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• 08.21.16 09:00 pm

Justin Trudeau is a feminist because he made sure his staff were 50% women. Of course, enforcing equality takes some finagling whether it’s “current year” or not. 

So, he cheated.

  1. ShortHairDontCare says:

    She is hot.

  2. August says:

    I heard Harper only had like 3 fewer women in his cabinet..

  3. Cuntsignment says:

    Sounds kinky, like a strange form of bondage, a furniture dungeon. Zoolander’s Victorian cabinet of young comely lasses.

  4. AwDontCry says:

    Gavin, don’t be an ingrate – socialist Canada gave you *free money* to start VICE. You wouldn’t be rich & you’d never be in any position to spout off if you hadn’t gotten a free handout. You didn’t build that!

  5. OogaBooga says:

    AwDontCry, you did not construct a valid deductive argument.

  6. OogaBooga says:

    First of all, he and his parents paid their taxes like everyone else in that godforsaken frozen turd of a country. There’s is nothing hypocritical about participating in the system to get some of your money back–even if you would like the system to be different. An old school basketball coach who opposed the advent of the 3-point shot would be a total dipshit if he forbade his players from playing by the new rules. This is all reminiscent of the astonishingly stupid attempt at a “gotchya” moment that the media displayed when going after Ron Paul for including earmarks for his tax paying constituents. Secondly, you have no evidence to back up your statement that he would not be rich/famous if it hadn’t been for Vice. Love him or hate him, he is a remarkably determined and resilient individual. There is more concrete evidence to suggest that he would have found fame/infamy/fortune even if he hadn’t ever been involved with Vice.

  7. Bruce Jenners Adams Apple says:

    If Zoolander wants to show true solidarity with the feminazi’s and really break on through the fake glass ceiling to the other side he’d channel his inner pussy and declare himself a Cunt. Then she would announce the day of the surgery and appear before Canaduh as her first dickless PMS.

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