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Benjamin Leo
• 04.20.11 12:00 pm

Last Sunday, Palm Sunday, three French Christians went to a museum and smashed the shit out of the famous photo of Christ dipped in piss.

Last Sunday, Palm Sunday, three Christians went to a French museum and smashed the shit out of the famous photo of Jesus Christ going for a swim in an American artist’s urine.

Listen: I say, GOOD for them.

You’ll have to forgive me, but I’m used to Muslims who, when a cartoonist sketches a picture of Mohammed, sentence 50 women to death by stoning for googling it. Obviously I’m being facetious — they’d be stoned to death for googling ANYTHING.

The Piss Christ Vandals, in comparison, were fairly measured: They weren’t trolling abortion clinics, waiting to murder doctors; they weren’t hurting anyone -– they just went and bashed the shit out of something to make a point.

Their Malcolm X-ish, Johnny Rotten act is only revolting to the intellectual community because of its context: If these were Palestinians smashing a statue of Golda Meir, you’d say it was cool.

These guys were tasteful –- they didn’t pick a work of art that you can really DESTROY -– it’s a photograph, a Photoshop file: A curator at the museum can go pull it up onto his Macbook, and as long as that Jew-hating cheese expert gets the resolution right, he’ll have it re-printed and replaced before you can say Knights Templar.

The fact is, the action these brave and dedicated people took is causing debate, which can never be a bad thing. Our knee-jerk reaction as artsy liberal fucks is to say, “Ahhh shit, more uneducated, evolution-denying rednecks blindly destroying something they don’t understand.”

But to dismiss their action thusly is to deny its net effect -– if the point of “Piss Christ” is to shock and provoke, then aren’t these guys just adding to its purpose and rejuvenating its aura?

When was the last time this many people thought of “Piss Christ” and considered the issues it evokes?

The point of any worthwhile piece of modern art is to make us think — and the vandals’ performance is doing just that, while extending the effectiveness of the “Piss Christ” itself.

One thing I AM disappointed in is the artist Serrano’s myopic reaction to this event. Dude, don’t act like you’re Michelangelo and these guys broke an arm off the David; your work is meant to shock and provoke, and you’d do well to remember the spirit with which you first put this forth.

From his whining, it sounds like the last two decades have left him drunk on his own kool-aid, like he’s a hero of the stuffy art cognoscenti that once considered his work to be as worthless as the piss it was printed on.

This rebellious, punk rock attack was great for his brand, and it rejuvenated the spirit of his message. I think they did the world a favor.

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  1. WorldWarDrew says:

    did you just say “punk rock attack”?

  2. .... says:

    good point leo…I had the knee jerk liberal art reaction, but dude’s art is was meant to garner strong reactions. also HA at punk rock attack

  3. no really says:

    Had the same reaction. Might be one of the only times I’ve ever changed my hardheaded mind about somethign.

  4. no.thanks. says:

    i was with you for half a second but then i read the part over at the washington post where the attacker is quoted saying ”I am from the American CIA, and I have a radio in my head. I am going to kill you.”

    so, shes just a crazy broad. now if this were somebody that were really coming at it from a christian extreme I would be on the edge of my seat.

  5. no really says:

    @ no.thanks

    That’s the wrong attacker. Other art attack, not this one

  6. blaahus poopus says:

    People stilled pissed about Piss Christ? It’s 2011 for Christ’s sake. We need Piss Christ 2.0. Like Poop Christ maybe?

  7. blaahus poopus says:

    I guess Gilbert and George already did that. Never mind, carry on, and stay off my goddamn lawn.

  8. Fist Pipe says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

    From Hijabs to Blowjobs in One Generation: What Makes America Great.

  9. Pay to Pray says:

    Serrano should eat a king-size helping of Shut Yer Cake Hole and just do what he does best – create art. Why not continue the series? Next up: Piss Prophet, featuring an effigy of He Who Calls Unto God submerged in a beaker of lukewarm urine. On second thought that could very well whip the whole Islamic world into a frenzy that would make the Muhammad cartoon outcry look like an afternoon picnic.

    Nothing is sacred kiddies, not even your dumb, dead gods.

