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Angela M.
• 06.22.11 10:00 am

Dennis Swiatkowski is a filmmaker from Amsterdam who makes minute-long videos called (duh) “One Minute.”

Dennis Swiatkowski is a filmmaker from Amsterdam who makes minute-long videos called (duh) “One Minute.” Like ISYS, they all feature beautiful young people standing around doing what beautiful young people do: stand around looking beautiful. They’re sort of like video Street Boners, only without Gavin handing out kitten heads — but if he did, these would definitely be some ten-kitten videos:


  1. Fancy Mike says:

    These make me feel like I have ADHD. They are only 1 minute long, but I find myself fast forwarding through it or giving up 10 seconds in. 1.5 second art gifs are a better idea, unless something’s actually happening in the video.

  2. e says:

    these are stupid- its like watching a minute long perfume ad

  3. damn says:

    a minute too long.

  4. Hmmm says:

    these look familiar:

  5. Dinksmack says:

    “a minute too long” hahaha

  6. derpherpes says:

    Boring in motion.

  7. Pee says:

    Seriously bummed the first one didn’t end with a facial.

  8. newnumberorder says:

    I really feel like punching that boy in the third video. Seriously, denim shirt, Jack Daniels shirt and USA flag bandanna, what are you guy? -500 kitten heads?

  9. Thisisboring says:

    Jake Davis did this already…it was wack then too

  10. naked sailor says:

    Nothing says “Douchebag Asshole” quite like a hipster wearing Vietnam vet commemorative clothing. Go get a head injury!

  11. naked sailor says:

    PS – Jay, suck my Dijk.

  12. Bathead says:

    If anyone saw me watching these they would hate me and I would agree with them.

    However, Bathead does like to offer his artistic imperative where it may prove to be advantageous.

    To rescue these painfully self-conscious minutes of drivel they should have the last three second be in normal motion where the subject fucks up and embarrasses themselves.

    Like the first girl trips up trying to look cool or the guy on the boat topples into the water or the guy in the wood runs into a tree – actually that guy can just walk onto a land mine – but you get my idea.

    That would make it human and cool.

  13. It takes one twat in Amsterdam to make a little something, and 100,000 bored Americans to shit on it.

  14. Real Jenny says:

    I also had to skip ahead, shit was boring…terrible.

  15. When in doubt, use slow motion. I want to see a HD, slow motion video of a lithe 20-something androgynous kid dry heaving. With morrisey in the background.

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