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Kyle McInnes
• 01.23.09 12:55 am

Hello, my name is Kyle McInnes. My brother likes to get nostalgic about 80s Hardcore but I see no need to live in the past when people are inventing entirely new kinds of music. Take Crust Disco for example.

Hello, my name is Kyle McInnes. My brother likes to get nostalgic about 80s Hardcore but I see no need to live in the past when people are inventing entirely new kinds of music. Take Crust Disco for example. brokeNYC combine Napalm Death, Technotronic, Missy Elliot and ‘N Sync. It’s a new kind of music. All my friends fucking hate these guys but I can’t get enough. Even their bio reeks of Never Been Done. How’s this for the best sentence in the world: “It consists of four members: Se7en, Phat J, Mik L, and Antz. They also have a crunk pig dancer named Bree.” AND they’re touring non-stop from now to like, September. Who sounds like this band? What are they? I know exactly what they are: THE FUTURE.
You can hate them all you want. I don’t care. I’m basically a Juggalo for this shit.

  1. Anonymous says:

    they blow

  2. Anonymous says:

    i like your brother better than you

  3. Loomis says:

    OMG screaming “LIAR!” into a girl’s face in the middle of a pop song? These guys are fucking geniuses. Brilliant and retarded at the same time. Makes EVERY band on the planet look like a cover band.

  4. Anonymous says:

    hahaha they look so embarrassed at the end. Hating this band is too easy. Do you notice how their whole tour schedule is the suburban belt? They venture into NYC once, maybe?

  5. is this sarcasm? b/c ain’t nothing original about this shit. what, that little emo scream in the back makes you think they’ve invented some grand new beast that is going to destroy everything coming before or after it? think again.

  6. Anonymous says:

    beyond gay.

  7. Joese says:

    it’s a metaphor for shit.

  8. not again says:

    why have i seen this linked to for the second time today. i’m more confused by this than lady gaga.

  9. Taeil says:

    Can you people please get a grip? Kyle is obviously SO not into this.

    Crust Disco? Fucking poser.

    This is fucking Screamo CRUNK, bitch!

    Of course, any true screamo crunkite is down with Hollywood Undead.

    The music that speaks for my generation….

  10. edward special says:

    houston suburbs rip. i just puked a red bull. wait i didn’nt read the label some thin can. hard to see.
    i need a ride home katy texas sucks

  11. "Xavier Kincaid" says:

    I’ve heard this shit blaring from my sister’s room on occasion.

    My sister is pathetic, so anybody who listens to this is pathetic by default as well.

    The girls in that video were fugly, too.

  12. the foOl says:

    I challenge the logical consistency of this song. Please note that the following lyric appears in the first verse:

    “They pulled their panties down, they took their pants off and then they started getting freaky on the dancefloor.”

    In curious wonderment I ask how it is possible for one to pull their panties down BEFORE taking their pants off? Are they wearing said panties on top of their pants? If so, why?

    Unless this sequence is taking place in the movie Memento it makes no sense. I invite any plausible explanation…

  13. guy……………. that girl that one time last time we hung out was totally “dancing” their style… i hope you come out this sunday… (L) me

  14. Arv says:

    This makes me want to kill myself.

  15. Frank DeFalco says:

    take THAT animal collective! how easy would it be to pick up girls at one of these shows?

  16. suicidal bendencies. says:

    i wish the blogs i read would stop making ironic posts about these guys, having to see this shit all the time is bummin me out, dudez

  17. suicidal bendencies. says:

    they are a cover band in seven different ways. Count them…
    crunk, crust, disco, n sync, missy elliot…..
    and every other form they take on.
    its not the future because its already been done.
    its not entertaining when its flat and dead like stale beer.
    lets see how far they get.

  18. suicidal bendencies. says:


    just stupid

  19. Dr. Furious says:

    Faaark so I brought First Four Years today, I should of got these guy’s record instead. Buyer’s remorse.

  20. beyond gay….terrible perversions…..

  21. sigurd says:

    HAHAH!.. is this “inventing entirely new kinds of music”!?! 2 emo guys, singing a cheesy pop-song and then putting some animal noises on top of it? hahah, this could be Akon(or some other dipshit) featuring some ass from a emo band, and everybody would fucking hate it!..

  22. john says:

    kyle mcinnis rules, fuck the haters

  23. Kronster says:

    Shit is it april the 1st already,time sure does fly once christmas is done

  24. zeb. says:

    Google ads that come up while this video plays: “Men in tight underwear.” “Gay mens bands.” Nothing wrong with being gay, but this is obviously cliche music for cliche weekend homauxsexuals. You know the TYPE.

  25. I just learned about them yesterday, incredimazing!

    Lookit their video: (not a goatse link, promise)

  26. the guy liquids at 3:05, it’s priceless.

  27. Deep Moat says:

    metal inquisition already had this last week. have you seen it?

  28. hotly topical says:

    Holy shit, I want that shirt. It’s like an Onion shirt.

  29. felicia says:

    can’t believe they are on the whole warped tour bill. retarded

  30. Kennedy says:

    Their t-shirts are either pink or have pink slashes on them – just like this website(there’s pink all over the place).

  31. dual edge lover says:

    i thunk moy braain jus a-fucked its what

  32. hates fatties says:

    cmon felicia, are you actually that surprised that this shit appeals to the 13-16 age demo?