  10. Anonymous says:

    If drawing a cartoon or burning one Qu’ran leads to riots and murders, I’m pretty sure a Piss Prophet would lead to an actual nuclear holocaust.

  11. Anonymous says:

    It also happened 14 years ago in Melbourne..

  12. Arv says:

    @Anonymous: “Piss Prophet?” Meme of epic proportions in the making.

  13. Professor Mudbutt says:

    Anybody heard of this new band called Nunfuckritual?

  14. Anonymous says:

    i like nun porn.

  15. dragler says:

    Is it just me or did they kind of add to it?

  16. Fist Pipe says:

    Arv, I agree with the meme theme, but why pick on only one of the one monkey-gods?

    Let’s say, make a standardized visual religious meme: piss prophet should always be depicted standing. Fellating him on all fours is Jaysus, who’s getting it from behind from a kneeling King David. David himself it being buggered by Ganesh’s trunk, while Ganesh is shitting on Bhudda’s lotus-sitting head, and completing the circle Bhudda’s fist is up prophet’s pipe. While Calvin and Hobbs piss on them all. Or whatever.

    Point being, it should be standardized, so it can eventurally be read at a glance, an acronym of stick figures which would become universally instantly recognized as meaning: {embarrassing tedious primitivism}.

  17. Zippy says:

    Two words would solve all this controversy. You can find them at flea markets everywhere.

    Velvet Jesus


  18. Jim Goad says:

    Gustav Vigeland is long-dead, but he would have been the perfect sculptor for “Piss Prophet.” I once saw a fountain sculpture of his in Bergen, Norway, where four fish were spitting water on a screaming baby.

    Muhammad was around 48 when he got engaged to a six-year-old girl named Aisha. Don’t get upset—he waited until she was nine before marrying her. If we can somehow work “Piss Prophet” into a fountain sculpture, let’s have Muhammad pissing on Aisha.

  19. ABDULLAH says:



  20. Fist Pipe says:

    @ Abdigaile: You and Ann Coulter and Pat Robertson deserve one another. Good. Now, you three should get back to the kid’s table and play, and leave the adults alone. We’re talking about grown-up stuff, so you guys wouldn’t understand anyway.

  21. ABDULLAH says:


  22. Beef says:

    This makes this stupid fucking picture even better.

  23. noparentsnorulez says:

    The ultimate irony is that Piss Christ was initially about PROTECTING the sanctity of Jesus Christ. The protestors and Serrano were talking about basically the exact same thing! And at the same time so many anti-religion folks consider Serannos work to be this grand anti-Christianity statement.

    Total intellectual clusterfuck.

  24. Benjamin Leo is reaching more than Glen Beck. You probably fake cry while writing this trash. Gavin at least has a certain je ne sais quoi in his rightist trolling attempts… You on the other hand just seem like a human tumor on the face of this planet.

    are you the one with the retard brother who got got in France and now you bitch about the country non stop? Pretty pathetic. All religious peoples should martyr themselves and let me enjoy museums in peace.

  25. Michael says:

    smash does look good/better

  26. luke says:

    -Coach Taylor, lying to a college recruiter.

  27. blaahus poopus says:

    wkrp in cincinnati

  28. This nonsense needs to stop says:

    big baby campbell is knee jerking more than a liberal who loves to tell the world how they voted Obama, and then runs across the street clutching their purse like a football with 10 sec’s left in the game when ever there’s someone two shades or more darker walking behind them on the same block…

  29. Anonymous says:

    Is that the Virgin Mary?

  30. Dewan says:

    “Malcolm-X ish?” Mind explaining? When was Malcolm X ever involved in any sort of physical altercation and/or smashing shit?

  31. Unoriginal says:


    Im reporting you to the cyber police, and the guild of comedians for doing a shitty reference joke. you suck.

  32. Anusvaginal says:

    ^ aw c’mon it wasn’t that bad a reference joke. actually it was a pretty good reference joke. i sense in you frustrated wannabe-comedian crankiness. go work on your own material, and quit pissing on random others. xxoo

  33. Jesus Cries says:

    Baby Campell: You didn’t read the post or think about it, you truly are having a knee-jerk reaction, that’s why someone tore you a new one. Be a man and reconsider.

