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TV Carnage
• 03.06.08 11:19 am

cop out

TV CARNAGE has been working on COP MOVIE for the last 400 yrs and as it grows into the glorious monster that it is, I find myself with glorious pieces of platinum acting that have no home. Here is one of those crème de la force performance moments.

  1. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences says:

    Yeah, our collective bad for not recognizing this guy… maybe we can give this guy a lifetime award or some shit…

  2. yourmother'sbestfriend says:

    “Some Velvet Morning” was playing while this played and it worked perfectly. (The lee hazlewood bit at least)

  3. jamal dog man dog says:

    Yes! Cannot wait for the Cop Movie

  4. Oscar says:

    “How did Richenko find out, huh?”

  5. drools says:

    that has to be miami vice…. its fucken gold whatever it is

  6. von schliemann says:

    ah fantastic, there is nothing like good acting! and that was nothing like good acting.

  7. ZachMcDonald says:

    Ritchenko? Shit. It was OJ, don’t yall recognize his man Kato?

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