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Street Carnage
• 10.05.17 05:40 pm

Gavin went on Freedomain Radio to shoot the shit with Stefan Molyneux, the other day. They covered almost everything and you can watch it all in this free, hour long video.

  1. JUSKO says:

    OK- Liberal Retards get their way and:

    1) Semi-automatic weapons are illegal, so the Vegas shooter can’t legally get his hands on those weapons
    2) Bump stsock accessories are illegal, so he can’t get his hands on those either
    3) Becaause these weapons are illegal so the companies who produce them stop producing so many because it doesn’t make sense to do so economically, thereof he doesn’t have easy access to them.

    SOOOOOOOO, How does that prevent him from murdering so many people with these weapons??? How does that make sense, Lib-Tards???? WE NEED TO HAVE OUR SEMI AUTOMATIC WEAPONS, PERIOD!!!!!

    i think you should get behind this now, Gavin- right?

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