    Dewan: Don’t be so predictable, just because you’re black don’t just question the Malcolm X reference. If you aren’t familiar with the public perception of Malcolm x, you should try harder: by any means necessary.

  34. mr hat says:

    the knights of the new crusade

  35. Jim Goad says:

    “are you the one with the retard brother who got got in France and now you bitch about the country non stop? Pretty pathetic. All religious peoples should martyr themselves and let me enjoy museums in peace.”

    You may be referring to me, whose deaf (not retarded) brother was stabbed 30-40 times and strangled with his own belt in Paris. I’m an agnostic and would gladly meet you in the octagon. Within one minute, we’ll see who’s the pathetic bitch who starts praying to God.

    Your mouth shouldn’t write checks your ass can’t cash. Bring it, punk.

  36. no really says:

    Jim Goad and Jesus Cries for the mf Win.

    You guys rule.

  37. zuckerzeit says:

    for future reference:

    it isn’t Malcolm X-ish, it’s Malcolm Esque.

  38. Anonymous says:

    punk rock attack! punk rock attack! smash the picture for christianity! punk rock attack!

  39. pj smokey says:

    Jim Goad is my papi.

  40. I thought saying retard was cool here?

  41. You guys are so tough when you write these right wing hard guy posts but are the most sensitive people in the world when it comes down to it. It’s because of people like you that America has so much trouble reclaiming it’s honor. Faggots, hahaha.

  42. This nonsense needs to stop says:

    big baby, Benjamin Leo is a Jew from Manhattan, that’s about the fucking furthest thing from a right wing hard guy imaginable(no offense Ben you rock!). Great use of the term “faggots” in your attempt to win back America’s honor through reasonable discourse, you contributed really well to the cause there… You probably do run across the street clutching your purse when there’s someone two shades darker than you walking on the same side behind you, probably right after talking about those right wing guys at the bar… I hate right wing mania, but I also really hate the phony knee jerk liberal hustle.

  43. Hahaha, i live in northern mexico i only cross the street to go around the crime scenes. But how many more shades of dark are mexicans? I have no cause but some of the shit here is objectively stupid. Also why do you have to be so antisemite? Jews in manhattan are probably more oppressed than the tragic victims of reverse racism. Never again.

  44. Anonymous says:

    all religon sucks wats new?

  45. Benjamin Leo says:

    Thanks, ‘This Nonsense.’

    We’re fortunate to have Big Baby Campbell adding his thoughts, because it gives us a valuable lab exercise which is otherwise hard to re-create.

    The term “knee-jerk” is overused, but here it’s truly apt: Big baby hasn’t truly considered the idea or engaged his cortex at all – he reacts angrily as a reflex to hearing “Right-wing-Christianity-is-right-to-destroy-art” (even though that’s not what I was saying) and his leg kicks up.

    On the other end of the spectrum, it’s identical to what happens if you say the 9-11 hijackers were brave and dedicated, which they were. So-called neocons’ legs kick up.

    It’s fun to make it happen, but it’s better to have someone like “This Nonsense” who actually gets it and takes the time to argue.

    Megadildos, and thanks.

  46. Gabelord says:

    This is the single most predictable Street Carnage article I’ve ever read.

  47. Jerebear says:

    Also, they are really getting pissed off at nothing… To leak all over a cross with michelangelo’s white jesus is just this guy trying to make money doing his job, being an artist – good for him, he probably works pretty hard and he’s a success at what he does. Jesus was a poor fuckin arab who didnt care about that kind of shit, and it doesn’t say anywhere in the bible that you need to revere the cross – you might as well have a necklace with a fuckin electric chair on it. Too much importance is placed upon this guys death, it’s kind of about what kind of dude he was when he was alive.
    Go ahead and piss on the bible while youre at it, or take a shit in the middle of a church, it has nothing to do with anything.
    Fuck this materialistic symbol-worship, and hey, french guys, stop the hate. :)

    -a christian

  48. FAUXJANGLES says:


  49. Discussing this article seriously ? It would be dumber than getting trolled by 4chan.

    BUT huge difference between being brave and wrong.

    No one is free until whites can say nigger! We free the slaves but whites still today must live in fear!

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