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John Pittsley
• 08.29.16 06:48 pm

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The message behind the Black Lives Matter movement may be “stop killing black people” but isn’t the main goal to stop trivializing black lives? How do you do that, when you’re using black lives to keep your job?

It would be one thing, If Colin Kaepernick sat during the National Anthem because he was too tired to stand or too stupid to realize he was supposed to. Professional athletes, who are known to have a history of head injuries, aren’t particularly known for their brilliant ideas. Choosing to do something that will piss most of the country off, in order to raise awareness for your already controversial movement, sounds like exactly that. Especially when your job is on the line. Today, the opposite is true and Kaepernick may have saved his by doing so.

As recently as Friday afternoon, Colin Kaepernick was the third-string quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers. After sitting through the National Anthem, he was able to change all that. Unlike Dwayne Wade, who explained his “protest” away, Kaepernick decided to turn his fuck up into a grand statement and use it as an opportunity to raise awareness on a controversial issue. Luckily for him, everyone is already aware of the cause, it has to do with race, and his team plays in a very progressive area. Otherwise, he’d be jobless.

While his stance may have been disrespectful to the men and women who give their lives for this country, plenty of people commended him for using his fame and the platform to speak out on an issue he cares about. What almost every single one of these people forgets is this wasn’t all too big of a platform, relatively speaking. Colin Kaepernick is a professional football player, who gets the opportunity to do his job in front of millions of Americans, all across the country, every week. That’s during the regular season, though. Kaepernick pulled this little stunt during preseason, when most football fans aren’t even watching games. It’s also the time when players, who are competing for jobs, get cut and lose their million dollar salaries. If he really cared and wanted to make a statement, he should have waited till he won the starting job as quarterback. Maybe then people would listen to his message.

I know the Black Lives Matter movement is a little exclusive in whose interests they’re looking out for but narrowing it down to a solitary, black, millionaire, football player is a bit much. No? This man is a professional athlete, who HAS to conduct interviews after pre-season games and press conferences during the regular season. How is he not already able to shed light on this issue? Deciding to protest the National Anthem, during a preseason game, serves nobody any good but himself.

Sure, he may have gotten a discussion going but the discussion hasn’t been about the Black Lives Matter movement or how there needs to be a change in law enforcement. It’s been all about him and whether he has the right to do what he did. By sitting and making the statement he did, his employers will now come under fire for being racists if they follow through on what they were probably already planning on doing before this whole mess.

Colin Kaepernick may claim to support Black Lives Matter but what black athlete doesn’t? If he truly cared, he would have waited until he won a starting job with the 49ers or another team to make his protest. And if the 49ers cared about this country and winning football games, they’d cut his sorry ass and offer him a job as a ball boy instead.


  1. JR Wirth says:

    The thing about Kaepernick is that he replaced Alex Smith for a few games and happened to be red hot in those games. So the powers that be said, hey, let’s get rid of Smith and put Kaepernick in there. That was a very dangerous thing to do because Kaepernick didn’t have a track record to go by. They went on feeling that this guy was “the one.” Much like our country thought Obama was “the one” in 2008.

    The 49ers front office and the NFL couldn’t contain themselves at the prospect of a black man (well, half black man) having the chops to be a QB. They’re always on the lookout for black talent that can fill that role. So they told Smith to pack his shit and went with Kaepernick.

    Kaepernick is doing what affirmative action babies have done from the beginning of time. He’s biting the hand that fed him. If he was fully white they would have vetted him properly.

    SO how does Kaepernick play? He has the strength for the job. He has the stamina and coordination for the job. But he’s not smart enough for the job. He’s just not a smart person. Compare him to Brady who’s just fucking smart.

    This begs the question. Why are QB roles lily white when the league is as black as the ace of spades? Well, why were the crackers on the plantation white? The NFL proves before our eyes, if we care to look, that certain demographics are naturally predisposed to certain gifts. The white man has a fully functioning brain, capable of evaluation, planning and adaptation. The black man has a huge cock. Quite honestly I would give up some brain power for a bigger cock.

