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Benjamin Leo
• 04.18.12 12:00 pm

I watched the pilot of HBO’s Girls last night, hoping it was terrible; if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s when my acquaintances do great things.

Unfortunately, Girls is fucking genius. Moreover, Lesley Arfin can be as self-deprecating as she wants about “only” being a staff-writer, yada yada yada; the fact is, her brand of Lower East Side hipster kitsch is all over this show like lady-jizz on a fat girl’s Rabbit.

Worst of all, she’s handling her success gracefully. There’s a ton of criticism about the show from Gawker and a whole slew of other jizzbag onlookers, and not only is it all totally misguided, but Barf has dismissed it succinctly with eloquence and taste.

Their criticism:

1. The show is more of an indictment of Generation Y than a portrayal.
No it isn’t. There are sane, mature, responsible characters in the show, but even if it was an indictment, GOOD: This pussy-ass parent-and-internet-dependent generation NEEDS a kick in the cunt. They should be indicted like George Zimmerman.

2. The show isn’t funny.
Yes it is, it’s funny and compelling. Suck MY dick. Let me see YOUR fucking scripts, you fuckin comic-book-guy jerkoffs.

3. The show doesn’t have any Black People.
Hang on, my flex capacitor must have burst and landed me in 1989.

Suck my dick too, you fuckin one-track-minded McCarthyist hijackers.

Now look at Lesley’s response to this sentiment: See Correction Below.


UGGGGG, but now watch as the writers are forced to acquiesce and add some phony token Black Rhodes Scholar to appease these morons. Guys, you’ve kept it SO real – please don’t suck their balls. It’s 2012 and Obama’s in the white house: the McCarthyism 2.0 witch-hunting mob has been disarmed! They have no power over you! TELL YOUR STORY.

Now, my GUT is that this show will end up on Brilliant but Cancelled because I’m not sure its target audience has the balls to love it. I hope I’m wrong, but either way, it’s totally respectable (enviable even) to reside in the canon as too genius for television, like Freaks & Geeks, My So-Called Life, and Chocolate News.

So what do you think of the show, commenters? Let me guess: you wouldn’t watch it of your life depended on it, and I have AIDS.

Ok then; if YOU crybabies hate it, maybe it WILL be a hit.

Good job Barf; we’re proud and jealous of you back east, you delicious ass-muffiny dirty old slag.

CORRECTION: I had assumed that Lesley’s tweet was a response to tweets
and sentiments like the one from Toure above, but apparently I was mistaken: Lesley’s tweet was completely a stand-alone tweet and was not a reference to “Girls” in any way. About everything related to this post and issue, Lesley says “No comment.”


Photo taken on Spring St. by Julius T. Leisure

  1. Scott says:

    I’ve lived in NYC (most of that time in Brooklyn!) for 13 years and I have zero black/brown friends. A few Asians, but does that count? And I think that’s representative of a lot of this demographic, or whatever. JESUS Toure, chill.

  2. Pogi says:

    They should have Fuck Tyler guest star in an episode

  3. RED says:

    She’s a rich kid who grew up in Manhattan writing about her life. She didn’t hang out with a token rich black girl and now she’s in trouble for that? Now she has to write one in and pretend it happened? This is like when they made that raising of the flag after 9-11 into a multicultural thing even though it wasn’t.

  4. Lurch says:

    Good job. Gotta see it.

  5. humbert humbert says:

    “Let me see YOUR fucking scripts,”
    omg, the ultima ratio of retards. congratulations!

  6. Lazer says:

    I suppose it will be awkward now if they do insert a negro.

  7. Colonial Sanders says:

    Best review yet. Perfect picture and yes that whiny minority shit is asinine and straight outta 1991. The show is ice, I’ve watched it twice.

  8. Nepotism says:

    ^^^ that guy says it all. Leslie Arfin is a turd and this post is idiotic. Get over yourself the show is awful

  9. I’d hit that…them.

  10. ugh says:

    jemima kirke is a crazy pain the ass who spent half her teenage years in swiss mental hospitals her parents sent her to.

