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While I consider it an honor to be linked to Clint Eastwood, Greg Gutfeld, and Ann Coulter, I think she could have included a lot more people in this category. 


James O’Keefe didn’t go anywhere. He just made the mainstream media so angry, they’re closing their eyes in the hopes he’ll go away. I’ve been working with him recently and he has another bomb to drop within the next couple of weeks. The last one forced the FBI to issue a warning about border crossings and here’s about ten more (accompanied by all the false allegations critics make). While most journalists today sit at their desk scrolling through Twitter, he goes to the story and films it himself. He’s devoted his life to fearlessly taking down bureaucrats who make a living taking our money and telling us what to do.

I met Charles Johnson after he did this exposé on Vice. Since then, he started a site called that consistently scoops the mainstream press. What I really like about Johnson is he’s non partisan. If he finds some family values lobbyist is having an affair, he won’t hesitate to expose her. All he cares about is the truth and doesn’t waste time worrying about how many enemies he makes along the way.

Jim Goad is similarly misanthropic when it comes to allies. Not only does he refuse to ingratiate himself to people, he actively shuns them. This makes for some ballsy writing like this recent piece on black on brown hate crimes. Nobody else would dare go near a story like that but he is so fearless and relaxed about it he can make jokes the whole time.

Anthony Cumia was kicked off of a satellite radio station whose entire raison d’être was that they don’t censor anybody. You can swear all you want on Sirius but call a black person an animal after getting attacked and your you’re out of a job. Instead of groveling or apologizing, he told them to fuck off and started his own show in his basement. I highly recommend subscribing to this channel. It’s got everything from girls squirting into beakers so chemists can break down exactly what’s in there to thoughtful discussions about politics with guests such as Taleeb Starkes. Check out the free YouTube videos or free Best Of podcasts if you don’t believe me.

Honorable mentions: Lisa mentioned Kennedy and Nick Gillespie but I’d like to add Andrew Wilkow, AJ Delgado, Katherine Timpf, Katie PavlichFaith Goldy, SABO, and of course Dana Loesch



  1. raymi says:

    ann coulter’s stomach

  2. Luke says:

    You’re the man Gavin. You’re appearances on Anthony’s show have been some of the best

  3. dingbat says:


  4. HuffPostChick87 says:

    Dead on Gavin. Also, left the table read for the GIRLs episode we are filming this week. Last minute changes…Marnie’s dad moves in and there is an awkward dad shows boyfriend how to really eat the ass. Stay tuned!

  5. James says:

    Michael Anissimov is more punk than any of these people

  6. mammary says:

    “…call a black person an animal after getting attacked and *your* out of a job.”

    Your =/= you’re. Pls fix this typo forthwith.

  7. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    Gutfeld actually looks like Johnny Ramone in that pic. All of the mentions are very worthy. Especially Charles Johnson and Jim Goad. Those two are fuckin’ rad. Jim Goad would probably punch me for calling him “rad” but he is.

  8. Gavin’s shorter than Gutfeld? Come on.

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