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• 02.14.11 10:00 am

Standing at the crossroads of lady boners and antiquity buff, Bangable Dudes in History is a blog that attempts to teach people history the right way: through their pants.

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Standing at the crossroads of lady boners and antiquity buffs, Bangable Dudes in History is a blog that attempts to teach people history the right way: through their pants. Each post spotlights a new historical figure with a pie-chart breakdown of why you should’ve let them fondle you 200 years ago.

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Most of the dudes seem to be on point (no homo) — bad ass General Sherman, a young, boyish Stalin and even less mainstream characters, like Lincoln’s attempted assassin, Lewis Powell. But you can tell the blog’s written by a woman/gay man because their take on chicks is questionable. So far they’ve only had one “Bangdable Dame” and it was Juliette Gordon Low:

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She looks like Anne Hathaway’s more boring cousin. Plus, the fact that she founded the Girl Scouts probably means she was really awkward with men and had to dedicate herself to something sad, like collecting cats or, in this case, children.

Anyway, Bangable Dudes in History lets you send in suggestions of dead man/woman boners, so email them and maybe we can get proper historical hottie up there, like Mata Hari or Charlotte Bronte:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Id like to give Marie Antionette some ATM.

  2. luke says:

    woh, no homo(phobia) but that Powell dude is pretty hot indeed.

  3. Uncle Wah Wah says:

    If they had t-shirt fashion back in Civil War days, girls would have run around in Lewis Powell t-shirts like they do with James Dean or Che Guevara. Dude was a rock star!

  4. Horsedick says:

    What, no Catherine the great? She took it like a champ…

  5. aah says:

    Powell dude is hot… but only in that picture…

    check out

    i mean, maybe i’m wrong.

  6. not your sister's corset-sniffer says:

    if you think bronte is hot, then you think drew barrymore is hot.

  7. 1/16 native american says:

    pamela coleman smith, who illustrated the rider-waite tarot deck, was super hot and lived a really cool life for a woman at the time

  8. Double Teamster says:

    That Jimmy Hoffa had a big dick!

  9. Damien says:

    using pie charts for this shit makes little sense.

  10. High School Student says:


  11. felicia says:

    I like this nerdy shit.

  12. pony says:

    yah that chick is the worst. who ever made that pie chart clearly has no idea what makes a chick ‘bangable’, in a way that makes me way angrier than I should be. PS I’d totally get into some weird ‘spartacus’ shit with that powell guy, as in I’d sword fight him to the death so he wouldn’t have to suffer crucifixion. And I mean that figuratively

  13. no says:

    Oscar Wilde, anyone? Total babe…

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  15. Ella Mackenzie says:

    Juliette Gordon Low was the BOMB. She founded the Girl Scouts because she thought it was stupid boys got to have adventures (Boy Scouts already existed) and girls didn’t. Whatever she looks like, she was definitely not awkward or boring.

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