  11. Zippy says:

    This was on HBO? Did they show one of the girls sitting on the toilet to make it seem edgy?

  12. The Boyz says:

    All I got out of this was that you’re willing to read my fucking script. Where should I send it?

  13. Endless Fuckup says:

    This is why I get my news from straight from The Boner. I’ll be HBOGoing the shit out of this tonight.

  14. Abu Zia says:

    I thought the show was pretty ok. And it’s a pretty white show. But it’s a pretty lily white subculture that the show reps. Just like this pretty little website.

    Your backlash was a little extreme homie – what makes you think America is post racial?

  15. Exec says:

    How To Make It In America barely lasted two seasons, and that show featured good looking people. What chance does this thing have?

  16. tommy gun says:

    haven’t seen it yet – now i want to to – tx. see you at your comedy thing.

  17. raymes says:

    Good for her and great for her, I hope it explodes huge and I haven’t even watched anything about it yet.

  18. vegan jules says:

    Yo hoo said dis show wuz by Lesley? It bie some bitch name ‘Lena Durham.’

  19. Kevin W says:

    I had no idea arfin was involved with this. Had I known it might have changed my opinion a bit because I’m a fan of her but I thought this was absolutely one of the worst things I’ve ever watched. And I don’t really care about nepotism or the racial makeup of a cast, It was just not good.

  20. Drippy dog dix and cum bubbles or something says:

    When and where is your comedy thing? *too lazy to Gooter•

  21. The What says:

    This show is a completely accurate portrayal of the type of people that I want to punch in the face repeatedly, but instead I just purge out of my life. Why anyone would voluntarily choose to sit and listen to narcissistic girls whine for 30 minutes is beyond me.

    And I don’t understand how you fucks are dealing with the question about why it’s just another slew of white girls. I’m sorry, did privileged racism end in 1991? Is that what you mean? You guys are disgusting. And neither of you are pulling off the whole crude humor thing. Arfin’s tweet made me sick, and your article just made me barf. Awful. Just awful people.

  22. Well Street Carnage if inserting a token rich black rich girl on Girls is too cliche and a whole lotta pc crap….then let the token black girl self promote her twitter, and get to at least 20 followers!/cuntrealness

  23. Uncle Wah Wah says:

    Bottom line. Do they show the girls pleasuring themselves? It is cable, so……

  24. What The What says:

    Do you brainwashed, ethno-obsessed zealots have any idea how stupid you sound?

    Let me get your logic straight: 

    A white girl writes a story about her experience with her white friends. It doesn’t involve your race, therefore it’s racist.

    One day when you have children you will wake up and realize how young you were when you wrote this.

  25. Dropout says:

    I’m a white 21 year old drunk who can’t get laid. Where’s the HBO show about ME?

  26. John says:

    I’m a man. Of course I hate this show. Any man with a pair of balls would give two shits about this show. Also it’s not as funny as it wants me to think it is. Then again sometimes shit gets better. nevertheless, Brett Easton Ellis called this show the post-empire version of sex in the city and I am not a fag so I will not be watching.

  27. yogurt mouth says:

    theres no hot guys on this show. i miss jersey shore.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Toure is hawt!

  29. Anonymous says:

    the what is right. i didnt care about the nepotism, didnt even notice everyone was white, but that was probably b/c these people were awful. i wouldnt want to spend time with them, why would i watch them. ps tiny furniture sucked too, and i didnt even see it.

  30. I don’t think the show is horrible due to the lack of black people. Lord of the Rings is great and none of my homies are roaming in middle earth. At least Sex in the City had a sex addict, horse face sarah jessica parker, charlotte the dick sucking nun, and the fire crotch lesbian. Girls is just another platform for twenty something BORING white women with wit to showcase their average lives. Someone pointing out there being no black people in Girls is like someone pointing out that one black kid in Harry Potter.
    “the writers are forced to acquiesce and add some phony token Black Rhodes Scholar to appease these morons.”
    The writers should write in a black bitch who says nigga unapologetic, and sips on mimosas at the Jane Hotel.