  2. dick lubin says:

    dont you guys wish these homos would crawl
    back to the their “safe spaces” every time they get “triggered”
    by something they see/hear that hurts their little feelings?
    fuck pc culture am i right?! burning the flag, not standing for the natl anthem,
    not putting your hand over your heart- doesnt get more un-pc than that.
    keep it up kap! stick it to those sensitive little pussies!

  3. Dr. Worth says:

    “burning the flag, not standing for the natl anthem, not putting your hand over your heart- doesnt get more un-pc than that.”
    You constantly bring this up. Pure nonsense.
    All of what you refer to as “un-PC” used to be that way…fifty fucking years ago.
    But today? That’s the absolute norm. None of what is praised and encouraged by the current ruling cultural class (which is exclusively leftist: form the academia to the entertainment industry) is “rebellious.” Shitting on America has since become an essential part of the “status quo.”
    You confirm what many have said on this site weeks ago: the regressive left approaches American society as we were still in 1968.
    We’re not. Wake up. Move the fuck on.
    – ps
    You’re the exception to JR’s point. Some white men do have little cocks AND little brains. That’s why some of them end up loving little kids. They remind you of your own past-self. You fuck your “inner baby” out of jealousy and nostalgia, when it was OK to be a dumb guy with a tiny dick.

  4. Tacobelle Johnson says:

    I didn’t know who this guy was until this recent controversy. By the first look I thought he was hispanic or middle eastern. Nope. Just another half-self-hating mulatto with a sophisticated last name following the steps of Obama and his army of caramel people. Raised and educated by middle class whites, now a millionaire in his 20s who cries about oppression. It’s not even funny anymore.

  5. Black Lives Don't Mean SHIT says:

    Beady eyed attention whore on his way out of the league, playing a new angle on the race card, in his attempt to hang on.
    Dwayne Wade just lost a cousin in the Chicongo jungle to another bullet gone bad episode of Black on Black brotherhood. He’s previously been vocal with other virtue signaling NBA ambulance chasers about the mythical genocide of young black males by evil White Pigs. You’d think this might be his come to Jesus awakening moment, where he admits the truth, but then you’d be wrong as he says it was that bogeyman called “Senseless Violence” that done his Cuz in. No call for BLM to come and denounce the “senseless violence” from Mr. Wade or the domestic terrorist group. Nope just African Savannah crickets. They’ll have a big ole funeral for his Cuz with a who’s who list of Ghetto fabulous celebrities marching down the skreets led by the usual fraudster Black clergymen. The stupidest race on the Planet in formation for another display of why no one wants to live with them.

  6. dick lubin says:

    @dr worth

    “Shitting on America has since become an essential part of the “status quo.””

    tell me about it. did you know theres a guy running for president that keeps talking about
    how america isnt great? not only that, he called muhammad ali a “great guy” on twitter when he
    died- makes me sick. the wealthy and successful like kaepernick and trump have no right to criticize american if you ask me brother!

  7. Lost in Melanin says:

    Colin did this to be accepted by the larger (and clearly blacker) lobby of professional athletes. Let’s face it: weirdly-looking mulattos are some of the most unstable individuals out there. Identity-less being. They are neither white or black. On a “racial scale” they look somewhere between Pacific Islanders and Maghrebis. So they have to deal with the massively under reported inner-racism among black Americans. With this in mind, they have to make a statement to be accepted by the tribe.
    Chances are that he’s not gonna see the benefits of his recent “act ” since he might get terminated real soon. Sucks to be him, really.
    Once unemployed Kaepernick will have all the legitimacy of this world to complain about inequality and oppression.
    Be careful what you wish for Yellow Boi…Get Broke or Die Trying.

