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• 07.22.16 10:29 pm

Mike Ward isn’t going to pay it, of course. He’s a brave frog who is going to take the Canadian Human Rights Commission to the Supreme Court. This is all wonderful news as they’ve been quietly getting away with extortion for years. 

And for the record, fuck that kid. He got on a “Make a Wish” show and we all assume those kids are dying. He’s fine. He’s just disfigured and small with a bad case of the Treacher Collins syndrome.

  1. I always secretly thought the Make a Wish foundation was dumb but for way more misanthropic reasons. It’s like people are getting a prize for dying, but worse, only _certain_ people. It seems unwholesome for something that is supposed to be the opposite. Plus I’m sorry but that Batman Kid tied up traffic. If I lived in SF or whatever I’d have been really pissed. I suck, basically.

  2. Woodrow Wilson says:

    Tocqueville has something to say concerning this (in a way, obliquely).

  3. meech says:

    what happened to the magic of tv carnage. I’d suggest working a little harder and trying to get a fucking job and look for some better clips. Because i saw this clip on youtube about gary coleman on the insider getting heckled and harassed for beating up his wife it was the funniest thing i have ever seen in my entire life. I was thinking jesus christ this can’t be real and it was.Look.

  4. meech says:

    quit your fucking complaining and got get a fucking job you lazy bum

  5. Bridget says:

    Such articles are very inspiring.

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