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Much to ex-vocalist Steve Ignorant’s chagrin, Crass never copyrighted their logo or did anything businessy like that. They get a few royalties off their records but when they were given the opportunity to buy their squat for next

Much to ex-vocalist Steve Ignorant’s chagrin, Crass never copyrighted their logo or did anything businessy like that. They get a few royalties off their records but when they were given the opportunity to buy their squat for next to nothing a few years ago, they said, “That’s still too expensive.” Like The Ramones crest and Motorhead’s monster face, the Crass logo has had a life all its own. So where is it right now?

It’s on an aNYthing sweatshirt [OOOPS! It’s a Rockers NYC hoodie that was FOR SALE at aNYthing-Ed]. There’s nothing wrong with this BTW. These companies couldn’t pay Crass if they wanted to. It’s not like the CBGB shirt where there’s a whole infrastructure of trademarks and lawyers. Crass live on a fucking farm. What are you going to do, mail them a check they never asked for?

It’s on a Rockers NYC t-shirt with CRUCIFIX. I got this one but am having trouble pulling it off because I am almost as old as Crass themselves.

It’s on a gaylord’s head. This is so incongruous it becomes congruous again. What a fucking awesome idea.

And finally, it’s on these Japanese weirdos I read about on Glob by way of Bizarre UK. They inject saline into their heads until it makes huge tumors they can then push a thumbhole into to be worthy of the moniker “Bagelhead.” The remaining donut shape is the “O” for the biggest OOOOOOOH KAAAAY of all time.
Why is Crass still here a quarter of a century after calling it quits forever?
Maybe it’s because their lyrics were so prophetic. Check out this wood carving Scott Campbell’s studio helped me make. It’s the lyrics to Crass’ “White Punks on Hope” which has never been more poignant. Especially the part where Penny Rimbaud says the notion of us all being blind bigots is a “Marxist con.” The idea that we’re all evil racists is what got Obama elected and made people cry with awestruck joy when it actually happened. What a scam.

They said that we were trash,
Well the name is Crass, not Clash.
They can stuff their punk credentials
Cause it’s them that take the cash.
They won’t change nothing with their fashionable talk,
All their RAR badges and their protest walk,
Thousands of white men standing in a park,
Objecting to racism’s like a candle in the dark.
Black man’s got his problems and his way to deal with it,
So don’t fool yourself you’re helping with your white liberal shit.
If you care to take a closer look at the way things really stand,
You’d see we’re all just niggers to the rulers of this land.

Punk was once an answer to years of crap,
A way of saying no where we’d always said yep.
But the moment we saw a way to be free,
They invented a dividing line, street credibility.
The qualifying factors are politics and class,
Left wing macho street fighters willing to kick arse.
They said because of racism they’d come out on the street.
It was just a form of fascism for the socialist elite.
Bigotry and blindness, a marxist con,
Another clever trick to keep us all in line.
Neat little labels to keep us all apart,
To keep us all divided when the troubles start.

Pogo on a nazi, spit upon a jew,
Vicious mindless violence that offers nothing new.
Left wing violence, right wing violence, all seems much the same,
Bully boys out fighting, it’s just the same old game.
Boring fucking politics that’ll get us all shot,
Left wing, right wing, you can stuff the lot.
Keep your petty prejudice, I don’t see the point,

UPDATE: From the comments

Also, I think Posh Spice or David Beckham was wearing one recently too but it was jewel encrusted. “They make safety pins of silver and gold. The bastards who buy them they know what they’ve been sold.”

  1. Roy says:

    The sweater is Rockers NYC too, not aNYthing.

  2. I got a Gee Vaucher shirt in Tokyo with the crass logo on the top back. The japanese dude at the shop came up to me saying “Rook, class class!”. He was also selling Gee Vaucher art books. Honestly had no idea who they were. Rad shirt tho, some Nip brand. They had a bunch of other cool shirts, can’t remember the name, submarine or someshit like that.

  3. bite my style suckers

    Be exactly who you want to be, do what you want to do. I am he and she is she but you’re the only you.

  4. JuCIFER says:


  5. just a cunt hair away says:

    “There’s nothing wrong with this BTW” you mean except the ‘Soul Brains’ logo, right? RIGHT?! fuck.
    @Angelina Jolie’s Tiny Baby- wow.
    @JuCIFER- hahaha!