  8. Muddy Waters says:

    ^Alex Smith gets the last laugh.
    Black Americans being on average 25% Evil Yakub manufactured White are so confused. They’re like that oft repeated scene in the 3 Stooges where Moe slaps Larry who then slaps Curley, who out of frustration at the bottom of the hierarchy slaps himself silly.
    The only thing they hate more than Whites is themselves. They take pride in the greater relative success of their high yellows and desperately, completely, appropriate anyone successful with 99% White blood and one drop of Black mud with the assistance of the White establishment who understand how desperately insecure they are by accepting and not daring to point out the pathetic lie. And yet they turn on their own unsuccessful high yellows by unmercifully tormenting those creations of Black race mixing in a distant echo of the treatment of albinos back in the mudderland. Deep deep down in the cockles of their heart’s they know they’re the shit stain of races. Their greatest talent is amusing people for low brow entertainment.
    As noted by above poster, race mixing produces confused puppys who are forever like street muts looking for a home and master. The rejection of their White heritage is subconsciously absorbed by them due to a White guilt Culture that metaphorically transmits the feeling that they ARE the product of a White slave owner racist who raped a Black woman. This is despite the fact that they are usually the bastard product of a pump and dump Black rolling stone who used his mud shark mum for race reparations.
    We desperately need a Black Freud to fix this mess up.

  9. Alec Leamas says:

    The NFL seems to be getting whiter of late, especially on the Offensive lines which require mastery of cerebral blocking schemes, together with the Tight Ends. Then of course you have your Watts, Kuechlys and Matthews to add to all of the white quarterbacks. Per capita of course Pacific Islanders are most likely to wind up in professional football but haven’t seemed to have gotten much attention for this.

  10. Dick Lubin Does Ljubljana says:

    Burning the flag is the most P.C. conformist action imaginable… Not standing for the anthem is square, bespeaking a progressive Bernie Bros ethos

  11. Gospodin says:

    Kaepernick got scent of some blm Mohammedan pussy/kus, converted to Islam, grew out his hair and beard to get that shaggy IS chic look that all the jihadis are raving about and shit all over his white adoptive parents (who lets face it had it coming – i hope the assurance you feel that you aren’t racist was worth it) to appease the said kus of Nessa Diab. Expect a name change in the near future…maybe to Ibrahim or Ali. He did it for the love of his wingwang but the problem is he didn’t realize his lady magromet already cut it off and out in in her back pocket.
    He probably doesn’t even care about football at this point.

    Look for footage of him cutting off somebody’s head off in Syria in the near future.

  12. Gospodin says:

    There is such a pathos surrounding Dick Lubin and his need to come here and undertake the thankless Sisyphean task of engaging people who don’t take him to be some mighty foe that represents an existential threat to their worldview but rather a smug self-satisfied faggot fly (Musca pathicus) that buzzes around spewing vomit and shit (virtue signals and false erudition) like some incontinent AIDS patient…only to demonstrate the pathetic nature of the pathological imbeciles populating the left. I salute you Dick…you are a trooper… may you continue to fritter away the dwindling hours of your life in fruitless idiotic attempts at snark and irony.

  13. Rapey Richard of Astro Glide says:

    I for one welcome dick back. dick was laying low ever since the kibbutz mayhem shit storm that tested this blog’s commitment to free speech. Every blog needs a dick in order to insure that Voltaires misattributed dictum of free speech; of disagreeing with someone, but fighting to the death for that one to say it, is lived up to. Bravo dick, keep on sticking it to em as I find you to be a breath of fresh air in this stale sexually frustrated conservative blog. Your lifestyle is the next frontier for societal evolution, and thanks to the progressives, it will be realized, as all taboos are erased, including my namesake.

  14. OogaBooga says:

    Apparently he started dating this dipshit Egyptian cunt (Hot 97 DJ and MTV host Nessa Diab) and she used her oral and anal skills to turn him into a social justice QB. Go back to Egypt, ho, and get your vajajay diced.


