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• 08.08.08 01:19 pm

A blogger who has been, “Black every day for 32 years; Never a nigger until Wall St. moved to Brooklyn” said something rude about Jews and was scared into quitting.

A blogger who has been, “Black every day for 32 years; Never a nigger until Wall St. moved to Brooklyn”
said something rude about Jews and was scared into quitting.

The part that scared him the baddest was “What you do not have is the right to do is to discriminate on people based on their appearance or their religion. What you did to this man was illegal, in g-d’s eyes yes, and since you dont care, let me remind you it is ILLEGAL according to the state of New York as well.”

  1. clit juice says:

    Boo, Jew, boooo.

  2. raymi says:

    what did he say?

  3. tommy gun says:

    he posted something about how a chassid guy wouldn’t shake hands with a woman at this software firm where he works, even though the chassid was on a job interview.

    that blog was so fucking cool – sux he’s taking a break.

  4. lol@u says:

    damn I lived in WillyB from 90-97 and he is right about that. A lot of hassids were going to tranny hookers on the water. I saw it myself. We used to joke about that. Even this old ass one tried to come on to me at the Chemical bank standing in line. And the other hassids behind him heard him and were rolling their eyes like “there he goes again… hitting on the goyim.”

  5. tommy gun says:

    yeah lol@u the chassids used to go in and out of that crack hotel on Hewes and B-way in willsburg (dunno if its still there) with all the PR crackhead hookers. u remember that place? anyway, i think they have a thing where if the person is not jewish is doesn’t count as cheating on your wife (seriously). they also have a thing that you don’t have to pay back debts to non-jews until you pay all the jews you owe money to first.

  6. blognigger cared too much about negative feedback. He was always bitching about haters. There will always be haters, no matter what you do. If your insecurities reveal themselves too loudly in your blog or your band or your act, it’s all over. BN, write for your friends and your fans and for yourself. Forget everyone else.

  7. Loomis says:

    Yeah but there’s bitching about haters and then there’s being charged with a crime. It is ILLEGAL to do what he did. That’s the times we’re living in. You can have some free speech but other stuff is FUCKING ILLEGAL.
    Don’t people who enforce these laws realize they’re actually purporting more hatred by getting us so mad about their bullshit? I guess they don’t care. Religious people could give a shit about anyone that isn’t into their religion because we’re lost souls that are going to hell anyway. Why bother?

  8. rita says:

    I love this guy’s blog, he is fucking funny. I hope he is back to posting real soon.
    Hilarious how he didn’t apologize by “high noon” and instead told the guy to suck his balls. Blognigga 4 eva!

  9. johnny appleseed says:

    then he died lyke weow

  10. Shnookems says:

    He’s not the HR department, so he did nothing illegal. People think they know the law just ‘cos they watch TV shows?

    Some Chassid guy nearly rammed the back of my car sneaking under the toll gate on the Triboro on my EZPass. That guy did something illegal. He looked at his dead looking passenger beaming with pride. Passenger was asleep.

  11. Adolf says:

    You know who else hated Jews?
    *got nothing*

  12. my two cents worth says:

    If it were canada there’d be a royal commission by now into the matter

    sheesh, thank G-D not all jews are miss pissy pantses!

  13. uhh... says:

    WillyB and Willsburg? i hate you morons..

  14. jewface says:

    As a jew, I must say, most chassids are douches. There are some different sects, though, one of which is really cool (for religious folk) and they get stoned and hammered all the time. That being said, these over sensitive fundamental types ruin it for the rest of us,.

  15. Adolf, Jr. says:

    Hitler also loved dogs and was an environmentalist, and history has proven that such things lead to large-scale ethnic cleansing.

  16. jewface says:

    Blognigger’s back in the house dusty jesus, niggas. read em and weep.

  17. cable guy says:

    So since you took the time to slag him off and make it like he was all chickenshit instead of trying to protect his family, are you going to update the article now to point out that blognigger’s hiatus lasted exactly -1 days, and that he’s back in the hizzl rippin shit up?

  18. raymi says:

    thanks for the update/info

    a chassid wouldnt eat chips out of our bag once cos our female hands had been inside it, we were doing his bookkeeping. stupid. i also tried to help a dude with his baby stroller down subway steps and he shielded it like i was poison.

  19. […] kyke cunt paki whore not to take advantage of it. Remember, it’s not illegal. I know, I know, Blognigger recently said some almost bad things about Chassids and shut his site down when he was told “What you do not have is the right to do is to discriminate on people based […]

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