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John Pittsley
• 07.21.17 06:20 pm

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Wow! Emily Ratajkowski is such a fierce feminist warrior. It takes so much courage to stand up and say what she said. Just kidding! She’s an entitled, whiny, little cunt.

See, this is the problem with hot chicks. They’re used to being coddled and having people bend over backwards for them. After a while, it gets to a point where everything needs to be perfect and any little inconvenience turns into a major pain in the ass for them. Even the fact that people are so offended by breasts. Huh? Who the hell is that?

The only person who’s maybe offended by boobs is the Church Lady. Everyone else loves the things, even gays. There are doctors who’ve dedicated their lives to giving women ‘better’ ones (ones they want), for Christ’s sakes. The only time a person ever gets upset about a woman’s tits, it’s another chick and she’s either jealous she doesn’t have ones like ‘em or doesn’t want her man staring at them. There’s no sexist plot against breasts.

This chick must not be aware that she owes her career to her tits. That’s fine, I can see how a smoking hot chick with perfect cans would think she’s a top model because she knows about art or some shit. People will eat your ass out even if you shit your pants, when you’re that hot. If you scribble a shit-portrait, people will ooh and ahh over the shading too. She has to at least notice all the dudes staring, drooling, and walking into light posts as she struts down the street though. Those guys aren’t doing that because they’re disgusted by her rack. They’re doing it because they’d do anything to get at it. The woman who wrote the article was practically jerking off to her tits, too.

Is she maybe talking about bare tits? Does she think our culture is “fucked” because people see a loose pair of cans as “vulgar and oversexualized images”? If so, she’s got to be fucking nuts. Guys are already distracted enough as it is by boobs. Some may call this “oversexualized” but there’s probably a better way to put it. Personally, I’d go with “being attracted to the opposite sex”.

When it comes to physical attraction, people usually like what sets us apart. That’s why guys generally prefer long hair on women. We also tend not to have perfect tits. So, it’s going to catch our eye when a lady does. If they want to start walking around with their jugs swingin’ free, we sure as shit won’t have a problem with that but it’s going to cause some chaos in the streets. That chaos may eventually subside but by the time it does, we’ll be so desensitized to tits that she’ll be without a job and I’m sure she won’t be happy about that.

If you really want to deal with some ‘sexism’, try getting someone’s mouth to water over your flaccid, uncut cock. That’s a vulgar and offensive image in our society. No one is going to be cheering and giving high-fives, if I walk into a bar and expose myself. That shit is not cool, even in a city as gay as San Francisco. I’m gonna get my ass beaten and banned for life, if I do that. Trust me, I’m not allowed in a few places because of it. If a chick does that shit on the other hand, she’s a goddess.

Even when people don’t want this woman’s boobs, it’s not because they’re disgusted by them. It’s because they’re looking for a different size or type. How spoiled can you be? “Waah! Somebody prefers a different breast size than mine for their photo shoot!” This chick supposedly appreciates art and understands people have specific visions. Now the only tits we can appreciate and not be offended by are hers? That’s pretty fucked up and selfish for a feminist.

This is the funny thing about appeasing people, it doesn’t always lead to appreciation. Often times, it just makes them bitch about more retarded shit. Our culture isn’t fucked up because some people are offended by bare breasts or because some people want to cover them in jizz. It’s perfectly fine the way it is. It’s just easier to notice the ones who bother you.


  1. Where are the commenters gone?

  2. Uncle Wah Wah says:

    We are all over at Tony Cumia’s efficiency apartment/broadcast studio drinking Sam’s Club soda pop and eating generic chips. It’s a party!!

  3. Humblebrag Heavycock says:

    I agree w/ whatever this idiot said, above. Great article/post/blurb/tweetycast. Be sure to hit subscribe

  4. raymi says:

    Why do you come riiiiiiiiiiight out of the gates with so much hate? Unreadable. Fuck you.

  5. Terminal Asshole says:

    Raymi, if you showed your tits more often maybe you’d be relevant outside of a pocket of retard GTA hipsters.

  6. Jack Mills says:

    The photo of Em made me come here and read this. But Pittsleys words made me cum again. HAW! See what I did there???

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