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• 06.30.14 12:14 pm


Tone Deaf published King Buzzo’s top 5 influences and the winner was Thomas Sowell. Jesse from MSTRKRFT is also a big Sowell fan.

King says,

“He’s got a severe grasp of reality, he’s a realist, and he’s not taken in by a bunch of ideological bullshit and I love it. I just can’t say enough about him.”


Buzzo is also a huge Ann Coulter fan as is RA the Rugged Man. I have a theory about this: it’s balls. Lots of musicians got into music during the Lemmy days when it was all about “Ain’t No Nice Guy.” Then the indie rock shoegazers came along and castrated the scene. They managed to survive this musical ice age but they still long for the days when you would “Kick out the jams motherfuckers.”

Thomas Sowell doesn’t give a shit what you think and if you have a problem with what he says, he’s happy to explain why you’re wrong. He might not look like Lemmy but he sure does act like him.

  1. Teehee says:

    Thomas Sowell’s the sexiest motherfucker alive.

  2. ChiTownPlayaHata says:

    Sowell’s awesome. But can you get them Arabian boys to snatch his phone for a second? Dat shit would be da bomb!

  3. Little Caesar says:

    Sowell makes great points like Goad. If the strategy for the “other” party was to listen close to him and Buchanan/ a small elect that shoots straight, the nation would get all cataleptic from so hearing so much sense.

  4. Redomondo says:

    personally, I think “Ramblin Rose” from that set was superior.


  5. Redomondo says:

    And how can you forget the mother fucking New York Dolls?

  6. Redomondo says:

    Like seriously? 1973? WTF… they demolished the hippies and spawned Guns and Roses.

    And while you’re at it:

  7. The OverUnderlord says:

    Wow… I can’t tell if he’s taking the piss or not, that’s always possible with buzz. For someone I consider super smart and talented, i’m fairly shocked that he counts utter reactionary dimwits like Sowell and Ann Coulter as hero’s. If you’re going to take the conservative side at least align yourself with someone who isn’t a complete embarrassing sellout, bigoted, racist neo-con apologist. What’s wrong with Mike Lofgren, y’know??

    For buzz to say that Sowell is not taken in by a bunch of ideological bullshit simply ignores facts. Reading through his articles on townhall is like flipping through ‘the idiots guide to neo-conservatism’. Each one of his articles is a high school level diatribe parroting the usual, predictable neoconservative pseudo(anti?)-intellectual babble. From demonizing blacks (funnily enough), championing the police/military, pro guns, demonizing the poor, blah blah blah, pull your socks up! blah blah blah.. An utterly deranged, cookie-cutter, neo-con plodder Mr. Sowoll is, completely ignorant or in denial of historical fact..

    Ann Coulter is just a crazy bitch.

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