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• 06.30.14 12:26 pm


In Britain, rebellion has become all about more rules. Their anarchists want government regulation out the wazoo and that includes controlling who gets free art.

With anarchists like that, who needs communists? Banksy’s art is street art which means, as soon as he’s done, it’s up for grabs. He’s throwing it out into the abyss and letting Fortuna spin her deadly wheel. It might get covered up, it might end up in a museum, or it might get sold for a ton of cash. That’s the deal with “no rules” you stupid fucking limeys.

Yesterday the BBC reported a story about a guy who dared to try and sell the Banksy piece that was on his building. The locals were so outraged at this, they threatened to kill him so he chickened out.

What is it with that country? I guess the ones who didn’t like rules left for the New World generations ago and the only ones left are complete pussies.

  1. Ben says:

    I get Banksy’s work and I like (good) street art and graffiti but I don’t think what he does is anything special. It’s largely garbage tbh. Understandably he became famous.

  2. Leo Sayer says:

    Most of country dont even know about Banskey ie Arabs and Polish people.

    Check this out though

  3. dak says:

    I live in the same town as them, they’re a bunch of scrounging cunts who cause loads of shit for their neighbours and even give my mate the fucking postman shit, the gypsy bastards

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