  31. Cable Guy says:

    You guys are so lucky the old crew aren’t here to tear you a new asshole. What is racist about having a show with no black people????? Do you hear yourselves?!

  32. Really, though? says:

    How the fuck do you live in NYC in 2012 and not know ANYBODY of color? Not even a co-worker, a barista at the Starbucks you undoubtedly spend hours in while leeching their free wi-fi o even another woman you run into at your neighborhood gym? You’ve got to be pretty damn sheltered and self-centered to pull that one off. I guess that’s the point of the show though.

  33. sho nuff says:

    please, to the 2-3 women who read these comments, please for the love of all that is holy, never ever say out loud, to anyone, “suck my dick.”

  34. The What says:

    Let’s be clear here. The show isn’t racist because it has only white people, because you know what, I believe that the creators probably don’t have any non-white friends. Accurate is okay!
    You guys are all racist for scoffing at how people are wondering how it’s possible for ANOTHER show based in a major city to be made up of purely white girls. What’s racist is the DISMISSAL of the concern of people of color AGAIN, and making it seem petty that we are frustrated over inaccurate under representation. What’s racist, is Arfie’s tweet, and this article, and the way they assume their white privilege is the status quo and that anyone who points it out is a whiny little bitch. Let me explain privilege to you: the ability to dismiss serious issues. Because you know, RACISM ENDED IN 1991.

    I don’t give a raaaat’s ass that it’s an all white crew. I DO give a rat’s ass that you folks have your heads so far up your asses that you can’t even acknowledge that the majority of the world does not look the the girls portrayed, and that the concerns expressed are legitimate.
    I thought the show was shit and that was that. I only got angry when I saw all your responses!

  35. Wow says:

    Why do these black and Latino people care so much about whether white people put them in some shitty television show. India just launched a missile. Check CNN and look at the world’s real problems. Are you insane?

  36. ADD Vis-a-vis says:

    Awesome blog post about tweets and blog posts.

  37. post-racial-my-ass says:

    After reading comments like this I laugh my ass off when white people talk about how far they’ve come in this post racial society. So happy that racist assholes permeate the entire country and include Northern elites who have long considered themselves above the ignorant Southern redneck-white trash- trailer park folk. Give yourselves golf claps for being the absolute shittiest people on earth regardless of geographic location. Shall we end this with a “white power”?

  38. blah says:

    @Nepotism – Ah Ha! I knew Bad Company’s drummer was the real force behind Hollywood! Seriously, besides Brian Williams, those parents have zero juice. We’re also not talking about a straight to video remake of chainsaw massacre either. I’m sure the girls secured their jobs on their own merit.

  39. miss Universe says:

    someone tell me how to watch it on a computer in vietnam, and i will

  40. Wow says:

    Hey “The What” – I just got back from 2 tours in Iraq. 15 of my friends are dead. That’s a “serious issue,” not whether there’s an all-white cast in an HBO mini-series.

  41. ugh says:

    hey ‘Wow’, maybe you shoudn’t have volunteered to go shoot people then? Nobody made you.

  42. Thanks says:

    Thanks for leaving that comment, “ugh.” Now everyone can see the level of the people we’re dealing with.

  43. PNUT says:

    “ugh:, you are total and complete affront to humanity. moron. a sad, stupid moron.

  44. Lady friend says:

    Why would they put unattractive people on television? And fat. what is the world coming to.

  45. WOW says:

    Dude, you getting wayyy too defensive – sounds like you know the complaints are true, but, you, like, know the writer and you guys are like, super tight, so like shut-up! The show can like, do what it wants! You sound like a fool, read a book on race or something. You obviously don’t get it.

  46. Brownie says:

    GIRLS is a great band

  47. RED says:

    To be clear. Blacks are 13% of the population. They are not underrepresented on TV. They are on my screen way more than 13% of the time. The Wayans bros. are the most powerful family in Hollywood.

    To sigh after seeing ONE EPISODE of this show and say, “Yet another show with no blacks” implies that the above truths are inaccurate. I honestly think most of this comes down to most young people not being good at math.

