’re not doing anything because here in SF we value time to mellow out and get back to square one, personally speaking. New york is great but running around like mice after cheese in subway terminals isn’t the life for me. Maybe I’m just lazy.

  32. Well... says:

    Dude, unless you are the inventor of all your genius computer softwares or a computer geek from sillicon valley… that’s not that impressive… same goes for NY if you are not some rich investment banker chances are your quality of life isn’t that great either.

    Personally speaking, I love NY and I ain’t any Wall Street fella making over $450,000 a year. But I do love the NEW YORK vibe and the excitement that this City has. I am into art, shopping, music and culture, so I just cannot go wrong living here.

    I guess if you are into outdoors. NY isn’t for you.

  33. Anonymous says:

    london is best. it’s like new york except people are fitter, everything is more expensive and everyone’s more pissed off. sweet!

  34. Anonymous says:

    New York fucking sucks! But it’s still better than anywhere else.

  35. les fanatic says:

    we want more barfin arfin!!!!!!!

  36. LEZBO!! more advice pls. and fyi peeps, the only reason NYC or SF is cool is cause there are tons of homos there.

  37. street cloud says:

    stop fooling yourself- its the same shit everywhere you go.

  38. bakerjohn says:

    In SF, 6s are 10s.
    That is so true. And the aforementioned 6s are rare.

    SF is the only place I’ve seen people pooping in public. Drugged out bums just pinching loaf in broad daylight South of Market. I’ve seen it numerous times.

    For me, SF is the shittiest place in the US.

    It is the heart of all of California’s liberal bullshit. People in LA don’t give a fuck, or only pretend too. All the fucking hippy wannabes in SF really CARE. It makes me want to unload my AK on the Haight like some illegal alien gang member just outta jail.

  39. glendon rusch says:


  40. Anonymous says:

    Alright, alright… I lived in SF for about a year, and I liked it for awhile. But, like any other place, it has its downfalls….seeing homeless man take a shit in the gutter on your way to class is not the nicest way to start your day. All the wannabe artsy kids who moved there to pursue painting, then changed it to sculpture, then changed it to photography…so long as they stayed in the realm of art, they were a.o.k. Haight is a sad mix of a stuck in the 60’s tourist cest pool, and hipster kid mania. But, SF is still fun and pretty (if you direct your eyes away from the cracked out woman carrying her baby in a doll’s stroller, or the homeless man making cat calls at you…)

  41. Flu-Bird says:


  42. Daniel says:

    NYC. is cool but too Cra-zy and I hate that

    SF. is cool too but too may homos cara de paul! (that was brasil word =P) place too feel like I am in mexico with the people there


    THERE IS NO PLACE ON THIS EARTH THAT ROXS! simple as that and if there is France Paris luxemborg ROXS then so yeah Paris is the capital of fashion,culture and everything else DEAL WIT IT

  43. John Doie says:

    It took moving to SF for me to really begin to hate it. Everyone preaches about environmentalism and then drive their cars everywhere. Gang bangers sling crack, meth and h in broad daylight right out in the open in the middle of the city. People are strong arm robbed at 2pm on Market Street. They believe that the best care that the mentally ill can get is to be left to rot like walking corpses on the street, peeing and crapping themselves and making life incredibly dangerous for those around them. Criminals commute to the city to target not the tourists, but the residents, who can’t tell the difference between a professional con man (or woman) and a person who is down on their luck. There are few neighborhoods left that are free of predators hanging out waiting for easy marks. There are daytime home invasions in Noe Valley, Russian Hill…everywhere.

    Then there is the forced school segregation. No matter where you live your children are assigned to school by lottery to ensure that people of different races and socioeconomic classes mix. And they don’t anyway. When the police (where are they anyway? I never see any around) actually arrest someone the DA and juries let them go. In a country where 95% of all murders are solved SF has the WORST solution rate of ANY CITY IN THE COUNTRY at 36%. Gang related crimes are solved just 6% of the time. Way to go, SF. What a shit hole you’ve become.

  44. bitch says:

    Ya’ll, listen: in SF weed is legal. I rest my case. SUCK. IT. NYC.

  45. bitch says:

    Also, John Doie has no friends.

