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• 09.28.12 11:15 am

At 1PM, Crass artist and punk pioneer Gee Vaucher will be doing a talk at PS1 about DIY publishing, Exitstencil Press, Boo-Hooray, and their recent books Crass Art and Other Pre Postmodernist Monsters: 1961–1997 and Punk: An Aesthetic

There is also an infinite number of zines for sale at this thing. I always buy tons of shit here and it’s weird because when you walk by a publisher with a pile of books you’ve bought, the person behind the table looks at you the same way owners of a restaurant do on opening night. It costs a lot of money to book a table at this thing so if they weren’t sponsored by some rich artist, they are desperate to make their money back. I find it’s best to cross your eyes and pretend your blind when you peruse. That way any book you do buy seems like a total bonus for them.




  1. Sarah says:

    Gabe from Desert Storm comics in Brooklyn is there all week. He’s got cool prints including Marc Bell and stuff. Go check out his booth!

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