  33. 1X4 YOLANDA says:

    that video looks like it was shot in Orlando, real pimpin’

  34. delanoche says:

    Apparently, the Disney Channel has evolved. At 2:07 there’s a 14-year old dressed like a fancy hooker. And I need that that pig costume. I’ll murder that faggot.

  35. fags says:

    is this Fischerspooner?

  36. b says:

    How bout I beat your ass?

  37. Charlie says:

    Fucking hell

  38. Johann Ritter says:

    Sorry dude, peeps have been doing shit like this in the breakcore scene in SF and LA for years. I hope you’re not serious about these guys.

  39. Chachi and the MS-13s says:

    It looks like kids from rural-suburban mid-west who are seeing outdated myspace accounts and saying “I want to look cool too!”

  40. drippy dog dix and cum bubbles or something says:

    I just started crying, and shit my pants as well. This gives me “the hate”.

  41. nicety says:

    This could be the single, most god-awful thing ever posted on the internet. You sir, are a fucking moron.

  42. fuckinggoddamnit says:

    possibly the worst band that has ever existed. period . . . and, by virtue of the great music continuum, maybe the best? Check out the song 2 drunk 2 drive with lyrics. It will make you shit your pants.

  43. fuckinggoddamnit says:

    P.S. Aren’t they sponsored by Hyphy Juice or something? Regardless, they must be destroyed.

  44. “This gives me ‘the hate’.” Excellent.

  45. lol@u says:

    another blatant troll job. congrats.

  46. vageezer says:

    yes, zeb I thought the google adsense stuff was the song title too. It would be a good name for a group. the genre can be named underage drinking music.

  47. buttcum says:

    im confused. I wonder if the band is a joke or if the blog is a joke or if the guy writing the blog know its a joke or if its real and im too old. im only 22. so goddamnit i hope this shit is just gay and i can still fuck 17 year old chicks after we talk about radiohead.

  48. chife larf michigan budz says:

    Great idea, great band. Imagine how much pussy they’ll get by September. Honestly

  49. woman says:

    this might be good if i like scremo or pop or missy elliot
    unfortunatly i dont

  50. woman says:

    i still wana be empoyed as the guy who screams
    its like money for old rope

  51. miss appalachian says:

    i will have “let’s get fucking freaky now” stuck in my head for years.

  52. booty clap dick trigger says:

    i dont get lady gaga AT ALL.

  53. googler says:

    hahaha this is funny, Kyle is great !

    and stop being mean to him, you are jealous cause he is Gavin’s brother. get your own brothers to start a media empire that is often reffed to as ” the scene bible” of your whole fucking generation!

  54. Mark says:

    Do these guys need a fog-horn player. If so, I am available.

  55. travis says:

    Anyone notice the Street Carnage ripoff in their merch store? Holy shit.

  56. jam rag says:

    i want and would glass these cunts if i could get the chance but yet found this genius

  57. el dude says:

    hahahahhahhhahh that video is the funniest fucking thing ive seen in a while but you people taking it seriously in the comments just made my day.

  58. consuala says:

    this shits gay, them and the Millionareses or whatever their called

  59. Oklahoma Redneck DJ says:

    This joke isn’t funny because Family Force 5 was doing the same thing four or more years ago, and it was just as bad and just as popular then.

  60. Oklahoma Redneck DJ says:

    And these guys don’t even have the Christian edge of FF5.

  61. Danielle says:

    But I like FF5.

  62. c'mon says:

    Kyle, you just broke my brain. seeing the myspace site, and how ‘professionally’ serious this band is. wow. people back something this pathetic and musically void with money, knowing kids will shovel their parents credit card debt into them. fucked.

  63. consuala says:

    And why do people wear wayfarer and shutter shade sunglasses on their t shirts, WHEN THEIR WEARING THEM ON THEIR FACE??????????????????????????????

  64. Taeil says:

    yeah, i posted a bulletin on myspace with that video a week or two ago. i didnt include text, as there is none needed. the video speaks for itself and brought all who viewd it utter bewilderment

  65. MILFme says:

    every time i watch this wideo i feel closer to today’s youth. since i’ve left the city for greener suburban pastures i have felt left out of the urban “scene.” i read gavin and pig pinky’s blog to keep up with the kids and seem “relevant” to the younger generation. i think Crust Disco delivers that cool edgy yet bompin’ beat that makes the city people bounce. double big ups to you Kyle for sharing Crust Disco with us bluehairs!

  66. . . . says:

    . . . I hate you ppl who commented this because Brokencyde is amazing .
    And you wouldent know good music if it slaped you across the face .
    So fuck off . :]
    And you people are just jelous because you cant scream like he can . ;]

  67. ???EMZ??? says:


  68. Pestilence says:

    when did music become anything other than, having fun, doing what people enjoy doing, and trying new things? when KISS became all big and shit with the “kids” all parents and most people thought the kids who liked the band were freaks, and tried to claim it off as “devils music” and look now, the “kids” who loved them now are YOUR parents and so whats the point? people are gonna like it when a band can look outside of a box, even if the outlines of that box have been given to them, so stop being narrow minded and just dont insult the guy for putting out his thoughts, you can make your own page and put your thoughts on music, and see how many people insult you there, its pointless, let it go, he likes this band you dont, great, dont go to his page read his thoughts and bitch at him cause he likes a particular band you are not fond of, grow up

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