  46. andrew says:

    Minna a typical SF retard. You people are just arrogant racist B…s! LA rocks over SF any day…and unlike you LOSERS we dont waste time saying over and over again that we hate SF. We just dont care.

  47. Mike says:

    Baker john…why dont you unload your AK on the white trash KKK terrorists instead?

  48. kumar says:

    Aussie sucks.Most racist place on the planet.

  49. tim says:

    Looks like FRISCANS know how to do one thing real good…and thats to hate everybody else. GROW UP LOSERS.

  50. crackerpants says:

    SF! NY! LA! SF! NY! LA! SF! LA! NY! SF! LA! NY!

    fuck all you bitzes. the real shit goes down in P.A.

  51. lebrednekal says:

    all ya’ll cityslickers just need to make yearn ways down to, LOUISIANA, where ya’ll sure to have a shit-kickin’, ckicken-lickin’, jesus-lovin’ good-time….. and a big YEEHAW to SF,NY,LA and all of them other good Christian, GOD fearing cities…. so stop yearns cotton-pickin’ bickerin’ and make a trip on down here to the SOUTH we’ll show ya’ll how to have a real good-time; we’ll even fix the pig up wit some make-up… SQUELL PRETTY BOYS!!!!!

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  55. Mark says:

    I live in nyc, live in SF. SF is an overrated city…its really not deep in anything. Night is marginal, art scene not so good, trans system disconnected,people not so friendly, one dimensional, not very diverse or open minded. Guys walking around with their weeners hanging out and naked bike rides…who cares. Sorry…just not that great of a city to live. I live in upper market and the overly hipster mission district

  56. Big T says:

    OAKLAND. Takes a fat shit on SF. Best weather in the country, cheap, and if you really do desire any aspect of Frisco at any given time, it’s 5-10 minutes away. I can’t believe people choose to pay $800 for a little room in SF when you can get a large room in the Town for $400. Oh, and the much bedeviled crime rate in Oakland keeps a certain portion of yuppies and pretentious hipster fucks out. NYC rules too. It shits on SF in every way in terms of URBAN LIFE. The only upside SF has is that is indeed closer to real nature

  57. Chief Hank E. says:

    SF sucks because the people there suck. I’m sorry, they do. Go to any other big city and people will ask how you are or make BS polite small talk. SF people are chilly and snobbish. Their automatic reaction is to ignore you, pretend you’re not there, act like they are too busy. If you actually manage to engage them in conversation, you immediately wish they would shut the fuck up again because their opinions are so idiotic and provincial. All they can talk about is how great SF is, as if they’re trying to sell it to you. Express an opinion that is different from theirs – on any topic- and they will stiffen and change the subject, or maybe they will leave the room entirely because they cannot deal with conflict or handle reality. San Franciscans need to pull their heads out.

  58. says:

    OH man is this right on. SF is awful. Pretensious, overrated, segregated club med for white aimless post college rich kids. I was so happy to leave there.

  59. smackson says:

    As far as the NY comparison goes, the reason SFers bad mouth NY is that they know that their city is nothing more than a provincial refuge for C list failed hipsters. SF is like a bad neighborhood of Queens you’d never go to unless you had to. Or, like a really bad party in Williamsburg except its a whole city and you can’t ever leave it.

  60. smackson says:

    And by the way, everything the Chief said is right on. Impossible to engage them in any conversation, if and when you manage to do so they’re this odd combination of brain death and arrogance about their provincial tourist trap. The stiffen comment is perfect. And we won’t even get into how racist, segregated, and classist SF is while they pat themselves on the back for how liberal they supposedly are. What a great city to visit for a few days. Miserable to live there because the people are so sucky.

  61. Anonymous says:

    eww!! that is so lame! people outside of new york know that everyone in new york thinks that they are 10’s and really important AND they don’t care about anywhere else!! bogus lesley

  62. fucksf says:

    racist n hypocritical (mostly white ppl) who try 2 hard 2 b cool to cover up the fact they r dorks

  63. Anon says:

    I am a native San Franciscan. SF was the best back in the 80’s.
    Normal neighborhood people, great family, friends, your occasional girl next door crush, classy stores, people interested in music and art, but definitely not scenesters. 1990-1994, weirder, but still tolerable. Still able to skateboard the streets, meet occasional normal people, even a nice combination of big and small businesses. 1995 on, it is a golden jail. It is ironic how overpopulated it is yet you feel lonely, everyone worth talking to has fled the city. I finished my studies, yet they mean nothing to SF. My degree actually hurt my chances of getting minimum wage jobs.