  48. vegan jules says:

    yo. Blacks aren’t the only minority. They’re actually well represented in American tv and film. What of asian and latino males however? eh?? Well, hae fackin kez?

  49. hortense cumberbatch says:

    Where can I send you a script, Benjamin Leo? Give me an address and this black woman will send you a script, tell you MY STORY. Oh sorry, btw, it actually doesn’t involve poverty porn ala Precious so do with that what you will. I expect it to be produced, mind you. Easy!

  50. fungeon glo-snatch says:

    @Red: The Wayans brothers are the most powerful family in Hollywood. WHAT?

  51. Rex says:

    So let google cache this site and good luck getting a job in the future. Minorities will never like you!

  52. bwinnnnngggg [sound of dropped mic]

  53. random says:

    I have a great script and that show sucks.

  54. archie says:

    you are correct: there is nothing wrong with having a show about rich people who don’t have black friends, and a “token” black character certainly should NOT be added.


    sorry, but: its not funny, its not insightful, and the acting is terrible — its not awful but its CERTAINLY mediocre (i.e. not “genius,” “brilliant,” etc). to compare it to “freaks and geeks” is absurd!

  55. ofe says:

    gotta hate this show by default since this post is stupid as fuck, oh well

  56. gordon heavyfoot says:

    wrong. leslie is a hero. let the bell of freedom ring. leslie arfin can say whatever she wants. if you think she is a racist ir an ironic racist then you are an idiot.

  57. RED says:

    @ fungeon glo-snatch
    Wayan family most powerful in Hollywood,,1207353,00.html


  58. fungeon glo-snatch says:

    Television programs are basically platforms to sell ads to targeted audiences. I think the people protesting the lack of diversity on this or that program had best remember this. If you’re looking for diversity and/or an intellectual challenge, read some goddamn books.

    @RED: I’m telling you right now I don’t care what EW said in 2006, the Wayan brothers are not the most powerful family in Hollywood.

  59. fungeon glo-snatch says:

    This is an HBO show? No ads? Shows how much I know…

  60. imadime says:

    right…because black rhodes scholars don’t exist in brooklyn. that would be sooooo completely unbelievable.

  61. RED says:

    @ imadime
    Are there?
    And if they’re not on that list, do they hang out with 21 year old white girls?

  62. imadime says:

    congrats on your use of wikipedia…and on soooo missing the point. i’m going to where real convos are taking place.

  63. Holly says:

    There are tons of white people here in NYC who only have white friends and colleagues and are really only ever around white people. The people of color in their lives are either nannies, people they buy stuff from, or folks walking by the background.

    Those white people are called racists. If that’s who’s on the show, it might as well be called SOME NYC RACISTS. If you are one of these people, congratulations you racist. What’s wrong with your life? It’s all white, you racist. In New York City, one of the most diverse places in the world, you’ve managed to only associate with your own kind. I hope you get run over or you know, move to Portland which is 78% white anyway — your project of a white life will be easier there.

    Some of you probably don’t understand this post, but I couldn’t possibly care since it’s not like I’m white and therefore, not in your lily-toned universe.

  64. bobo says:

    “Hang on, my flex capacitor must have burst and landed me in 1989.”

    I can’t believe no one pointed this out, but it’s FLUX CAPACITOR! someone needed to drop some science on whitey’s ass.

    also someone needs to make homeboy re-earn his brooklyn hasidpster bonafides if benyamin leo ever thought my so called life was genius tv.

  65. Mags says:

    This story originally had the following statement in reference to the Precious line:
    “Brilliant… Guys, you’ve kept it SO real – please don’t suck their balls.”

    And now that part of the post is gone, replaced with “CORRECTION: I had assumed that Lesley’s tweet was a response to tweets and sentiments like the one from Toure above, but apparently I was mistaken: Lesley’s tweet was completely a stand-alone tweet and was not a reference to ‘Girls’ in any way. About everything related to this post and issue, Lesley says ‘No comment.'”

