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• 12.21.12 12:21 pm


Choe gave Aubrey this picture of her ass as a gift and she’s not sure what to do with it. 

BTW he was only in jail for a few months and it was because they mistakenly thought he stole something. It’s one of the greatest stories of all time so get it right.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Where do i find the whole japan prison story? its not on kgb radio. does he tell the whole story anywhere else on the internet?

  2. BillyAIDSvirus says:

    david choe tells the japan prison story on howard stern

  3. Glass says:

    his Stern interview is a hall of famer. him describing fucking 10 girls in a day and having each of his balls in a separate girls’ mouth was exceptional.

  4. Content Lover says:

    See how far art can get you? You don’t even have to be great at it.

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