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• 04.30.14 11:43 am


Yesterday, the city decided e-cigs will be banned in New York. That’s right. You can no longer exhale WATER VAPOR. So, when the clock struck midnight, a bunch of us got together and broke the law. 

I don’t smoke so that part was gross but the only thing worse than having the smell of cigarettes in your face is having cigarette smokers told they can’t pollute their own bodies. Bloomberg is very proud of his anti-smoking crusade and rightfully claims everyone is happier with smoke-free bars but that movement was already happening. You can’t smoke on a train in Germany. The entire Western World decided they were sick of cigarette smoke. Bloomberg can’t claim that as part of his legacy.

Also, I’ve heard people say Giuliani is libertarian kryptonite because nobody can argue his stringent rules made NYC better. Libertarians  always said the government’s role is to provide safety for its citizens. That means cops and an army. NYC was a crime-ridden hellhole and Giuliani arrested all the bad guys. That’s within the parameters of effective government. He also went way too far and banned dancing. That didn’t improve anybody’s life.

Letting water mist out of your face inconveniences nobody and this ban is a perfect example of how totally illogical bureaucrats are. Are we still banning horses from  Central Park? I can barely keep up with all their stupid rules.

Anyway, the “cape-In” was a success and got plenty of press. Matt Welch documented it all here.

McInnes was wearing the “College” shirt from the movie Animal House, which he said he had just watched. “We don’t care if de Blasio puts us on double secret probation,” he said. “We are going to release water vapors into the sky, because that doesn’t hurt anybody.”




  1. Cubby Urungus says:

    All of this banning of stupid things is due in large part to the size of government. There are just too many busy body bureaucrats at every level of government in this country.

    The amount of regulatory bullshit we have in the US is the equivalent of the 10th largest economy in the world. It’s over a $1TRILLION in extra taxes and fees all to pay for and justify the people who show no sign of letting up.

    No one voted for this permanent mandarin class, it results from the tendency of government agencies at all levels to grow at ~8-10% year after year, decade upon decade. Bureaucrats are gonna do what bureaucrats do, they rarely get sacked and their pension plans are platinum. There is no Great Recession in the Government Sector, ever!

  2. Street Bum says:

    E-cigarettes? Fuck e-cigarettes. When are we going to have a serious discussion about public urination? The elephant in the room….

  3. Ben D. says:

    Do you think the real reason behind the ban is that they are afraid people will be vaping hash oil in public and getting away with it?

  4. Doo Doo Brownstein says:

    E-cigs can’t be allowed to gain market share because it’ll be too hard to tax. THAT’s the real reason these do-gooders want to “regulate” them.

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