    Overall: SF sucks!

    But, no one has given an alternative. I am thinking of moving, but where?
    I heard other cities are like that too, except more boring.

    Everyone here hates SF, but what is the alternative? What is the alternative?

    Until someone gives a worthwhile alternative, I rest my case in that SF sucks, but not as much as other places.

  64. Blown Hankee says:

    I defend your right to live in that overpriced, moldy prison with a bunch of snobs and crazy homeless people. Here’s a short list of U.S. cities that do not suck as hard as SF: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Austin, New Orleans (yes), Atlanta, Boston, Miami, San Diego, Minneapolis, Ann Arbor. Here is a list of cities that suck just as hard as SF: Washington, D.C., Portland, Dallas, Philadelphia. All you have to do is get out and travel the U.S. with an open mind (something SFers cannot do – it’s the definition of “provincial”) to see that my list is accurate. San Franciscans will laugh and insist that their city only compares to Manhattan, and that after that you have to go to London, Paris, and Tokyo. Seriously, they really believe this – that’s how isolated and out of touch they are.

  65. J4y8 says:

    Who cares about any of this crap. You can be happy anywhere, if you are happy within yourself. Those that require their surroundings to make them happy or feel great about themselves have issues they need to sort out.

    That said, a place definitely has the potential to make you unhappy though. If it infringes on your wellbeing in a major way you will have issues. I’ve lived and developed a great career in SF and the assault on your personal standard of living is intense. This is the case with NY as well. These places are for young people to get ass raped as they start their professions. My advice is to leave once you get said profession off the ground. These cities are not places to live or spend the rest of your life. They may be fun places to explore fashion and vacant self indulgence (which I also personally enjoy) but that’s about it. Move on before you realize your life is a used up train wreck and mockery of youthful indulgent awesomeness.

  66. Patrick says:

    here is why SF sucks. I have lived here from 96-98, and again from 05-present. People here are either mentally ill, violent, ignorant, rich and out of touch, so uber liberal they are like people in a cult, small minded, racist against straight white males, racist against anyone that thinks normally, and then there is the army of homeless, people of public assistence, and of course the entrenched gay facists. Since being here I have been fighting to stay normal and not angry. And it is hard. I go to sleep to hear constnat screaming from homeless, drunks, and hipster idiots that think they are the center of the universe. I wake up to hear more loud, obnoxious and rude mobs fighting, screaming, panhandling, and all the while nrmies trying to get to work without being assaulted or robbed. Then there is the MUNI or the mobile isanity cage. Here you literally take your life in your own hands. People getting on bumping, shoving, and just being assholes. No manners, no deceny, just like animals. Then we have the stores, either Wlagreens, Safeway, or Starbcks. There is very little of anything else. half the businesses have gone under, and what is left are corner stores that charge crazy prices. And the libbers who don’t live here and the ones that do live in Noe, and areas where they can drive their cars, think these corners stores give SF character. Of coure they don’t shop there and pay a dollar for a rotten banana. There are plenty of stores to buy cigarettes, booze and garbage.there are some fast food places and they are busy. Ironic, the city that pushes green, and organic, have McDonalds, Carl’s Jr, and Burger Kings that are busy night and day. This place is a hellhole. The only places that have business, are the tourist traps selling garbage, crap overpriced foods, cheap trinkets, and nothing of value. This city has great weather, and great buildings, but that is all. Even the city college is being shut down, because they can’t run it right. You can depend on very, very high rent, and few if any jobs. Oh,you think you can just get a min. wage job? Good luck the illegals have those, barista? The hipsters get those, you better be cool, to get those jobs, which means you are lazy, pierced, tatted, and use shit language and are brainwashed. Others? Be a girl willing to act and look like a whore. Bartender? They hire girls to bring in the guys to make money. And even if you are a great bartender, you better be a mixologist. Which means you have no problem selling bullshit drinks for 14.00 bucks a pop. And have an attitude while doing it. This makes the sheeple think they are cool too if they pay for these precious drinks, that have basil, sage, or whatever trendy crap in it, to make people feel they are just on the cutting edge. Such total bullshit. Of course then there is the PBR shit. People think if they order this they being real, keeping it real. I actually worked with a chef, or cook, whatever, that had a tat of PBR emblem on his arm. Wow, I’m just stunned at the stupidity. He will be 60 one day with a beer can tat on his arm. Wow. Just the apex of being an idiot. How cool, right? I mean who does this? SF people do. And they really think this is cool. SO try dealing with these people. I have to actally be a monk living here. I cant speak to co-workers except very carefully, about only carfully worded, and never more. Leave and have no personal relationships, because they only care about liberalism, eco crap and running down white people. I then have to run home AND lock the door.

