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We just went to a new comic store near our office called Desert Island and bought a TON of books. Here’s our faves.


We just went to a new comic store near our office called Desert Island and bought a TON of books. Here’s our faves.


DADDY’S GIRL by Debbie Drechsler
Fantagraphics just reprinted this Drawn & Quarterly classic and added plenty of new art by Debbie as well as a nice hard cover. If you’re not familiar with this auto-bio graphic novel it’s the one where Dreschler goes back over her whole life and tells you about every detail: From the boy she first crushed out on to when her dog died to the time her dad fucked her mouth. Wait, wha-? That’s right. Her dad raped her a lot. In fact, her dog “died” after dad threw it against the wall for objecting to the rapes.

Seeing horrific content like this in a cutesy, scratchboard style is the stuff of nightmares and the scariest part is it’s all true. Debbie’s family is mortified she took this public and the only one that will speak to her is her sister who isn’t mad because she was right fucking there when all this was happening (as we can see from her freaked out face in the book).


FUN HOUSE by Alison Bechdel
Mariner Books
Another auto-bio graphic novel from the daughter of a shitty dad. This one didn’t rape his daughter but he was in in-the-closet homo who took all his frustrations out on his family and treated them like shit. There’s something about these terrible dads that makes some really great art because this book is completely perfect. When she talks about a definition from the dictionary she draws the entire page and takes into a account the bend the page would have if you lay the book open on its spine. Every terrace and balcony is rendered like a tracing but better. When locations are discussed we’re given flawless aerial maps of the area.

This rigid composition is juxtaposed with super funny sex scenes and fuck ups and a good 100 pages on how totally out-of-control her OCD became (she had to physically stroke the air as an apology to the order gods if she came into the room from the wrong direction).

Nerds will love this book because it is note-for-note the most accurately drawn comic book in the history of time and girls will love this book because it’s a tear jerker of a tale about a girl who lost her shitty dad. Female nerds on the other hand, should probably stay away from this book as they might end up fucking it.


This book is not a graphic novel at all but an in depth look at Hustler Cartoonist Dwaine Tinsley who died eight years ago after serving two years in prison for raping his daughter. This is the guy who did the comic “Chester the Molester” by the way. Can you fucking believe that? The courts used the cartoon to convict him but when they realized this was a violation of the First Amendment his conviction was overturned and he was released.

After reading this book I have no fucking clue if the Chester cartoonist diddled his daughter. He was a scumbag ex-con but his daughter was a lying cokehead. She claimed he raped her 100,000 times. That’s 50 times a day. But some of the details sounded hard to make up. There were times when I was positive he was guilty and there were times when I was positive she was lying. The only thing I was sure about while reading this book is that it’s fucked up to use cartoons to throw someone in jail.

  1. sacha says:

    guide to familial rape! love it.

  2. nerd says:

    it’s Drechsler, not Drescheler. Look at the book

  3. FRANK says:

    SUP BITCHES. joking about rape isn’t funny, it’s hillarious. yo know what you call when you bury your P.P. head in your daughter’s hairy underground? it’s called a FRITZEL THE CAT

  4. king WOG says:

    can I download these on the nintendo somewhere for free? i like art but I hate artists and want them to not be able to afford things

  5. grizzlor says:

    The cover says Fun Home, why are you referring to it as Fun House?

  6. Dick Instructor says:

    cause a house is not a home unless your dad has his penis in you. but if he has a repressed phantom penis in his ass then it’s a house

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