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The Pierogi Gallery AKA The Boiler was hosting our Trump Art Show but got scared when threatened by a bunch of damaged homos. We’ve moved the venue and will be announcing it tomorrow so it doesn’t get shut down again. Check out the kind of total and utter losers people are scared of offending these days.

This is Damon Stang. He’s a gay artist who practices environmentally safe occultism. That’s right, he’s a green witch. He suggested, “shaming the venue online” and his powers worked.







Jay Michaelson is another gay dork the NYC Art Scene worries about. These are the kind of people opposing Trump. Meditation enthusiasts who nickname themselves DHARMA JAY.



Here he is talking about how awesome it is to sit on your ass and think about stuff. Nice contribution to society, Jay. Go tell a sanitation worker he needs to meditate more.

Or how about this guy? He’s known as Bizzy Barefoot (don’t research him or you’ll end up with a bunch of gay kiddy porn on your computer).




This man controls what art New Yorkers get to see. Ladies and gentlemen, Bizzy Barefoot! Remember when gays were cool and subversive? Now they’re Trekkies with an axe to grind.


This is the guy at the gallery who bailed. His name is Joe Amrhein and he draws letters. When did Norwegian supply teachers take over the New York art scene? Dash Snow must be spinning in his grave.



He looks like he does pieces exclusively for government buildings.

Here’s a post his gallery Tweeted in July. It’s an article from NY Mag (also, all old gays) about how awesome it is to make art that ridicules Trump. Drawing Trump with a small penis is art but liking him must be banned. This is the same mentality Hillary has. In other words, the NYC art scene is a boring, old grandma.

Fortunately, the younger NYC artists are just as embarrassed by these pussies. We’ve been getting insiders telling us how PC and dead the NYC art scene is and how it’s basically controlled by a small group of Hillary-loving, gay baby boomers.

They sent us this email from Jamie Peck. Remember her?


She’s the obese 5 who used a fake rape with Terry Richardson to define her identity forever. While making her accusation she appears to have forgotten that photographers take photos and those show time passing. OOOPS! From the NY Mag cover story…




She’s even crowbarring herself into this saying (event organizer and “Twinks for Trump” photographer) Lucian is sexually assaulting his models with Trump the same way she was sexually assaulted.

She sent this email to basically everyone in the media.

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Jamie Peck <>

Date: Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Subject: i know you’re smart

To: Jamie Peck <>


Hi everyone-

Sorry to revive this CC nightmare (minus anyone claiming to be Martin Shkreli) but the topic is relevant and I don’t want to add fuel to the fire by writing about it publicly. 

Some alt-right clowns (Shkreli included) are having an art show in New York this weekend in the hopes of causing a media circus.

How about we make like we did with this email chain and ignore it until it goes away? 

No need to reply.  

Have a sparkling Tuesday. :)

Insiders also sent us this email and it’s typical of what the gallery was getting. It’s Timothy Paul Myers who does daycare-friendly art for yuppies who just moved to Brooklyn.

From: Timothy Paul <>
Subject: Trump, really?
Date: October 5, 2016 at 11:10:51 AM EDT
Is this real? Do you really need the money that bad?
Cancel. This is an outrage. I’m nauseated.
This would be perfect for your son’s room assuming he’s non-binary.
The show will be announced here and on my Twitter day of. That’s this Saturday at 8PM. Tickets are purchased through donation at INDIEGOGO and they’re almost sold out.
I’ll be there in slavery chains from 400 years ago. My prints include myself as a woman holding a #RAPE sign and crying in a headdress with #AbolishColumbusDay on my forehead. Milo Yiannopoulos will be bathing in pig’s blood to annoy Muslims and of course, the event’s organizer Lucian Wintrich will be showcasing his “Twinks for Trump” prints. It’s all relatively benign stuff but in 2016 New York it’s considered way too controversial.
If there is one place in desperate need of a slap in the face, it’s the NYC Art Scene. They are spoiled, liberal, dinosaurs!
We miss you, Dash.
UPDATE: This plant snuck in and was putting swastika stickers on all the art. Any idea who he is?

  1. OogaBooga says:

    Prance around and “shame” all you want, you bitter fruitcake wastes of life. It will just make more and more and more people realize something: “Hey, this democracy is based on a SECRET ballot…. I can fucking… Hey, hey! I CAN VOTE FOR TRUMP AND THEY’LL NEVER KNOW!”

  2. Elvis Nixon says:

    Shiftless, layabout leftists have time and gumption. Most right wingers don’t realize culture comes before politics. Breitbart did, too bad few fully got him.