  15. Pejo says:

    Yeah right, “a breath of fresh air” that smells like an old fart.

  16. OogaBooga says:

    Why isn’t this guy getting more praise? I feel like the media is kind of burying it.

  17. Colon Krapperdick says:

    He does have that British homegrown terrorist look. His bio is going that direction and we just might be seeing the next Jihadi Johnny in the making.
    Look for BLM coming together with the campus SJW Palestinian cause movement to lead the Islamophobia crowd together with NOI, New Black Panthers, CAIR and La Raza.
    Rainbow birds of a feather coming together in common cause——hate America and White people.
    I can see them all being invited to a summit meeting at the White House just like the other one Obama hosted with the rappers that got scary for a Secret Service moment when Rick Ross’s ankle bracelet alarm went off, but then led to laughs as they realized they were in Obama’s crib.

  18. Dr. Worth says:

    Not even a “black Freud” will ever solve this. Franz Fanon (a semi-God to educated mulattos and their white shackmates), ended up slaving for Marxist honkies. Hence his popularity
    Merci bien, Franz.

  19. Beechwood says:

    It’s amazing seeing all the leftists defending this beefhead in the name of “free speech” as if they were the sole authority over who gets the right to speak freely. Apparently trashing America is key to get their approval.
    Nobody is concerned with his mere right to talk, but more with his idiotic, bogus-filled rhetoric that poisons race relations more than anything else.
    We know who to blame if Oakland gets torched to oblivion sometime in the near future.

  20. OogaBooga says:

    Fuck him. But also: fuck all the militarization of sporting events. Fuck being told to stand up and clap like a fucking seal for 30 seconds while they trot someone in uniform out on the field. First of all, a lot of this is paid for by the government, and second of all, just fuck that bullshit.

  21. Constipated Duck says:

    ^Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck……
    Brilliant analysis!
    Don’t want to be told what to do tough guy, then don’t stand up at the sporting events, unless you’re a scared wabbit whose afraid of the other lemmings. This reminds me of that famous photo of one sole brave (he even had a smirk on his face with his arms folded defiantly) kraut who in the midst of a civilian crowd who were genuflecting the Nazi seig heil salute, stood his ground. It also reminds one of that tank boy in Tiananmen Square. Use the NFL games as an opportunity to channel your inner Frank Sinatra and show the World “I gotta be ME!”
    Colin has more courage in one of his dingleberrys than all you cowardly right wing keyboard wankers have in those shriveled up raisonettes you call balls.
    Yeah fuck him you psychoanalysists who’ve decided his motives for him. He may be deceived by BLM, but then what do you expect when 1/2 the country thinks BLM is the 2nd coming of the Civil Rights movement. If you all weren’t so quick on the draw, you’d see he isn’t so calculating, and this is all merely a young airhead whose taken a dive without a parachute. That Muslim dj pussy probably has something to do with all this as his testosterone status is plummeting with his 3rd-string QB status, and he needs to impress the sand negress. I love being an independent since it frees the mind from having to defend rigid ideologies that require cherry picking the facts to fit the desired outcomes.
    Colin, thank you for your public service and reminding people to not reflexively pretend to be patriotic when in fact so many despise this country. I look forward to watching the NFL sidelines, during the anthem, as it becomes a spectator sport where we count how many asses are sitting and thereby create a new Vegas betting line.

  22. 49ER says:

