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• 01.29.16 11:26 am

On Houston’s “Pursuit of Happiness” radio, we get into the Oregon standoff and how everything is too good these days (24:18) 

Thanks Producer Kenny!

  1. CarbonedOut says:

    Great interview Gavin!!! Too many highlights to single out.
    Never heard of these guys so thanks for the intro.
    I’m sure it will go over, through, like food in a goose, the usual lefty loons aka dick lubin, Dick Face and his friends.

  2. keeth says:

    It’s “like shit through a goose”. My grandmother use to say that a lot. Along with “shit fire and save matches”.

  3. CarbonedOut says:

    Thanks, I should’ve consulted my Foxfire books for the proper expression.
    I like your grandma.

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