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John Pittsley
• 02.24.16 03:18 pm

Black dudes always get a bad wrap for being homophobic but they all tend to be uncomfortably comfortable with gay shit.

There’s a common misconception that black men hate gays. Whenever people are fighting for a black cause, the gays are usually left out for fear of hearing “fag” or “that’s gay, yo!” What these ignorant fools don’t realize is that these terms aren’t meant to be homophobic slurs. These are terms with different meanings in the African American male community. All you have to do is spend some time with one and pay attention to what they love, and you’ll realize they’re quite accepting of the homosexual lifestyle.

You don’t even have to spend all that much time with a black man to realize they don’t hate fags. Just talk to him for a couple of minutes and you’ll get the feeling he’s trying to serenade you with some shitty Marvin Gaye song, that isn’t catchy. Black people are known for being loud and abrasive but black dudes usually give off a laid back and chill vibe, that often comes off as them wanting to fuck you. I often have a difficult time figuring out if they’re sizing me up to beat the shit out of me or push the shit into me. The fact they lick their lips and rub their hands the entire conversation, as if they’re about to devour your cock, really drives home the point. If your verbal love-making session isn’t enough to convince you they’re cool with dudes banging dudes, give it some more time and spend the day with one and you’ll be convinced they’re ok with being gay.

If you do end up spending the whole day with a black guy, chances are you’re going to end up at a barbershop. You may even spend the entire day there but unlike most barbershops you’ve probably been to before, you’ll notice it’s treated more like a salon or day spa. Everyone knows each other, has a drink, and doesn’t really need a haircut. They’re not even talking about shit or handing out advice, they just gossip. This probably sounds gay to you, that’s because it is and black dudes are fine with that. That’s because black dudes love gay shit.

If you honestly don’t think black guys are fans of fags, listen to a rap song and you’ll realize black dudes even like to have sex with other men. They may want to have a woman participate as well, but the fact remains black men are cool with having sex with each other.

One of the nice things about fucking a lady is knowing that she’s into you. When you’re sharing that experience with your buddy, it kind of kills that vibe. Add in the fact you’re both naked, have boners, and are getting off and it’s pretty difficult to argue that it’s not gay. Some may say double-teaming a chick is a form of male bonding, but cruising for babes should be enough male bonding for a couple of guys. When two pals are banging the same chick, at the same time, the woman ceases to be an individual and becomes an extension of the two men’s bodies; essentially making it an entirely homosexual experience.

It’s understandable how some may get the impression that black guys are homophobic, considering some of their word choices. But people need to understand that plenty of words have multiple meanings and making assumptions about a group of people over a few words isn’t only ignorant, it’s racist.


  1. & says:

    Reading this with that visual made me feel kinda sick. Nice job if that’s what you were going for.

  2. Shit barometer says:

    Quiet over here while Kibbutz Mayhem at the Supreme Court……

  3. Grizzly Adams says:

    There is a shit-ton black trannies in nyc and I’m betting they got turned out after being released from prison. I did a 21 month stint back in 95 and not only did big black killers do gay shit but so did the gang bangers. They were fucking each other left and right. There were always the white gays but they were obvious.

  4. jared says:

    When I went to basic training there were 4 black guys in my platoon, we also had 1 openly gay kid. On more than one occasion in our free time all the black guys would hang with the gay guy and really earnestly ask about gay sex; pretty in depth questions and they were really into all of it. Was uncomfortable to be around.

  5. Ru Paul says:

    The average black dude has been incarcerated. Most dudes in prison “play ball” at either the pitcher or catcher position. Therefore the average black dude has been a “ball player”. Interpretation: When in Folsum, do like the Folsums do….and when in South Central chase fast tail with your bro’s and share a sausage casing as you gang bang.

  6. Peek-a-boo says:

    The skin thickness between the vagina and the colon, the first few inches past the asshole, is equivalent to a condom so it’s gay, or bisexual if that bothers you. Puts a whole new spin on the brotherhoods. Anyone who sticks their dick in a gloryhole, without knowing what’s on the other side, is a Try-sexual as in “Spam meats the mystery mouth.”

  7. Bomani Jonesadoodle says:

    From having a Southern-via-Don-Cornelius accent, lots of black dudes can tend to sound a mite gay-ish, on first blush. That’s right: us hetero blacks will go there, and say “dudes” in everyday grammar-bending conversation. Crazy part is I’m actually the only straight one at the office

  8. Ru Paul says:

    Iz beez lookin foe dat fat azz. Dintz madda wedda a donkie beast or a mud nest::: my prizin shcnaek kilz any popo supremasy! Fuk dem

  9. Anonymous says:

    Bomani forgive me for not taking your name at face value because nothing around here is to be trusted. If you are actually OogaBooga, firstly I want to say, FUCK YOU, but on the chance you are an authentic negro with an authentic handle of Bomani Jonesadoodle let me welcome you.
    If you’re new to these parts ignore all the racists as they are harmless keyboard wangsters. You came on a bad day for a brother to get a good first impression of Street Carnage as we’re in the middle of a OogaBooga Shitquake and Pittsley is exposing your people’s low down dirty ways. Other than that no one around here is to be trusted.

  10. Grizzly Adams says:

    You brick dumb cunt. Are you fucking Taylor swift?
    Adding your opinion is gimp

  11. Original fake Real Ray's Pizza says:

    Reading this while eating brunch. Very unappetizing. That picture is creepy and just looking at it makes you want to take a bath with industrial degreaser. Of course dick lubin & OogaBooga must be getting off on it yick!!!πŸ‘…πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©

  12. The Real Anonymous says:

    @ anonymous
    Fake nig.

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  14. πŸ—£πŸ†dick lubin πŸ‘¬πŸ‘¬πŸ‘¬πŸ™‡πŸ† says:

    You make me so horny OOGABOOGA.

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