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D. Eric Beckles
• 02.17.09 03:48 pm

Black History month for some, is a time for hysterical , stressful unrest. I mean come on , a month for Blacks? What next a month for dogs? Where’s White history month!? If you are like me, which is impossible, you learned a lot about Negroes from the TV and from your intelligent Black side of your family, so as a tribute to TV I give you Black Hysterical month.
First off , a hand off form Seagal week. DMX on the set of Exit Wounds talking fights as well as some insight as to how Steve kicks so high It takes a team of 100 men to lift him into an effective kick with the aid of 3000 pound gage wire.
When DMX talks fights, it is an extension of self pride and in this case Black pride. Get hysterical, load those guns and live in fear of Black History month! It is a paranoid gas! Tomorrow you’ll wanna be speared the truth.


  1. Coach says:

    Thats not DMX. I didn’t hear one single “WHAT!?” or even a “C’MON!”

  2. Coach says:

    thats fucking dope, i always wanted a fishtank with moray eels in it…

  3. dibs says:

    pinky dude, you’re a canadian half-breed queeb. that’s about as far away from african american as mine yiddeshe boobah.

  4. carrotbotttom says:

    Me thinks Pinky is gonna delight this month a new ass !

  5. Fred Durst says:

    haha black

  6. man says:

    why does DMX sound like a character from goodfellas?

  7. nahs says:

    Apparently DMX thinks only the Three Stooges have real fights.

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