    Yes, clearly her quote about Precious was completely harmless. That is precisely why she now wants to pretend it never happened and deleted it, and it’s exactly why she posted (and later deleted) a follow-up half apology, and it’s exactly why she refuses to comment on it now to clear both the air and her name. If she wanted to keep it “SO real” she would have never deleted the original post and owned up to/defended her words. In reality, she tried to make an illogical comparison and posted an unfunny, racist comment and then cowered away when she received some deserved flack. I’m of the opinion that any topic/subject can be laughed at if handled with intelligence and a real sense of knowing and understanding, which she clearly lacks. She should keep her mouth shut until she can comment on race in a manner that is articulate and nuanced because she (and you, and most of the people who defend her) sound like sheltered bigots.

  66. […] has time to worry about my black bullshit? Hello, there’s a black president! Racism is, like, totally cured. While I admire Shonda Rhimes for her drive, talent and success, as well as for opening doors in […]

  67. Chrisa says:

    Thank you @mags

  68. Funny haha? says:

    The show is boring, not funny, and not particularly insightful. Benjamin, on the other hand, your post is boring, not funny, but it IS insightful — it shows the rest of the world what a fucking douchebag moron you are. Nice work.

  69. You're a douche. says:

    Oh my Gosh, Benjamin Leo, you’re like SO profoundly witty and smart. You referenced McCarthyism, which means that despite all that coke you snort (because you’re SO COOL), you still managed to remember 8th grade history class. But then, wait, didn’t McCarthy prosecute alleged Communists? People who thought that economic disparities and class/gender/racial differences need to be reconciled in order to create a more harmonious society? So like, actually, wouldn’t McCarthy approve of a myopic whites-only world of upwardly mobile social elites? But I guess since you’re SO COOL and probably have like, at least 3 ironic tattoos, you can make completely fallacious arguments and desperate girls with stringy hair and body dysmorphia will STILL suck your dick.

    Get some education and stop trying to overcompensate for your pea-sized brain/dick and self-entitlement issues with what you must think are clever euphemisms for vaginal discharge.

  70. scoob says:

    i love the show.

  71. marry me says:

    You’re a Douche is spot on! The observation that a contemporary analogy of McCarthy-ism would in fact be a production of “a myopic whites-only world of upwardly mobile social elites” not only accurately frames the discourse of post-raciality “racism” (ie. racism post the election of Obama)it also reveals that the analogy casts those who call out this contemporary McCarthy-ism as contemporary “communists.” Quite frankly, in this context, I am a raging Black Feminista who may even like a show like “Girls” but still totally agree that it’s absence of any brown people is racially problematic. I do feel however, that the sardonic observations of smart, ironic and hilarious folks of color would be more compelling and could find a loyal multi-racial following if produced as an online show. I am so over corney ass racist whites and I am tired brown people who pander to these fools! I AM ready for ground breaking life commentary devoid of stupid sounding white folks that DO NOT Zreflect the complex realities everyone else.

  72. jodie says:

    hilarious. oh god. you want people of color to tell THEIR STORY? yeah, if any WHITES at the top would fucking stop rejecting projects/help fund. but you know, that has nothing to do with being inherently disadvantaged under white supremacist america.

  73. Bert says:

    Ooooooooooooooh you’re so articulate. If you can’t come up with a better response to a critique than “suck my dick”, then you lose. And it’s all about winning and losing, not equality. By the way, “Bert’s” not my real name. And to be honest, I can’t come up with a better response than, “Ooooooooooooooh you’re so articulate,” so it’s not like I’m articulate or anything.

  74. Ironic Joe says:

    Scott said:
    04.18.12 at 12:16 pm

    I’ve lived in NYC (most of that time in Brooklyn!) for 13 years and I have zero black/brown friends.

    To Scott.

    On behalf of ALL black and brown people in New York City…

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Tim says:

    I’m glad you like the show girls too. I’ve been pretty obsessed about it for a while now.

  76. braindedartikle says:

    you are fuckin stupid. Seriously. Period.

    and so is anyone commenting in agreement

  77. Andrew says:

    Ah, its great being white :)

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