    Simply put Duck, you’re a moron. Just like that “1/2 of the country” who thinks BLM is the second coming of MLK.
    What pisses me off is that everyone is looking at Colin as a guy with a message. Bullshit!
    Pittsley nailed it: Kaepernick simply cornered his bosses with this stunt. Because that’s all it was: a fucking stunt. He duped leftys and rightys alike making them think he was dissing America.
    Leftists can’t have enough of it and right-wingers obviously despise it.
    But, in reality, Colin doesn’t give a flying fuck about all that. He wanted to secure his juicy contract. Period. So, being a millennial, he realized that there’s no better way to get what you want than making a massive fuzz about it. Cover your materialistic desires with some ideological mumbo jumbo, some bleeding-heart social message and kazaam! even the most evil parents will crumble to meet their little Che Guevara’s demands.
    If Kaepernick does get canned (pretty unlikely now but who knows) the MSM will grill the “racists” who dared to do so and some smarter Team will hire him for the sole reason to please that retarded “1/2 of the country” who thinks he’s a bearded Rosa Parks.
    He wins no matter what.
    This is something islamophobes need to understand: after living next door to the sons of David for so many years the Muzzies picked up one thing or two. There’s no doubt his camel-hopping broad is behind this. In a Lady McBeth kinda way.
    Men, of all colors, want to think it all spawns from them but, at the end of the day, it’s the Queens who stir us around as easily as kittens distracted by a flashlight.
    The matriarchy rules in every single Mediterrean society for a reason. Egypt is Italy on steroids.
    Brava Nissa, very well done, you secured your Arab-wannabe money maker like a real pro.

  23. OogaBooga says:

    Yeah, I don’t stand, you fucking blathering dipshit.

  24. @$!# says:

    he he he, he’s so easily triggered!
    Here boy fetch.

  25. OogaBooga says:

    Every word I type triggers your faggot ass, and you know it. Thanks for the inspiration. Traitor.

  26. OogaBooga says:

    By the way, boychik, I have a question: Is it cool with you that Israel loves ISIS?

  27. giulia from rome italy says:

    simple question for all of you white americans, would you trade places with a black person in america?

  28. Gospodin says:

    No…Giulia (you tender soul)…i wouldn’t. Why would I want to trade what I have for a lower IQ, greater sexual and violent impulsiveness, a higher chance of getting murdered, or if we are starting from the beginning, aborted? Why would I want to adopt a culture of failure and grievance? I wouldn’t rather not seethe with alternating self-loathing and resentment for all the other races that generally do better than me. Why would I want to join a culture that puts all of its priorities on the most banal and trivial idiocies. So no i wouldn’t want to be black…but not because of cops or systemic racism or any other moronic Bullshit that I am sure you are implying. The truth of the matter is if I were black…if I was a woman that was at all good looking i would get some desperate white (or if at all possible Asian) computer nerd and tease his cock till he put a ring on it…if I was a black dude…i would make a modicum of effort in life, try not to get shot in some idiotic nigga moment (over Madden ’16 or soiled sneakers), not get a half-dozen hoodrats pregnant before the age of 19 and most importantly be friendly and courteous…white folk desperation to be friends with blacks and see them be successful would carry me through the rest of the way…hell, if I really were a smart overachiever i could become a Republican party operative and have a ready supply of my life’s ambition…white pussy.

  29. Gospodin says:

    I agree with 49ERs completely….so much so that l’d let him fuck my sister…just be gentle though…she is pregnant…don’t shake out the baby.

  30. Gospodin says:

    …by the way Giulia…if I had to trade places with a black person I would do it with a black American rather than am African…so that might tell you something…where are blacks the majority? As an addendum to my what to do if I were a black suggestions…i would get the hell out of African microcosms in America such as Detroit, Milwaukee and Newark etc etc and ASAP move to the whitest enclaves i could find. I would become a country nigga dairy farmer in Shitlick, Iowa if that meant getting out of the hood.

  31. JR Wirth says:

    And if you were really charming, and could really mimic the white man, because you went to his schools from childhood, you could become President of the United States.

    Would I rather be a black man in the US or a gypsy in Italy? Not sure. Gypsies are more clever in their theft.

  32. OogaBooga says:

    Are you really asking if there are any white people who would trade places with P.Diddy, or Michelle Obama? Or even a middle class class black person? There are only tens of millions of whites who would.

  33. JR Wirth says:

    A middle class black person? Like Cliff Huxtable? A nice OBGYN in a NYC brownstone with a nice family? Why not?

