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• 03.28.08 03:19 pm


It’s the weekend and that means people go to parties where they may be exposed to drug use. If you encounter any drugs, ever, at a party do the right thing. Get nervous and weird about it. Whether it is booze or weed or coke, make sure you… FREAK OUT and make things awkward. It’s the only way to put an end to these party gatherings which enable laughter and apparently drug use. It’s a war on drugs, so let’s start killing all the parties and let God sort em out.

  1. dingles says:

    well I should hope so!

  2. rusty says:


  3. penn says:

    everyone has HUGE shoulders.

  4. mr.wilson says:

    We won the battle against shoulder pads, and we’re winning our war for drugs.

  5. stevienickelback says:

    Those shoulder pads are bags of coke.

  6. Grammar Police says:

    “There”, dipshit. Not “their”, at least not in this context. Move along. Nothing to see here.

  7. Crampon says:

    Kirk Cameron has his own show on the bible channel, or the church channel… whatever it’s called. I was flipping thru one day and saw his face, and was like “kick ass. Growing Pains!!… wait, where’s Ben? Why’s he keep talking about Jesus?” damn cable

  8. CLASS says:

    when adults casually mention their cocaine use it’s like when twelve year-olds talk about the celebrities in their family trees. DONT FREAK THO IM TOTALLY OKAY WITH COCAINE OK? also, what kind of rubes care about grammar? we demolished those conventions for a reason, guy.

  9. what the hey says:

    whas funny about this is that my step dad name is micheal seaver but he did coke and LSD and no goes to church

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