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• 09.05.08 02:20 pm

Soooooo Casuallllllllll. Look at Babs get her heat on while Barry struts over like an Aussie Coconut Smoothie. It is as close to a pineapple filled with spiced rum and rimmed with tiny umbrellas, as two humans can get. If you listen closely you can hear the wind from a nation of ties being undone, 10,000 pairs of pumps being kicked off and skidding across 10,000 floors and a choir of beers being cracked open.

  1. Haze says:

    lookit Bab’s ass. nice lil backyard

  2. aaabbbcccddd says:

    Casual Fridayssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

  3. loveyouTVC says:

    another perfect clip

  4. CPN BNXO says:

    fuck man i haven’t smoked weed in forever but it’s amazing the way some of these clips make me feel completely blitzed for their duration like it was sophomore year of college all over again, man.

  5. Cuntegonde says:


  6. Full Retard says:

    Damn, they so white even their clothes are white. I bet their houses are decorated completely white and they have little white dogs.

  7. White? says:

    Babs is Pure Jew. Please learn the difference.

  8. Cuntegonde says:

    Jews aren’t white people. And clearly we should regard them as “other.” Thanks for sorting that out. BTDubs how does someone that fugly become a household name (in white people’s households)? Remember Prince of Tides? Her face looked like a hemorrhoid. Barry Gibb on the other hand is the frickin’ man.

  9. Cuntegonde says:

    There’s so much wrong with what that Cuntegonde wrote that I have to say that wasn’t this one.

    Barry Gibb? Come on.

  10. White? says:

    Those of European descent, at least the ones I’ve met on the N train, seem to make less distinction between “white” and “Jew” than the, ahem, “chosen” ones who always draw a thick line between “Jew” and “Gentile.”

    And yes, Barry Gibb is a Howard Johnson’s Vanilla Milk Shake of Pulsating Sensuality. Anyone who’d deny that must be a kike.

  11. chip the ruler says:

    freakin’ bee gee’s give me the hee bee gee bees. like in a good way. they are such a great band. they rank with the beatles, stones, doors, beach boys, hendrix and all that canonical rock’n’roll shit.

  12. Full Retard says:

    Honkey is as honkey does.

  13. chip the ruler says:

    what is that maneuver at 0:07? reminds me of elaine benes

  14. Applejacks says:

    Pure talent. They just don’t make them like that anymore.

  15. Beef says:

    Barry: Ya nana be da lee da fene there’s danger in the car!
    Barbara: Yadabealeeda!

  16. Penis Pie says:

    Made me stick my tongue out and shoulder shimmy cocoshake. EXCRUCIATINGLY CASUAL

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