    Famous people are a race all their own.

  34. The Three Faces of Eve. says:

    Sybil ain’t got nothing on this mangina monologue.

  35. JRWirthMomGotThaBombShit says:

    JR! I wonder which noble institution you “mimicked” your way through? Does it rhyme with Devry University? Nah….you’re a Phoenix U. online kinda guy. I can smell it. Funny how when a man of color sweeps through your best schools that those same schools, that you previously held in such high regard, suddenly become Advanced Hook-On-Phonics Academy. I’m curious though. Do you, like the dumber ilk of your local nationalist book club, sit around the campfire sharing your latest creative “negro-isms” whilst oogling that rare 1st edition of Mein Kampf? Or are you the smarter brand of angry blue collar retard who realizes that without YOUR ancestors and their predilection for slave pussy and/or free labor, none of this lovely shit would even have occurred? I mean, at the end of the day, YOU HAVE NOBODY TO BLAME…but who? That’s right. Great Great Grampa and his hard-on for that blacker the berry shit. But that’s the past. Everyone wants to try a Halle Berry or two. What’s wrong with that? Fast forward to the illegal immigration “crisis”. Yet ANOTHER group of brown people who you GLADLY have prepare your food, trim your hedges, move your dope, etc. Now, they are a problem as well. Oh dear. Noticing a pattern here? I sure am. The solution is best described in a shirt I saw on one of your lovely stormfront-esque sites that read, “If I knew there’d be all this shit, I’d have picked my own cotton!”. DING DING DING! After 238 years of predominately white male congress, 43 white male Presidents, and I don’t know many white male mega rich people and companies, how in the world can you blame ANYTHING on anyone else if you guys are and always have been the ones at the helm of “perpetual Titanic”? I guess that’s easier than to simply say, “We fucked up”.

  36. Trigger says:

    Here boy fetch.

  37. JRWirthMomGotThaBombShit says:

    Woah, was that for me? I haven’t role-played like that since the last time I came in the Hummus Hole of some Heidi Klum lookalike. WHEW! She was a keeper. Shame about that husband of hers and his long hours.

  38. Tricks are for Kids says:

    Good boy.

  39. JRWirthMomGotThaBombShit says:

    A man of few words. I like that. What’s the saying? “Still waters run deep”?

  40. Whose Counting says:


  41. JR Wirth says:

    Speaking of “negroisms” I had never heard the term “mudshark” until visiting this site. Looked it up in Urban Dictionary and laughed by ass off for a good 20 minutes. That and “savannah crickets.”

    My gardener is here by the way. I can hear his leaf blower. He deliberately blows the dust under my front door just to piss me off. My housekeeper doesn’t come until later. I’m hiding my Trump book from her because I know when she sees it she’ll never get the baseboards and shower pan the same way. She’s a keeper.

  42. SBPDL says:

    We miss you.

  43. Urban Dictionary says:


  44. JR Wirth says:

    Quite honestly I wish I was mestizo because I would have the normal looks of a white man but a great, even tan without the drawback of skin cancer. My tan is getting a little freckled lately. It pisses me off. My genes are meant for British Columbia latitudes and I live south of the 38th parallel. Once you get south of the 38 white people shouldn’t be there anyway.

  45. Bababugaboo says:

    Stop babbling.

  46. Alan says:

    It obviously depends on the person, Giulia.
    Which “black people” are you talking about exactly? Working class blacks? The struggling ones or those who are doing alright? What about middle-class blacks? Are you talking about successful black business owners? Or do you mean black athletes and entertainment celebs? Or do you mean black politicians? Or do you mean black college professors? Black media personalities maybe? Are you implying that all American blacks live in ghettos and are pennyless? Do you believe that all whites live lavishly then?
    I know, too many questions. But please be clear in what community of black people you are speaking about.
    According to your cultural anthropology professor, lumping people together based on their racial background is pretty racist Giulia.
    They’re individuals, not labels.
    This being said, with illegal African blacks reaching Italian shores by the thousands on a daily basis, I’m afraid that you all be too busy trying to handle that closer issue to fully focus on us.
    How do you say “kill Whitey” in Italian?

