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Advance copies of the Street Boners book went out last week and Bust already gave it a review. The book is fucking gigantic and will be in stores in late May. You can pre order it here.

Advance copies of the Street Boners book went out last week and Bust already gave it a review. The book is fucking gigantic and will be in stores in late May. You can pre order it here. If you want to review it please contact us via the contact button above.

Here’s the review…

Posted by: Kelly McClure in Style File

Did you ever do that thing where you sat down with your yearbook and went through each page, marking down notes on pictures of your classmates that said stuff like, “always smells like bologna,” “has a juicy booty,” or, “ate gum from under a desk once?” Did you ever do this? Hopefully if the answer is yes, you did this during a high school/college age, and not last week, because that’s some America’s Most Wanted crap right there. But yeah, this book that I have in my lap right now, Street Boners: 1,764 Hipster Fashion Jokes, is like doing that yearbook thing, only in this book every picture has something to do with tight jeans.

Street Boners was put together by Gavin McInnes, who was one of the co-founders of Vice Magazine in 1994, and has since moved on to co-manning a site called StreetCarnage, which is updated daily with videos of gross things or boobs, and pictures/articles of, or about, gross things and boobs. Street Boners is a feature of the site which is more or less exactly like Vice’s Dos and Don’ts, but it rates each picture using little kitten head icons. Like if someone looks really tore up, they will get one kitten head, but if they look like a big time style model, they can get upwards of 10 kitten heads. It seems like girls with dark hair, glasses, and big boobs, who dress in jeans and heels always get the most kittens. But then sometimes a picture of a girl in a comfy sweatshirt, paired with Converse and some old tote bag will hit pay dirt kittens, so it’s kind of, well, it mainly has to do with the boobs I think.

ps. Someone who works in the Bust office (not naming names) used little sticky arrows to mark each dude in the book who she’s had sexy times with, and there were quite a few arrows. Scandal!

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  1. todd says:

    do you ever get sick of hearing about how you started vice (in 1994)?

  2. J├╝CIFER says:

    Holy fuck that chick is retarded, does she work for Teen People®?

  3. Zippy says:

    I’ll buy it if my comments are in it. i always wanted to be published. HAHAHAHA

  4. grimey says:

    boobs are dope true

  5. emily says:

    vice dos and donts was my bible in high school. it made me realize i wasn’t a fat nerd, but a potential solid 8.5. excited for the half a point that this could bring me.

  6. Vane$$a says:

    The comments about this at Bust are pretty fucking hilarious.

  7. Treetop says:

    Who would pay for that shit? The “boners” have fallen off horribly since they were dos and don’ts, there’s no denying that.

    And I guess the use of “hipster” on the cover is ironic, seeing as how Gavin hates the term and all? I guess it’s valid terminology so long as he might profit off of it.

  8. Mark says:

    Fuck y’all — as a fan of this site, I’m glad to see you’re getting to make a buck off us this.

  9. HOMO! says:

    this is gunna be great. last one up my ass is a nigger!

  10. macaca says:

    that girl actually gets paid? shes like the joey fatone of writers.

  11. Bono's Boner says:

    That chick is adorable what are you talking about? I wouldnt mind her bitching that her hair is getting curly in the rain.

  12. Spandrell says:

    @todd, WIN

    @Treetop, in fairness dude, Gavin’s a dick and all blah blah blah but when has he EVER hinted that he is anything other than a pure capitalist? Of course dude is out to make a profit, he was probably out to make a profit Wit Dis Shit before anyone here even heard of him. It’s not like he ever espoused a system of ethics or “scene authenticity” or fucking whatever that contradicts makin mad benjamins so more power to him

  13. Spandrell says:

    That said, why the fuck would I want to buy this when I can just nick it from Urban Outfitters in a few months?

  14. aaaaaaaaaaa says:

    im fairly positive if gavin wasnt a massive capitalist, he’d have just got a real job a long time ago

  15. unclaimed smegma says:

    Hipster =/= punk. Mostly because any and all pretensions to “authenticity” can be jettisoned if making a buck is at stake. Most don’t even bother to pretend to authenticity, having recognized the concept for the sucker’s game it is.

    Plus, since when is coke authentic? “Hipster” (assuming it exists at all) is a term for a made up culture, designed to substitute for organic culture. It doesn’t have to be authentic. We made it up!

  16. scoob says:

    tracie would be a good guess if she still worked at bust

  17. scoob says:

    ps Vane$$a is right. check out those comments

  18. hired goons says:

    get the fucking “street boners” out the way so we can see the girl.

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