  3. Me says:

    When I left that scene: Wes Lang was doing illegal tattoos out of his studio, Dash was lighting up cars with the Gonz, and my nose was bloody from so many cokey sunrises. WTF happened in 7 years?

  4. Elvis Nixon says:

    One more thing: why don’t we stop using the “fascist” adjective and start calling them commies because that’s what they are. Not that fascist guineas didn’t censor non-regime friendly artists, of course they did. But that term has been used by leftys forever. They used it to shelve the fact their beloved commies, from Cuba to Asia, were still censoring and murdering people by the millions decades after black-dressed socialists (fascists and nazis) were dead and buried.
    Yes, they may be pissed off if you compare them to those they hate, but they’ll be even more upset if you simply describe them for what they are: Communists.

  5. Mika R says:

    I recently moved out of NYC after living there (born and raised) for 30 years. It’s depressing what it has now become. I am an openly gay woman who is embarrassed and ashamed to associate myself with the younger gay generation and especially the new (third-wave) LGBTBBQ+ bullshit. What a drag NYC has become.

    Whether someone is for or against Trump, these people have 100% the right to host an art show. I am not the right kind of gay according to liberals and hillary supporters. They need to realize that being gay doesn’t equal having a hivemind mentality.

  6. raymi says:

    this is too much. don’t they get satire?

  7. bifo berardi says:

    WTF happened in 7 years?
    Progressives won the 2008 election.
    With no more easy-to-see villainous oppressor in the House, they had to come up with other excuses to justify their existence, more subtle ones like micro-aggressions, apperently invisible (but omnipresent) white supremacy and institutionalized discrimination,…
    They’re like 9/11 truthers, but about racism.

  8. Wyatt's Zippo says:

    New York City is now a steaming swamp of conformist, non-thinking swill. The whole place is infested with self-satisfied, self-congratulating twats. It was facilitated by Giuliani who made it safe for the more sensitive sect to gentrify otherwise unlivable neighborhoods. My deepest hope is that DeBlasio will return the place back to the bad old 70’s and the snowflakes will melt away like the snow they used to be able to dump in the Hudson and East River.

  9. Butt Lover says:

    We’re queer
    We’re here
    We’re coming for your
    Children’s rear!
    It’s new dawn in America. You think we are stopping at Bathroom Choice???
    Our group, The Nativist Alliance, will be pooping on your manicured lawns next spring.
    Try and stop the Brown Movements!!!!

  10. 911 says:

    Dear God. You’ve been very patient for a long long time in the out working of your purpose, but I think it’s time for this thoroughly corrupted Earth of rebellious mankind to be judged as thoroughly deplorable and irredeemable. Please flush this massive mess of rebels down the infinity hole of eternal nothingness, for they surely have brought the issue of your sovereignty to a conclusion.
    Sodom and Gomorrah compared to today’s deviancy was just a couple of marshmallows over a campy fire. Today’s sin is a blazing inferno that shows the extents of free will in the hands of your enemies. Your loving patience as you’ve given warning, just as in the days of Noah, is falling on mostly deaf ears and hardened hearts, so the disaster looming on the horizon is going to catch mankind with sudden shock, but they won’t be able to say they weren’t warned. Let the mockers and the ridiculers mock and ridicule as they’ve always done to their everlasting peril. Let those who have eyes and ears, to see and hear, heed your warnings, and escape this coming destruction.

  11. October says:

    the Sturmabteilung
    “… the SA also often took the side of workers in strikes and other labor disputes, attacking strikebreakers and supporting picket lines. SA intimidation contributed to the rise of the Nazis and the violent suppression of right-wing parties during electoral campaigns, but its reputation for street violence and heavy drinking was a hindrance, as was the open homosexuality of Röhm and other SA leaders such as his deputy Edmund Heines. One American journalist later wrote, “[Röhm’s] chiefs, men of the rank of Gruppenfuehrer or Obergruppenfuehrer, commanding units of several hundred thousand Storm Troopers, were almost without exception homosexuals.”öhm

  12. OogaBooga says:

    Who do you think gets more pissed off when you bring up all the flamboyantly gay Nazis? Gays? Or Nazis?

  13. October says:

    the Sturmabteilung
    “This group put emphasis on the words “socialist” and “workers” in the party’s name, which put them ideologically closer to the Communists. They largely rejected capitalism (which they associated with Jews), and pushed for nationalization of major industrial firms, expansion of worker control, confiscation and redistribution of the estates of the old aristocracy, and social equality. Röhm spoke of a “second revolution” against the “Reaktion” (the National Socialist label for conservatives).”

  14. Lord Abortion says:


  15. Brizzle says:

    You should really post the update as a separate post so more people lay eyes on the person putting swasticka stickers on the art. He would make a great interview

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