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• 06.28.13 08:52 am

The Centennial Institute‘s Caleb Bonham took to the streets and asked Obama supporters the same questions Beauty Pageant contestants are asked. Guess what happened. 

They were equally stupid.


How would you have answered these questions?


Here are the correct answers.

1- A fifth of Americans can’t find America on a map because education is a corrupt public institution with no checks and balances where self esteem is put over academic excellence. Our students have the biggest egos in the world and some of the worst test scores. Funding hasn’t worked so our only solution is some kind of incentivization through privatization.

2- Women earn less because they choose to earn less. They tend to put family over business and would rather go to their daughter’s piano recital than stay at the office working on a bid, which is a good thing. By the way, before they have families, they actually earn more than men.



  1. Charlie Chook says:


  2. Dr. Scientist. says:

    Thanks for quoting the answers from other writers on this site. it’s good to know that you’ll always be here to add nothing to the debate.

    Also, for the record, while your #2 answer is pretty obviously true, answer #1 is entirely speculative and parts of it are specifically bunk. The USA has nowhere near “the worst” test scores for students, it just lags behind scandinavia, Canada, Australia, and a few Asian countries. I’m not arguing that the school system isn’t fucked up, or that “self-esteem” isn’t a bullshit outdated psychology concept that is wreaking havoc on children’s personal development, but that’s not “the correct answer” as to why 1/5th of Americans can’t find america on a map, it’s just what you think. About 15% of the US is hispanic and about 12% black, two groups with lower than average IQ scores, maybe that factors in?

    Stick to tits and tit-related posts, you’re not good with the hard stuff.

  3. Joe says:

    I love how people get into the income gap between men and women. Liberals hold this to be some great truth while also maintaining that corporations will do anything for its shareholders. If women could do the same job as men at seventy cents on the dollar, wouldn’t corporations fire all the men just like how they also love to mercilessly outsource labor to India and Mexico. There would be some consistency in the greed of Corporate America wouldn’t there? Or maybe some great business mind is going to come along and make a killing by only hiring women and get labor for thirty percent less. Even Walmart couldn’t withstand such shrewd business practices from a competitor. Target, this is your time to shine.

  4. Raul says:

    ” About 15% of the US is hispanic and about 12% black, two groups with lower than average IQ scores, maybe that factors in?”
    What a fucking dick.

  5. Mr. Hatefact says:

    ^ Yeah, I hate when people are brave enough to risk their careers in order to speak uncomfortable truths. What fucking dicks!

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