  6. Drippy Dog Dix and Cum Bubbles or something says:

    I always wondered whether or not they had any ownership of that logo, but never cared enough to look. Cool.

  7. ew says:

    nothin says anarchy like the seed of jon voight. THERE’S AN “H” IN JOHN, MOTHERFUCKER!

  8. loudmouthed cooze says:

    most kickass lyrics ever

    Left wing, right wing, you can stuff the lot.
    Keep your petty prejudice, I don’t see the point,


  9. George Carlin's Ghost says:

    okay fuck crass, wtf is with the bagelhead bastards?

  10. cat_aids says:

    @loudmouthed cooze you left out BORING FUCKING POLITICS THAT’LL GET US ALL SHOT


  11. lol thanks for the feature today guys. got a free coffee for you in bushwick if you want

  12. get shot says:

    “lol thanks for the feature today guys. got a free coffee for you in bushwick if you want”

    I’ll be getting a stick & poke tat of this on my ass

  13. todd says:

    Yes, send them a check that they didn’t ask for.

  14. weird says:

    hey I live on a farm cause I rule just like crass does but i still like to laugh at stupid shit so i still come here

  15. bj says:

    i never listened to crass because i thought they were another bunch of middle class performance artists with a cool logo complaining at the rest of us who have to work jobs to pay the rent calling us bourgeois facists or something, but it appears i was wrong. and 20 years too late.
    im gonna listen.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Suck it hippies.

  17. bedbug says:

    You have too much Joe Strummer in you to let him say that.

  18. bedbug says:

    Crass wish they wrote Willesden to Cricklewood or Shaktar Donetsk.

  19. blackwigga says:

    they’re music sucks. They’re politics and visuals are good.

  20. Taeil says:

    You got it backwards blackwigga, it’s the politics that sucked.

  21. blackwigger says:

    shut up you stupid puppet.

  22. hey kook!!! says:

    The Motorhead mascot / logo is not some monster… it has a name… Snaggletooth. You could learn more cool stuff like this if you put down the Crass lyrics.

  23. Taeil says:

    I’m gonna lynch you.

  24. sharon needles says:

    crass is awesome. 35 dollar crass merchandise of any sort is not awesome. if you wanna rep them, make it yourself, duh.


    ooh let’s not buy anyfing, let’s make everyfing.. ya no thanks drip, I’m not very arts and craftsy or seamstressed out but I do want to wear good clothes and shizz? so shaddap.. I’m not into seeing that scumbag who runs american appeal making crass hoodie snuggie sweats or whatever, but rockers nyc? come on, and come on down and come on down here so I can beat some sense past ya unwashed white girl dreads (ew btw)

    crass lyrics and album art/art is the greatest, I’m not crazee about the music itself cos I’m more into girls aloud.. squealing squalling guitars and shouting are more for old guys cos that’s what they were raised on many many many decades ago..

    but ya can I get a woodcut I would like to be able to distill that woodcut into a couple sentences or a throughtstreamer that could hover around my dome because the letter and spirit of those words are at the core of why I find it very difficult to have a conversation about anything deeper than Big Brother (uk), sports or mewvie films without wanting to take the hep brainworshed student melonhead I’m talking to and smashing the turd brain right out of that melon

  26. Atheist says:

    this article reeks of bullshit. Name drop some more douche bag NY hipsters who trash pick “rebel” culture (aNYthing, Campbell-mr fucking Camel packs himself) and justify their actions cuz you have a hard on for Penny’s dick. Your a fucking marketer’s dream, gavin.

  27. wood punk says:

    what did they do to that piece of wood before burning that onto it? the milling is very odd as far as I can tell I love crass

  28. Eavesdropper says:

    Youse r aw a bundle o fannys!

  29. riot says:

    crass = diy, not fucking fashion. angelina with crass is like hitler wearing his anti-fascist t-shirt

  30. BreizhHxC says:

    It is a shame to use such a group for a buck, make capitalism more and more pity!
    Sell a t-shirt Crass has $ 35 it’s completely stupid!

  31. Tony says:

    Fuck this everything sucks now and nothing will ever be good idea of fun is arguing sedevacantism to feminist hippest politically correct vatican 2 freemason’s online.Celebrity culture embracing crass is a great way to realize pop culture isn’t worth my time anymore.Have fun looking a pop lesbian mall girl singers wearing exploited shirts.

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