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I’ve always found it difficult to classify the band, The Pretenders. The closest genre description I can come up with is Twangy-Punk-Roots-Rock. Does that make sense? I’m a big fan of their work, which is really the sole projection of lead singer, Chrissie Hynde—and like her unconventional music—she has some unconventional (i.e., anti-feminist) views on sexual politics.

That’s right; she kicked a bee’s nest in her interview with The Sunday Times, and the ladies of the Left are not happy. (O.K., I actually think that was written by a dude, but he works for Jezebel, which is about as manly as doing Kegel exercises at the gym).

Here’s the crux of Chrissie’s idea of Rape Culture: “You know if you don’t want to entice a rapist, don’t wear high heels so you can’t run from him,” she said. “If I’m walking around in my underwear and I’m drunk. Who else’s fault can it be?” Now the Left will tell us that despite genetics and evil; this is an anti-women man-problem. Why do men rape? Do they not read Salon and the Huffington Post? Rape is bad, why can’t these barbarians understand that?

Well, that’s a great Term-Paper at Oberlin, but the real world is full of unenlightened dummies that went to Brown. In fact, some men didn’t even go to college—they’re currently picking our fruits and veggies, manning what’s left of our factories, driving trucks and bagging your groceries—and they are all possible rapists. Shit, a thirteen-year-old boy is a possible rapist.

Hell, Chrissie even points to her own sexual assault involving her hanging with a motorcycle gang, 40+ years ago: “Because you can’t paint yourself into a corner and then say whose brush is this? You have to take responsibility. I mean, I was naive… They’re motorcycle guys! If you play with fire you get burnt. It’s not any secret, is it?”

What? You mean criminals on the fringe of society may be rapists?

Is Chrissie Hynde pro-rape? No, I think she’s pro-common sense. It sounds mean, and sounding mean is “triggering” and not nice and those are things that should be banned!

I’m pretty sure we are all anti-rape and pro-expression, but chicks have to understand that not all men see these boundaries so clearly. I don’t fully endorse Chrissie’s view, but this view should not be discounted; She’s Rock & Roll royalty, she’s a wise woman, and she’s speaking honestly—which is an increasingly rare thing that people do. Look, most men aren’t going to rape you, but don’t fall into the trap where you dress like a pornstar and don’t expect some degree of lust directed at you that may turn forceful—especially if you hang with a tough crowd.

The most amazing thing about this interview is that Chrissie doesn’t even understand why what she is saying is a big deal: “I don’t think I’m saying anything controversial, am I?”



  1. I always thought she was a dude. Or a hermaphrodite.

  2. Rob says:

    Good for her. One of the originals just telling it like it is. How refreshing.

  3. raymi says:

    It’s just like, her opinion man. She’s of a different era.

  4. Kebmo says:

    Joan Jett was always hotter

  5. Ryan needs a foreskin says:

    lol @ Kathy Shaidle commenting negatively on another female’s appearance 😀

  6. Ben says:

    @Ryan LOL

  7. I’m well aware of my ugliness, Ryan.

    It’s actually a chapter in my next book, being published on Mark Steyn’s personal imprint this month.

    When’s your’s coming out again…?

  8. All That Jizz says:

    By motorcycle guys, does she mean hipster bikers?

  9. Porcelain God says:

    That cover would be cooler if she was squatting on a toilet.

  10. Ryan needs a foreskin says:

    Mid-2017, hopefully. But we’ll see. The last one took longer than expected to get together.

  11. And you publish under what name? Who is your publisher?

  12. Ryan needs a foreskin says:

    Calm your tits, dear. It’ll be a materials engineering textbook. Spewing venom on the internet isn’t my livelihood, so I’m happy remaining anonymous. I suppose if I was a rabid free-market- capitalist pundit (who rakes in state benefits when it suits me, natch), and specialized in claiming to be Catholic while hating the Irish, the French, non-whites, and murder victims (while having quotes from Filipina women on my LinkedIn account – even though I have an especially poisonous loathing for them) I’d be morally required to go by my real name on niche conservative sites… but thankfully I’m not.

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