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HJ Fountain
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Jamaica is a largely Christian nation: A recent poll commissioned by the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper suggested that 91 percent of Jamaicans are opposed to repealing the anti-sodomy law. The survey of 1,208 Jamaicans had a margin of error of 3 percent.

Personally, if you surf with a man, swim with a man, tan with a man—I can’t find much fault with you boning a man—even if you’re a man. But, the Jamaican government does not dig it. They have serious “anti-sodomy laws” on the books and those laws aren’t likely to change. The worst part is that these laws are created, passed, and enforced by blacks. Even worse for world-wide Progressivism, is that the great giant continent of Africa is sort of hostile to gays.

The Saharan/Levant States are obviously Muslim and willing to throw fags off of buildings to their deaths. Lesser coverage encompasses Sub-Saharan Africa, where the legal system in Uganda will put gays to death, or how Kenyan’s will hack queers apart with machetes—white devils like me are only writing about this—we are not participating.

The most important factor here is that U.S. blacks disapprove of homosexuality and gay marriage, but their cousins across the pond— they imprison and/or kill their homo brethren.

Africa is crazy: Multiculturalism has taught us that an African Witch doctor predicting the future by throwing chicken bones on the dirt is the same as splitting the atom. Those things are equal, right?

That’s retarded: So we have to take it seriously—yeah, right.

But Jamaica? I thought Jamaicans spent all their time smoking ganja, listening to Bob Marley, and grilling killer jerk chicken. Nope. Part of being a Jamaican is being really homophobic. Who knew?

This raises the insane suggestion that perhaps black people can be bigoted—dare I say, exclusionary. I’ve never heard of a black nationalist like Cornel West address gay blacks: they exist; they’re fruity and they seem rather non-Revolutionary.

At least the Caribbean is for leisure and fun for Whitey, but is this O.K? Who cares? I’m on a jet ski… Vrooooom…….Buggery be damned…


  1. raymi says:

    So you can’t do her in the arse in the privacy of your own home?

  2. TJ says:

    A friend of mine spent some time the joint.
    He observed that every (EVERY) black is a circumstantial homosexual.

  3. TJ says:

    Also, an anti sodomy law in a place like Jamaica might make sense since a bunch of 20″ black dongs blowing out sissy assholes would probably put too much of a strain on their health services when they came waddling in with rectal prolapse.

  4. frank says:

    We dropped the sodomy laws and enforcement of them and very predictably got the AIDS epidemic, along with spread of many other dangerous infectious agents. This “consenting adults” thing is farcical. Sodomy is a critical disease vector. How many people are dead because of sodomy tolerance? Probably millions worldwide.

    You can’t smoke in a bar for reasons of public health, but barebacking sixty dudes a year is not only A-OK but uncle sam will apparently fight for your right to do so.

  5. Alec Leamas says:

    “He observed that every (EVERY) black is a circumstantial homosexual.”

    There’s a difference between same sex attraction (whether circumstantial or not), same-sex sex (whether an expression of desire, dominance, etc.) and the homosexual identity, the latter being a socio-political invention of the last century with no real roots in history and which was regarded as a psychopathology until it was de-listed under political pressure (not as a result of clinical or scientific study). In the United States and Western Europe we’ve had several decades of propaganda pumped into entertainment and news media in order to insinuate the belief that the homosexual identity is both real and an innate, healthy characteristic and normal variation within a spectrum of human identity and sexuality. The Caribbean, Africa, Middle East and the like have not been so propagandized and do not consider the homosexual identity as a true phenomenon. They share the observation that same-sex sex can occur in a variety of contexts. I know someone from the West who taught in a Kenyan boarding school for boys who related that they were compelled to shut down the residential quarters because they could not protect the younger boys from sexual predation in the form of forced buggery by the older boys. If you know anyone who has been in combat in Afghanistan or Iraq in close contact with the resident populations, they will tell you that it is common for married men to keep male lovers and express public affection for them openly, telling foreigners (two different Marines on two different deployments 8 years apart whom I know personally) that “women are for babies and men are for pleasure.” The “gays” being flung from rooftops are probably adult receptive partners with other characteristics that define them for purposes of Islam and local mores as violative of some extra sexual norm. The truth is that in human history the culture has a profound effect upon what and whom people consider appropriate objects of sexual desire/potential and actual partners – something that has been obscured by political agenda.

  6. TJ says:

    Not every white or hispanic engaged in homosexual behavior, though, whereas every black engaged in gay sex.

  7. Alec Leamas says:

    “You can’t smoke in a bar for reasons of public health, but barebacking sixty dudes a year is not only A-OK but uncle sam will apparently fight for your right to do so.”

    . . . and direct inordinate amounts of public health spending to mitigate the symptoms of a wholly behaviorally contracted disease. That spending and those subsidies could have been spent on Alzheimer’s or Pancreatic Cancer research, etc. but was diverted to make the hobby a small, politically powerful interest group safer. One of the means that this was perpetrated was by means of a media-wide public scare campaign to convince heterosexual non-intravenous drug users that they were equally at risk to contract HIV in contravention of the available science at the time. When granny starts slipping away into dementia and you experience the pain of her inability to identify her closest loved ones, remember how the public was hoodwinked into prioritizing multiple-partner, anonymous anal sodomy over real and devastating diseases that aren’t as easily avoided.

  8. Steve in Greensboro says:

    I suggest we send a 747 load of American progressives down to Kingston to straighten out those damned homophobes. Unarmed of course. Guns are bad.

    I see a plot for next episode of Bruce Jenner’s TV show.

    (Great title by the way.)

  9. Kebmo says:

    I always wondered why we don’t have marriage equality celebrations promoted in Iraq and Afghanistan? We are fighting for the freedom of all and need to move this issue to the forefront now.

  10. dingbat says:

    Most “sodomy” laws explicitly include oral sex in the definition, so, duh.

  11. Kram says:

    Barebacking 60 dudes a year? More like 60 a day.

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