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Benjamin Leo
• 04.21.10 12:00 pm

About a year and a half ago, I saw a picture of the Prince of Wales taking a piss.

About a year and a half ago, I saw a picture of the Prince of Wales taking a piss.

Today I realized that the image of his dick has been subconsciously floating around in my head for the last year. It’s just filling space, taking turns with all the other shit I got up there, but even considering the diversity of my montage, his dick is somewhat out of place inside my head. What is it doing there?

What’s so special about his dick?

After some consideration, I now understand the trigger: It’s every time I take a piss. I’m holding my dick, between my thumb and forefinger like a normal person, and that’s probably causing the Prince Dick Image (PDI) to sift itself to the top of into my rotation.

Check out how he holds his dick when he pisses:

Weird, right?

It’s so bizarre how he balances it between two fingers like that. His mother and father and royal court upbringers must have taught him to hold it that way. We can’t imagine what royalty have to go through — they’re just people in the end, but their entire lives are filled with crazy rituals like this about what princes do and don’t do. It’s like working at Google.

No, no, little William. You must never touch it directly. a prince balances the filthy thing between his fingers, never letting it touch the fingertips themselves.

Unless it’s a goyum thing. Maybe I’m just a naive Jew — any Christians in the audience? Did your parents teach you to pee this way too?

Wonder how he jacks off.


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  1. LemonSqueezy says:

    ur gay

  2. 2012 says:

    maybe his thumb is really dirty. i can imagine myself doing this if i didn’t want my thumb dirtying up my willy.

  3. Man Salad says:

    The British are fags.

  4. Sewer Rats says:

    Why the hell do you have to hold your cock when you’re pissing outside? Are you going to miss the toilet? Jackass.

  5. fuck brooklyn says:

    he’s got a foreskin. the sheath is being gently pulled back. he’s royalty and he doesnt want to rip it and not be able to spread his royal seeds. doye.

  6. wyatt says:

    pulling back the royal foreskin?

  7. Uh says:

    I’m un-cut (un-mutilated) and have never held my Johnson this way.

  8. buffalowinger says:

    isn’t he telling the paparazzi to piss off?

  9. no.thanks. says:

    oh, he jerks it with his pinkie up because hes a gentleman.

  10. scrawny says:

    it’s a signal. it means he is a catcher and wants a fast ball.

  11. Bobby Fisher's Cack says:

    It’s his substitute for the pair of gilded tweezers that he uses to control it whilst pissing in the comfort of his own cozy home.

    We get it. Like billions of other people, you’re afflicted by religion. Congratulations. Think you can ever make it through a whole post without reminding us?

  12. Bobby Fisher's Cack says:

    Oops, Now I see it’s because of circumcision. Religion really was relevant. God I feel dumb.

  13. stoops says:

    that close-up makes his tally-whacker look like his thumb.

  14. Uncle Wah Wah says:

    Old World, baby. That’s how the knights did it when they didn’t have a knave handy.

  15. Happiness Is A Warm Dong says:

    Its an English thing, everyone pisses like that. We also shit sitting backwards on the toilet seat. Easier try it.

  16. arseburger says:

    that’s not the prince of wales.

  17. Kennedy says:

    I’ve always pissed this way(‘cept I hold my cock with the right hand).

  18. 2012 says:

    sewer rats:

    so you don’t piss all over yourself you fucking retard.

  19. Ty Hardaway says:

    I’ve held it this way ever since I saw that pic.

    It rules, both for the foreskin thing and it also looks lady parts (cowgirl).

    And, doy, you gotta hold it when you void outdoors else it whips around like an unmanned hose. Or is that just me?

  20. pogi says:

    I think he’s actaully jacking off in that pic

  21. pooSay says:

    He’s a prince can’t he just get hot bitches to hold his dick for him?

  22. Tony Danza says:

    I thought english men pissed sitting down?

  23. Loopy Fuentes says:

    “a prince balances the filthy thing between his fingers, ”


  24. Non-American says:

    “Arseburger” is right. Prince William is not the Prince of Wales, his father is. They be my sovereigns you talking about.

  25. Sewer Rats says:

    hahaha what the fuck is wrong with you assholes? My dick has enough girth that it just remains sturdy at about a 30 degree angle to the ground while I piss. Then again, I’m 21 and my dick is still full of youth.

    Haha before Ty mentioned the firehouse thing I was going to question if your dicks actually swung around like firehoses. That’s fucking ridiculous, it’s a drag on so many levels to have a small dink. Or maybe you guys have small pee holes and the pressure gets built up? Nah.

  26. Sewer Rats says:

    My roomate is British and a History major. I just asked him about the whole peeing on himself if he didn’t hold his junk (he thought that was ridiculous too) and showed him this picture.

    He suggested that Prince Harry is “flashing the V” which apparently is like giving the finger.

    Apparently it goes back to the 100 years war, when England was notorious for the long bow. The English used farmers as archers because they were strong enough to pull the bow back and other countries archers didn’t have the strength to do it. The french threatened they were going to cut off any captured Englishmen’s index and ring finger (what’s needed to hold the bow and arrow) and “flashing the V” became an act of defiance for the English.

    It’s suggested that Churchill came out with a victory sign and the reverse of it is touted as anti-authority.

    The more you know! So if this shlub saw the photographers that might be an explanation.

  27. ratkicker says:

    Sewer Rats might have it. Looks like Harry is looking at or at least in the direction of the photographer in the second picture. If so, high-five + style points for Prince Harry.

  28. Donkey Kong says:

    Well, dumb faggots abound on the BN post as usual:

    1) Prince William IS a motherfucking Prince of Wales – see his wikipedia entry, Prince William, motherfucking prince of Wales:

    2) If the prince had any clue the cameraman was there, he would have turned his back or given him a proper two finger pissoff. To think he’s secretly sending an encoded message like an al Qaeda hostage during a forced confession is beyond idiotic.

  29. Zippy says:

    I understand Diana used to flit around like a ballerina while she peed and then have the staff come in and mop up.
    This is an incredible amount of discourse over some guy taking a piss. Imagine the conversation if we get a picture of him dropping a turd.

  30. stoops says:

    proper two finger salute occurs when the fingers are raised, as if one was stabbing two imaginary floating hot dogs.

    so, donkey kong, i suspect that he is sending some coded message to his fellow lizard people…something like “it won’t be long until the blood of the plebs flows in the streets, my scaly brothers”…etc

  31. Dumb Faggot says:

    @ Donkey Kong, Charles was crowned Prince of Wales by the Queen in 1969. William has never been crowned, therefore you should eat a royal turd, smartass.

  32. turd says:

    HAHA DK, you faggot.

  33. niche' says:

    i dont understand why you needed to explain the ‘v’ to us sewer rats, everyone knows that. you’re just a wee bit behind.

  34. KingSling says:


    You had your british history major housemate explain the forks to you? You cunt.

  35. kdawg in d minor says:

    To stop photos of G.W. sucking dick from being printed, Bob Stevens was murdered and the entire American Media building was sealed. If the kid didn’t want these photos published, he could had something done. I think this probably might have a little something to do with Satan.

  36. kunt says:

    maybe he just wanted to be like Steve McQueen?

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