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• 10.30.08 12:57 pm

  1. so... says:

    i laughed so hard. thx.

  2. alex says:

    “This shirt is excellent for pulling in husky Native American bitches with diabetes.”

  3. lol@u says:

    damn had me crying.

  4. DirtyMexican says:

    That IS a pretty pimpin shirt though.

  5. aesk47 says:

    Typically I get laughed at because I’m a midget. When I put on this shirt I automatically can add 5 inches to my size!

    That’s the best one!

  6. ew says:

    ” I’m rick james, bitch, wearing a wolf t-shirt” some one make me a wolf t shirt that says that.

  7. Chachi and the Ashley Tisdales says:

    Damn, DAMN DAAMMNNN, I dig that dig.

  8. Taeil says:

    I don’t like to indulge about this item but….

    Whenever I enter a whorehouse with my wolf shirt on, I have more money coming out.

  9. a lady says:

    Jesus says…
    “I was crucified in this shirt, and it was the reason i was resurrected!”

  10. a lady says:

    also “i like this wolf shirt because wolves and shirts are shapes”

  11. felicia says:

    If you don’t have a greasy ponytail while wearing that, then you aren’t doing it right.

  12. Mcsentish says:

    I ordered that shirt. It didn’t work. All I got was “That is the tackiest shirt I have ever seen in my life…you wear it well though.”

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