  47. The Man in the Mirror says:

    Takes a licking but keeps on ticking.

  48. Beechwood says:

    “giulia from rome iraly” is what happens when dumb foreigners get their overseas news from dubbed Youtube videos of the Daily Show and biased left-wing reports devoted to give an altered and disastrous version of America.
    So, tell me, did this turn out the way you expected? I don’t think so.
    But do not worry, as Alan said, you’ll experience the “cultural enrichment” brought by actual africans real soon. Ours are tamed and timid compared to the descendants of those we left behind centuries ago. I wonder why?
    Just remember to say “I’m sorry” when a mob of young and ambitious “refugees” introduces you to their folklore. Think of it as payback for the ancient sins of Roman colonialism.
    Western europeans will miss the time when their ghettos were jewish.

  49. TheSilentStormFrontSpermSuckingSociety says:

    I have your answer. It’s simple. You see, long ago, your ancestors selectively bred the dumbest, biggest, and strongest negroes for their construction project called America. The negroes who tried to organize,revolt,etc. had to be killed cause that reeks of construction delays. Anyhow, fast forward to the modern era and White America has developed this strange obsession with watching the Herculean science project of their forefathers compete in mindless games for their express entertainment. Its big fun and even bigger business. Plus, they get the added bonus of serving their all too willing collagen-injected housewives up with something big and black to fuck, whilst they film in the corner to fulfill another equally strange obsession relating to societal power dynamics and/or cultural taboos,etc. SO. To sum it up, white boys really like their toys. LOVE their toys. However, what they don’t love is those toys reminding them of real world shit when its “PLAY TIME”. Also, unfortunately for you, my birth certificate has this weird wording on it. I’m trying to make it out…..I think it says…UH-MURI-KKKAN. Wait! There’s more! Pardon me, my reading skills are shit with all this football practice. Yep! It does say something else. “BUILDYOUROWNFUCKINGCOUNTRYNEXTTIMEANDYOUWONTHAVEALLTHESEPROBLEMS,BITCH”.

  50. Windmill says:

    Colin has the right to voice his opinions. But he doesn’t have the right not be ridiculed and criticized for it. Then again, why do famous rich Americans always turn on America?

  51. OogaBooga says:

    He didn’t pan out as an elite quarterback, but he loves media attention. I think it’s as simple as that.

  52. Tubb says:

    If I could trade with Colin Kaepernick, well, absolutely!
    $19 million a year for being a terrible quarterback? Where do I sign?
    I’d also say YES, if you are talking about Affirmative Action and getting special treatment in education. But I’d say NO when it comes to attacking random people for money, raping, rioting, getting killed by your own people at record numbers. It doesn’t stop there:
    – To be given a better chance in certain massively popular money-making sports for being genetically built for them? Yes.
    – For getting scholarships for college because your skin is black? Yes.
    – To have social networks and media outlets on your side if you say something reactionary? Yes.
    – To have your back covered by top public officials whenever someone dares to criticize your terrible life decisions by labeling them as racists and destroying their careers? Yes.
    – For getting extra points and an advanced start if you apply to cushy government positions just because you’re black? Fuck yeah.
    Point is, an educated black person cannot be stopped in today’s America. If only all blacks understood and appreciated this instead of throwing their lives out of the window doing illegals stuff…

  53. OogaBooga says:

    “Point is, an educated black person cannot be stopped in today’s America. If only all blacks understood and appreciated this instead of throwing their lives out of the window doing illegals stuff…”

    So fucking true. And that’s what makes the Dems the racial equivalent of chickhawks. They are the most insidious and evil enablers imaginable. They want poor blacks to remain hooked on the system and wasting their energies shaking their fists at whitey.

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