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• 06.29.17 12:39 pm

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Trying to figure out why Canadians are the way they are is damn near impossible. I can’t decide if it’s because of the cold or the English connection or what. Whatever it is, there’s plenty of goofy shit about them. Gavin covers it all, for their 150th anniversary, in this article.

  1. Twittellaneous says:

    Happy Canada Day!
    Hopefully by this time next year you will have been annexed by Donald J. Trump!

  2. takimag expat says:

    ^ invading Canada might have been a good idea two hundred years ago, but doing it now would be like annexing Puerto Rico or France. No point trying to rule people who hate you. You either commit genocide or you’ll have to deal with rebellions for generations.

    Besides, we control most of their stuff already…

  3. raymi says:

    Canadians are living the American dream.

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