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• 12.31.15 02:33 pm

After listening to the classic phone throwing incident on Race Wars again, I’m annoyed that I left out one crucial detail. 

Yes men also regret taking on certain careers but THEY DON’T HAVE OVARIES. When a women gets dumped at 29, takes a few years to get serious again, and is ready to make babies at 35 or later, she’s fucked. I know plenty of men who have made major life changes and still managed to pump out kids well into their 60s. Women don’t have that option. That’s the key difference Sade just can’t understand.

  1. OogaBooga says:

    She can probably understand it–she just couldn’t refute it. Hence, flying objects, courtesy of Feminist Privilege.

  2. frank says:

    I really don’t mean to detract from your point but I think your understanding of female fertility is rather flawed. Sluts on the pill (WHO classified carcinogen), drinking too much, not sleeping enough, enduring pointless work stress, eating crappy PUFA laden foods, they lose their fertility young. Both my grandmothers had eight kids a pop starting at 30 and 32 respectively. Clean living women who take confession every week are fertile into their 40s. I also think you underestimate the factor of male fertility. All this also applies to jizz quality, sorry if you didn’t know that old fathers is also a bad idea.

  3. Jizya says:

    True as my gunk don’t look like the Milk of Magnesia it once was. I’m afraid at my age, and lifetime of bad lifestyle, I’d produce an ass-backward missing link. I nipped that in the bud with my vasectomy, allowing me to cream pie my sweeties to my nads delight.
    As an aside, astronauts, I’ve heard, store their jizz (and I assume the distaffs eggs) with Houston since the radiation hazards of space travel fucks their fertility.
    Feminism at its essence is just mad cow disease.

  4. cook says:

    where is the part gav?

  5. Customer Service says:

    11:00 minutes in it starts.

  6. WhoseYourDaddy says:

    Loved it when she started getting angry, and you could hear the creeping caterwaul rising to a shrill crescendo-then WHACK-as she tested the phones warranty. Gavin’s logic was irresistible, and put her in estrus as her whore-moans, triggered by such alphaness, was so sexy. If she’d been Gavin’s girlfriend, they’d have gone back to the flat for some grudge fuck.
    If she’d been Muslim then a shoe would have been tossed, but then her subservient attitude towards fertility and feminism would have voided that scenario.
    The Muslims will conquer Europe with their women’s wombs while Western Homo Whimpus sperm slides down millions of chins, condoms, assholes, and computer screens. Post-modern Jack-Off Man spends more meaningful time with his porn than real live women. Euro-Jill won’t produce anymore since she’s so not into such lifestyle-cramping patriarchal bondage.
    Feminists are 1/2 the reason Europe’s not reproducing a sustainable replacement population, which in turn tempts the desire, in order to maintain the welfare state, to bring in other men’s children to work the jobs their aborted, (see wasteful sperm above) would have done if they’d been born.
    The Muslims are more than happy to supply those children for the Cuckold Western welfare-states. It’s like Esau selling his birthright for a bowl of soup. Selfish traitors who just want what’s theirs and to hell with the future. One day, in the not too distant future, they wake up and their living in Eurabia
    Cuck-a-doodle-do my little dhimmitudes.

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