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Donna Deliva
• 05.30.09 02:54 pm

Is there a better live band in New York today? There is? Please show me a video of them live to prove it.

Is there a better live band in New York today? There is? Please show me a video of them live to prove it.

  1. jase says:

    retro hardcore is so… ew.

  2. Chelsea says:

    HOLY SHIT!!!!

    this is what passes for a good band in NYC these days?

    Wow, that city used to be cool.

  3. Truman Catpote says:

    Why wasn’t there a preview to this show put up?

  4. Death mountain says:

    Nothing like a big earring to say hardcore.

  5. is stink a chic magnet

  6. superhero without the tights nor a cape says:

    Yep, that’s real great, need to go pick up the ol’ guitar
    and pad and pencil so you kids will know my name is
    the lord, when I lay my FINGER upon the thee

  7. marlboro reds says:

    yeah hiding behind your guitarist is real hardcore, what a fag

  8. Chelsea says:

    does hardcore need a certain look? haha. these guys are rad. to skinny though

  9. u aint no marloboro man sucka man says:

    think he was hiding behind him cos his face got punched earlier and he lost a tooth.

  10. @edward special says:

    hahaha “chic magnet”

  11. cat fancier says:

    kids having fun is all i see….. these kids are fucking sick!!

    and unsigned???!!!!! holy fuck

  12. Is it the drugs talking to me or does this make me miss Brooklyn a whole lot right now?
    So i totally just wikipedia’d OLIVE to find the answer as to what makes some green & what makes some black. The answer isn’t there! Don’t go to it.

  13. marlboro lights says:

    Looks like they’re sharing the mic. Give it two weeks before these dudes are on Sub Pop or In The Red.

  14. Dr. Fate says:

    “HOLY SHIT!!!!

    this is what passes for a good band in NYC these days?

    Wow, that city used to be cool.”

    Yes, if your serious about making music – do not live in New York City, this city is very unwelcoming to artists especially now. In fact, NYC is cool if and only if you are Euro-trash … work on wall street and party in Williamsburg on the weekends, love Bushwick because you will be spending a lot of time there listening to the few real bands left, of which this band “cerebral ballzy” is just a plug from whoever set up the article and allowed it. New York City is not Lou Reed … it is not even Marianne Faithful, it is hardly even poor little rich anymore … its lame, it sucks … so if your mission as a band is to tear shit up, then your pretty welcome. As such … this band probably tore the roof off the sucker … and since we’re left we nothing but the ashes of rock’n’roll attitude its like a quick fix band-aid over a bullet hole.
    If your serious about music move to Baltimore or any other less expensive city, perhaps even Mexico or Canada … NYC has too much going on to be rock’n’roll.

  15. streetbummers says:

    Cerebral Ballzy are a hoot and New York is still alright.

  16. two headed dog says:

    im sure everyone had fun, but this set just seems boring to me. when it comes to playing punk music i feel like you cannot polish a turd. you just have to take a shit and stare at it.

  17. rockin' erickson says:

    man, i hate it when people use the term “punk music”. it’s called PUNK ROCK! shut the fuck up and keep staring at your poop because you’re clearly old and clueless.

  18. vegan jules says:

    j’aime le style New York mais si c’est la primer je suis content que je habite en Londres.

  19. was that video shot in Waco Texas? everything looks and sounds the same….

  20. 625 says:

    Is it cool to wear a jacket with your own band name on it? cause i see their douchebag singer wandering around BK all the time.

    also, these guys missed the skate thrash revival thing by about 8 years.

  21. putthisinurpipeandsmokeit says:


    for real

  22. igor says:

    Remember that time when I went to the Street Carnage SXSW party to see Cerebral Ballzy and they weren’t allowed to play? That was fun.

    Ps. Why are all you guys hating on fun? That doesnt even make sense.

  23. koshadills says:

    yea i seen that fucker too! no clue if he’s a douche but that graphic is pretty sick.

  24. vegan jules sux says:

    how is this band different from any other??? if i play shitty punk and scream into a mic can i get plugged by SC too?

  25. ayeee says:

    i see that kid randomly around, he may be a douche i have no idea. but i think its fuckin dope that the dude reps his band hard. thats respect for what you do. you vegan probably play into a dick and scream when the cum hits your throat

  26. HOMO says:

    yeah, this fake thrash skate punk thing, such a DO a few years ago.
    imagine if there was a band where one of the dudes wears an ironic family ties shirt, i mean, fuck what the music sounds like, right? it’s not about that with this scene, it’s all about being quirky and having some goofy gimmick. dude, they should wear vintage alf shirts, that would make them a legendary band. remember the jeffersons? man that show is old! I’m gunna namedrop gordon jump on my next album, it’s gunna be so different and goofy. the riff in this song (not that it matters) sounds like a beginner guitarist trying to write a punk song, totally phoning it in! NYC!!! always never forget 9-11, or 227 (how weird is it that I just said 227? I’m gunna buy some pink jeans!

  27. imeanit says:

    these kids are going to be fucking famous

  28. idk says:

    I can’t imagine a shirt cooler to wear than that of your own band, quite honestly (at least I hope. I wear my band shirt a lot if you want me to be honest). I was reading these entries because i saw myself in the video and I thought maybe someone commented about me (“Oh! I can see the singer from the Magic Tricks/co-creator of PartyHouseTV in the crowd!”) but no one did. Someone said the band sucks which I kind of agreed with but I liked their energy and ability to get that crowd going. It got kind of violent though so I left.

  29. just a cunt hair away says:

    hahahahaha!!! “it got kind of violent”! bunch of pussies! it’s like a very special episode of family ties about kids and slam dancing! fuck this.

  30. TSOL says:

    S.T.R.E.E.T.S. were way better than this bullshit ever was.

  31. Drippy Dog Dix and Cum Bubbles or something says:

    These guys seem alright to me, I’d be into them if I was there. Nothing I’ve seen here would qualify them as the best live band in New York though. That claim is a bit rich in my book. Donna is always trying so hard.

  32. Shred Bundy says:

    Shred Bundy is

  33. mikey says:

    i think these guys are better.

  34. ayeee says:

    @ IDK

    dude if i were in your band.. i wouldnt go around posting comments on blogs about it. damn i wouldnt even want to be apart of the bands picture. let alone rep my tee, this is at you ” magic tricks ” band. gay as fuck. fuck you

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