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• 09.28.09 01:05 pm

Late last night the Death Set reported on Twitter that founding member, Beau Velasco, has passed away.

Late last night the Death Set reported on Twitter that founding member, Beau Velasco, has passed away.

THEDEATHSET: R.I.P. my dear brother, friend and band mate Beau Velasco. For all those who wish to pay their respects I will let know soon.

The circumstances of Velasco’s death are still murky.

Velasco and Johnny Siera originally started the band as a two-piece in their hometown of Golden Gold [thanks, burlieghboy] Coast, Australia, before moving to the East Coast of the United States and becoming a major influence in the Brooklyn, Philly, and Baltimore D.I.Y. scenes. Their latest album, Worldwide, was released in the summer of 2008 to wide acclaim.

The last piece that Velasco, a tattoo artists, did was a tombstone that read “Weird Summer”.

More at Brooklyn Vegan.


  1. RJ Romero says:

    from B-Vegan
    “What happened? Hmmmm, let’s see: young man dies, very close person posts an obit, no mention of the cause of death. Put 2 and 2 together, and even you will know what happened.

    Posted by Anonymous | September 28, 2009 11:27 AM”

  2. Blizz says:

    I heard he had been clean forever and then relapsed. This is how at least half the OD’s happen. Someone quits, their tolerance goes way down, then they relapse and do way more than they can handle.
    If you are a junkie that got clean, DO NOT DRINK. It fucks with your judgement and makes you think “just a bump” is OK. Then you do another one because you’re not thinking straight. Then you’re dead.

  3. wilbert harrison says:

    only a junkie could be self absorbed enough to be into this inane synth-pop bullshit.

  4. randylahey says:

    “only a junkie could be self absorbed enough to be into this inane synth-pop bullshit.”

    how edgy.

    this sucks, he didnt tour with them recently but still wrote songs and shit. i wonder if this will effect the band

  5. ??? says:

    That music is horrible…

  6. burlieghboy says:

    it’s the GOLD COAST. not a coast that’s golden.

    you’ll be missed brother.

  7. mermaid. says:

    damn son…

  8. JuCIFER says:

    fair dinkum

  9. dolphin sex says:

    van flip

  10. Ryan says:

    I’m tired of Junkies and/or youngsters with preexisting conditions. Just in case that’s what it was and we all jumped on the disgusted with junkies train. Kinda like after Oklahoma City folks wanted to kill all the fuckin’ arabs everywhere but then found out it was a white boy and scratched their heads till taht shit caved in. Junkies, yawn. I won’t be able to stand it if we lose one more mediocre artist. First Dash Snow now some dude from a band with one 3-star record, fuck! Shit’s goin’ down the tizznubes.

  11. Megan says:

    BurleighBoy, you left out one more correction: The ‘Gold Coast’ is populated by homophobic surfer-cum-hipster-D-bags & the most important point: GC hipsters are Felching Aficionados. GC has more Inbred-Strines per-capita.

    <3 Ya Brisbane….

  12. Mr. Belvedere says:

    this death was ‘reported on twitter.’ does no one else find that mildly disturbing? like when some frat boy drinks himself to death and then he has a facebook wall full of “rip dude.” i’m just not sure the internet is really the proper place for that conversation.

  13. Mr. Belvedere says:

    especially when there aren’t even enough letter spaces to use proper grammar in the obit…

  14. bjbj says:

    fuck. australia cant really afford to lose any more of its cool people, because there is fuck all of them.

  15. burlieghbra says:

    jeez, dont start tarring heaps of people with the same brush, it’s ignorant. even if they are from the gold coast, or they are addicts, or whatever. wake up megan sheltered life much? judgementalism is boring.

  16. homeless. says:

    what is felching? (I have a feeling i will regret asking this)

  17. Anonymous says:

    We miss you Beau. You were an inspiration to so many of us. You will be missed. We are devastated.

  18. […] “My friend Beau Velasco, who just passed away, this is the first tattoo he ever did. And it stands for Howardian, which is my band by myself on a […]

  19. Malina says:

    :'( r.i.p beau. you were a genius.

  20. Handled says:

    ^Felching is when someone drinks the cum out of someone elses ass with a straw. You asked.

  21. soph&millz says:

    Beau Velasco,
    you have made me realise that you don’t have to be good at maths to be a genius. you are such a genius in your own way and that is beautiful and refreshing. tattoo artist, musician and an artistic genius! i hope to see you one day in heaven where we can talk about your music and life RIP BEAU VELASCO

  22. soph&millz says:

    can the death set please come to london and put on another gig i would definitely attend

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