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Benjamin Leo
• 05.25.10 03:02 pm

Check out this “menu” from a 1912 brothel.

Check out this menu from a 1912 brothel. Click to enlarge, but I got dibs on “Pinkey’s Special.”


  1. pedo stu says:



  2. jew says:

    how much for finger fucking w/o juice?

  3. blobbing says:

    Outrageously fake. Pity anyone who thinks this is real.

  4. Finish Her says:

    Why do you think it’s fake? IS there a snopes? who cares anyway

  5. JuCÍFEUR says:

    Pinky’s Special sounds keen and all, but why would it cost 10 times more?
    A fellow could save some dough by gettin’ the rest of the menu a-la-carte.

  6. Anonymous says:

    electronic typesetting = fake

  7. esther says:

    why would it be fake ? my friend found one once in a very old coat. even the words were funny !

  8. bobcock vs. flatprick says:

    fuck the breasts, with tits tight. also, a diddle.

  9. blobbing says:

    @ esther & Finish her

    I think it’s fake because I can read and see.

  10. just a cunt hair away says:

    Mrs F.A.T-asse- get real- fake. still laughed though.

  11. Fratch Aznur says:


  12. Anonymous says:

    Pricing. All wrong

  13. KFC man says:

    This shit is bit circling the net for months now. A little late to be feature here!

  14. Vane$$a says:

    It’s funnier if it IS fake.

  15. cockadoodie says:

    shut your fucking cuntwholes. it’s funny shit and i hadn’t seen it so FUCK YOUSE

  16. KFC man says:

    Click myname to see a picture of meeeeeeee

  17. The Real KFC man says:

    @ Fake KFC man.
    Not even close dude…

  18. $A$$Y PANT$ says:

    i mostly just like the cat playing the violin on the bottom of the page.

  19. funkaspuck says:

    been there- “shit was SO cash”

  20. librarian says:

    blowing wind up your asshole with a goose quill? i knew the rest of the world was doing cool shit i’ve never thought of!

  21. Mike says:

    Is it extra if neither of my feet are on the floor whilst we diddle?

  22. Al Eternity says:

    Blowing in the hole….NEW STYLE!

  23. Dr. Steve Brule says:

    Did they have rimjobs back then?

  24. poopsmear says:

    best post of the day! this one made me laugh, the other ones tried to give me erection but failed. girls being provocative on the internet doesnt give me erection unless they are sucking two cocks at once. girls being prudish on the internet is way hotter than those sluts

  25. Anonymous Q. Mootenstein says:

    Alright motherfuckers here’s the deal:

    This be a fake.

    Hire an intern to do fact checking.

    Being from NYC, the world’s “honourable mention” city, I should think you’d have an avid bevy of enthusiastic hipster douche shit who’d love to fact check for this blog. Moreover, they get gigantic boners when they find trivial errors, like whether a purported brothel menu from nineteen-dicady-shut-the-fuck-up is in fact little more than some sweathog’s attempt at imagination.

    Bah bah bah, bah ba-barino!

    That being said my Yankee Doodle Fuckheads, get yoseff some air blown up your ass


    Fuck, the chinaman’s menu lists a bunch of stuff with similar frank abstraction:

    Mushrooms of divers origins
    Chicken kung-pai with nuts from an ass’s vegetation
    Foo-lau gung noodles with beef eyeball tripe imagination
    Green peas in semen sauce – NEW STYLE!

    Eat it douche-turds; excuse me while I kiss the sky…
    My oh my – I’m finally getting a piece of the pie…
    In my deluxe apartment in the sky…

    * Asterisk = in my hometown, the greatest city known to man, deluxe apartments are surprisingly inexpensive, close to important amenities and services, and presented in a beguiling display of the architectural and design related arts.

    So once more with feeling:

    Tear the roof off the mother sucker, tear the roof of the fucker

  26. French Ass Raper says:

    What about Cleveland Steamers?

  27. Nippledeedoodah says:

    @ Anonymous Q. Mootenstein, I can’t imagine how much it must suck to know u in real life

  28. pish posh says:

    I fact checked. There is no person by the name of Anonymous Q. Mootenstein in the telephone directory of names.

  29. Anonymous Q. Mootenstein says:

    Bonjour Motherfuckers, voici le deal:

    @Nipple(you wasted your time with the rest of your terrible screen name)

    You’re making judgments based uniquely on the content of an anonymous posting on a second-rate website for chronic-masturbaters with homicidal tendencies?

    Like a blackman might say: watchu talkin’ bout Willis?

    Like I might say:





    So stick a fork in me bitches – I is done.

    And a hog’s head says Nipplenuts over here…




    @ pish: good work, see – not so hard to be thorough


  30. bloodclot says:

    mootenstein is the mad tv of message board posters

  31. Anonymous Q. Mootenstein says:

    Yo Quiero Motherfuckers, here’s the MexiCali deal:

    In Canada that’s considered a compliment

    Black Cowboys run amok

    We shot three of the original members of Jersey Shore when they got off the airplane.

    Their heads are now on display in our museum of anti-civilization


  32. Bob Green says:

    This is a newer brothel sex menu online

  33. BootyBoxxx says:

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