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FROM SOUTHERN RECORDS: The Crassical Collection is finally here, and the first release is the newly remastered The Feeding of the 5000.

From the G20 summit. How many of these kids know the story of Wally Hope?


“Five thousand’s a crowd (four thousand nine hundred and ninety nine more than I imagined were going to buy the record), but two’s company (I knew for certain that my Mum would want one), so it was on the plate, ready to serve, The Feeding of the Five Thousand.”

The Crassical Collection is finally here, and the first release is the newly remastered The Feeding of the 5000. After several years of being out of print, this legendary album has been been restored from the original analogue studio tapes, repackaged and bolstered by rare and unreleased tracks, and stunning new artwork from Gee Vaucher, who has lovingly created what could only be considered a real artefact. Included in this package is a 64-page booklet featuring all lyrics along with extensive liner notes from band members Penny Rimbaud and Steve Ignorant, which shed light on the making of the record. Also included is CD-sized recreation of the iconic original fold-out poster sleeve.

“We were setting out as purists: hard, uncompromising and utterly bemused.”

The Feeding of the 5000 is the first album by Crass, released in 1978. The record came to be made when Pete Stennett, owner of Small Wonder Records, heard a demo that the band had recorded. Impressed by all of the material, he decided that rather than release a conventional single by the band, he would put all of their set onto an 18-track, 12-inch EP.

“Easy listening? You ain’t heard nothing yet.”

However, problems were encountered when workers at the Irish pressing plant contracted to manufacture the disc, refused to handle it due to the allegedly blasphemous content of the track “Reality Asylum” (referred to as “Asylum” on the record sleeve). The record was eventually released with this track removed and replaced by two minutes of silence, retitled “The Sound of Free Speech.” This incident also prompted Crass to set up their own record label in order to retain full editorial control as well as political and legal responsibility for their material, and “Reality Asylum” was shortly afterward issued in a re-recorded and extended form as a 7-inch single. A later repress of The Feeding of the 5000 (subtitled “The Second Sitting”) released on Crass records in 1981 restored the missing track.

“On one thing we were very clear, in bringing a prosecution of Criminal Blasphemy against us the authorities would have been giving us the kind of publicity which overnight would have made us a household name. They were aware of this and so were we. It was a situation that allowed us carte blanche to say pretty much whatever we wanted without any real fear of incrimination, a situation which over the next seven years we exploited to the hilt.”

This signals the first in a series of remastered versions of each of Crass’ now legendary albums, each one including bonus tracks and brand new artwork.

Here’s a taste: The remastered version of “So What.”

For the full track listing and to order, visit the Southern Web Shop.




I’m listening to this right now and it sounds fucking amazing. The remastering has given each track new life and it’s fun hearing the 16 extras including Ignorant and Rimbaud alone as “Stormtrooper.” There’s an exact recreation of the poster that came in the original record and the booklet is a great little art book in and of itself. When the next re release comes out it will have just as much stuff in it and when they’re all out the box sets will fit together to make the Crass logo.

Even if you’re not a Crass fan, this is a great little piece of anarchist history. Penny just put out a book on Active Distribution called The Last of the Hippies. It’s about his friend Wally Hope whose assassination begot Crass and eventually the anarcho-punk movement as we know it today.

From the back: “[This story] fast became the seminal text of what was then known as anarcho-punk and which later blossomed into the anti-globalisation movement.”

You wouldn’t have kids in black sweatshirts throwing Molotov cocktails at police cars without Wally Hope. The irony is, Wally wasn’t really political. He was a weirdo sun-worshipper who drove a rainbow-colored car with a tee pee on top. The fact that this hilarious nutbar was deemed a threat to the state and lobotomized for it was so ridiculous and unfair, it started the modern Western anarchist movement as we know it today.

Available HERE for the price it cost to print it.


  1. tits mcgee says:

    it’s kinda funny how gavin knocks on the boomers for pushing their crap, but how different is he when he pushes this crass shit?

  2. Taeil says:

    Easy. Hippies sucked. Crass rocked.

  3. plotte en vrac says:

    Crass were boomers – they’re all at least 10 years older than Gavin, who was only a small boy when punk started. It’s hard to reconcile the way you thought at 17 with the way you live now, huh?

  4. dragler says:

    BIG MAN should be dedicated to some of the writers on this site

  5. Anonymous says:

    Crass are a bunch faggots.

  6. Hahahah says:

    Remastered Crass Recordings, HA. Its time people stopped putting this band on a pedestal, it goes against everything they preached. Oh yeah, they also suck.

  7. Phoney Horseshit says:

    What a bunch of crap. These guys might as well re-brand as the Beatles. Id never think this bunch would try to rewrite their own history, and to polish up at that. Lame.

  8. Snake. says:

    does it change anything that this band is terrible?

  9. HOMO says:

    I need this! stoked!

  10. egrol says:

    CRASS! So What sounds better than ever.

    11:34 – You’re a fag, and you can’t triforce.

    Pic related: It’s me and my bitch.

  11. Professor Mudbutt says:

    It should come with a free sample of Sex Pistols perfume.

  12. Berek Deckels says:

    Ya’ll haters be just hate-en

  13. DAVID DOOK says:

    Everyone in here please post one thing you actually like and respect. And you can’t use “ass sex.”

  14. todd says:

    the story of crass basically paraphrases the last of the hippies/reality asylum for its history on wally hope… it’s an awesome read, and he was a weird dude.

  15. I.C.P. says:

    i wish gavin would report on the steely dan reissue next, it’s about as relevant

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  17. Taeil says:

    Crass appealed to me as a young and reckless anarchist who didn’t have his ideals die yet. Even for their self righteous ultra left rants, their lyrics were still rather poignant even for how wrong they were.

    Also, I actually liked a lot of the music. It was weird. It was angry. It was cool. Even to this day I’ve never heard anybody drum like Penny, but his unorthodox style may solely be based on careless ineptness. It doesn’t matter. Music’s fucking music and if it’s good to MY ear I’m gonna buy now and pay as I go.

    Bye. Bye.

  18. Taeil says:


    Oh BIG MAN? The song that goes:

    You see there’s lots of chances in this land of hope and glory
    Try and make your own rules, that’s a different story
    If you’re a man, you’d better act like one
    Develop your muscles, use your prick like a gun
    Fuck anything that moves, but never pay the price
    Steal, fuck, slaughter, that’s their advice
    Are you man enough? Ask the posters on the walls
    Have you got what it takes? Guts and balls?
    Keep your myth of manhood, it’s been going on too long
    A history of slaughter is the proof that it is wrong

    I can tell you no recruiting ad impelled me to join the Marines. In fact, this will sound even GAYER. A part of me wanted to join after watching the movie ALIENS.

  19. egrol says:

    Fight War Not Wars, Taeil. Oh wait…

  20. Anonymous says:

    Crass were amazing man, WTF??? I fucked a chick on heroin once to the whole album it was the only music we had on a ghetto blaster in an abandoned building…

  21. Frenchy says:

    Hoping for a Foghat rerelease sometime this year, please keep us all up to date on that.

  22. i fap to Raymi from abroad says:


  23. i fap to Raymi from abroad says:


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