  67. Nigel Cavendish says:

    New Orleans kills SF.

  68. I’ve lived in NYC and I currently live in sf. They’re both overly expensive playgrounds for the rich full of hipsters and on the flipside a shitload of homeless junkies. And Chinese people. SF is just a little less gentrified (as in the rich people stick to their assigned neighborhoods and everyone else lives in the tl or the mission )and you’re more likely to have your bike stolen or taken apart, fuck both places I quit.


    Ahhh the city of frisco. Air saturated with the smell of crack, piss, and feces. Pretentiousness douschbaggery evreywhere i go its like haloween everyday here the way people dresS. I walked by the tenderloin police station and there was 2 guys smoking crack right out side and they dont care. On the corner of Turk and Taylor its an open drug market filled with crackheads hookers and heroine junkies. Now lets talk about housing, rents $1300 monthly gets you a small room with no kitchen and bathroom in a 100 year old building, house rents go for $6000 monthly! How did i END up here you ask? I was foolish enough to take a high paying job and let me tell you this place isn’t worth all the money in the world, after my lease runs out im OUT OF HERE. I hope i am alive to see the next big earthquake destroy this place….FUCK YOU FRISCO!

  70. CrossCountry says:

    SF is a city of outcasts (people who could not fit in anywhere else). This is not a bad thing. This is what gives SF its cool vibe and tolerance for individuality. Everybody is accepted. NYC, on the other hand, is kind of like a filter: only the strong make it here (“messing around” is simply not tolerated here like it is in California). Life in SF is colorful and picturesque (except the homeless people), but life in NYC is a never-ending conveyor belt in a grey factory. I don’t take nearly as many pictures since I moved here from SF. In NYC all you see are mostly just straight angles and bland colors of the huge worn out man-made structures all around you. But the people! NYC has wholesome, extraverted and diverse people. SF has quirky people. And one last, but very important difference: NYC is filled with young single heterosexual women, while in SF there is a severe lack of them.

  71. zac says:

    Why can’t we all be friends??? Don’t bad mouth LA. I like LA better than Frisco or New Dork, and New Yorkers are no tougher than anyone else- infact I bet I could kick you ass with ease since I’m a good boxer and don’t know what fear feels like. We have the mighty Pacific ocean while the east coast has the little Atlantic ocean, and the Pacific ocean is where it should be; where the sun SETS, not where the sun rises, you pussy.

  72. missmonroe says:

    I’m currently living in both SF and NYC. And the SF people are much happier. I made So many friends there in just one month compared to years of living in NY. SF seems to me to be full of people who want to feel. NYC full of people who want to isolate to a great extent. Laid back vs busy busy I guess. I’m a writer and can work anywhere really. But in SF I can also take the time to live life a little more. Work to live, not live to work. A nice Irishman just asked me to marry him out in SF, after only knowing me a month. In NYC I’m lucky to get a second date from a man who barely takes the time to get to know me on the first, other than wanting sex of course. Maybe it’s because we’re cut off from nature so much in NYC that we begin to act so robotically. Feeling deeply takes time, and taking the time to feel. Even now back in NYC for the next 6 months, I’m California dreaming 😉

  73. basketcase says:

    In conclusion: you all complain too damn much. How about just appreciating all the good things of each city and shut the fuck up.

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