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• 09.30.09 10:00 am

I felt really bad recently when I got in fight with Chuggo. He’s a rapper and hustler from Toronto who lives in Montreal.

I felt really bad recently when I got in fight with Chuggo. He’s a rapper and hustler from Toronto who lives in Montreal.

I had always said there are two people I would love to fight: One is Gary Busey — I would love to fight him on meth in an alley in Miami — and the other is Chuggo. This little orange ginger minge fella is my hero in a way, and the only reason I did lose it on him is because I like to fight people now and again (I’m from the UK, so it’s like “Nay bother”), and because he didn’t give me any respect. When I asked him for an ecstasy pill on credit he refused, even though I’ve helped him out loads in the past by lending him money and looking out for him.

I gave him a spinning kick to the gut, which I had been practicing since I was 12, and pushed him into a garden. He got up and said “Let’s take this fight to the back alley” where nobody could see us. We both threw a few punches, then I got him on the ground, spat at him and kicked him in the ribs. He jumped up and I punched him in the ear. Then he yelled stop.

After the fight, I saw him at an after-party and he said that the reason he stopped wasn’t because he was hurt; rather it was because he had weak bowels from debauchery and ecstasy and that he had shat himself. I felt really bad. He then said that he would fight me again. I wouldn’t fight him again, and didn’t even really fight him in the first place — it was more a play-fight for me.

Chuggo is a headcase just like me, just like all of us. He put an ad in the Montreal Mirror offering his services to women, though the only calls he got was from friends asking if he was OK and awkward sounding men.

He made a video for his one hit wonder, “Come On, Fucking Guy” which we all think is genius. He’s a funny guy and I wanted to share his accomplishment with you as a “sorry” gift to Chuggo. The video has caused a bit of commotion on YouTube and there are a couple of funny covers.

Chuggo, I am sorry and if I could emphasize the word sorry I would be wearing heels and a breakup outfit, standing outside your shitty apartment holding a ghetto blaster above my head, playing an emotional song. You are my brother.


  1. yikes says:

    kicked it with him a couple of times. he’s the best. never saw the escort ad til now. thought it was just a rumour…

  2. times new roman says:


  3. lb says:

    he looks like an angry penis

  4. wtf? says:


  5. Utter Slag says:


  6. WOOOOOOORD says:

    See that bald midget with a severe mental handicap? That’s Chuggo.

  7. He looks like a young Don Rickles.

  8. buffalowinger says:

    that sucks, i thought chuggo took himself seriously.

  9. Osa says:

    i’d put my money on chuggz vs. mr. anonymous limey fucktard anyday

  10. One of Chuggo's bitches says:

    Chuggo has to win at whatever the CanCrap awards are…oh yeah, the Junos. Better than any of that other Canadian crap backpack rap. He sticks it in bitches pies and you know how he’s street? LAKESHORE, MOTHERFUCKERS!!! That street in Toronto where no one actually lives. Greatest of all time, yo!

  11. Al Anon` says:

    Never understood the part about treating concrete like Tampax because some bitches bleed on it, fun tune regardless.

  12. Sir Fagsalot says:

    The biggest myth of the world is that Brits can fight. The poor ones might be tough, but put them up against any American of the same age whose family makes less than $25K a year, and they’ll be annihilated. Sorry limey, gig’s up

  13. Anonymous says:

    Of course there’s a Encyclopedia Dramatica page!

  14. Screwface Asshole says:

    Chug-nuts-o is the biggest douche ever. Fuck this guy (in his ass for $).

  15. Munnersby says:

    Too bad that crackheads get all jittery when they give handjobs… not like asian children, for whom it “comes” naturally!


  16. Munnersby says:

    Al Anon – he means he punches out bitches, covering the concrete with blood… like a tampax, which also absorbs bitch-blood (but a different kind of bitch)

    Ta daa!


  17. Munnersby says:

    Just kidding.

  18. horse says:

    al anon you’re a fucking idiot

  19. Maxipad says:

    Al Anon your Dad must be a tent fiddler! Try like you dont know about dat shit. Dat sad!

  20. poopsmear says:

    for some reason i just couldnt stop watching that video. maybe its cuz the guy is so weird looking. maybe its cuz of the c’mon fuck a guy chorus, maybe i was hypnotized by the graphics. fuck, i’m hooked

  21. yikes says:

    munnersby, bitches doesnt mean females, just men that are bitches.

  22. Fat one from the backstreet boys says:

    I cannot distinguish between this rap and any other. Seems ok to me.

  23. Maxipad says:

    @Fat one. Can you distinguish a cock from a pussy, or an oxymoron from an orgasm?

  24. Munnersby says:

    yikersby – both bitch-forms are referenced in that line!!


  25. lol@u says:

    If there’s one guy I would not want to fight it’s Gary Busey. Motherfucker looks crazy enough to bite your lips off.

  26. I cannot believe that guy is real!
    He’s so orange and that vid… C’mon!!!!

  27. Actually its a little nuts but is ok somebody has to like it!!
    I think this website is very fun and interesting also!! something to laugh…

  28. .. Sorry for Chuggo… too much fun I guess.

    I can’t really give any speach about moderation, cuz all my life Ive done everything Ive wanted.. took ad tried all and mixed it.. very dangerous ways…

    I don’t know how I could get some control.. seriouly I don’t know why, how or when, but right now I feel better by controling myself before I got like he is now!!

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