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Donna Deliva
• 12.09.09 08:58 pm

All right, I’ve been checking Creep Street pretty regs for about a year now. Here’s my favorite 50 pics from my (second) favorite website.

All right, I’ve been checking Creep Street pretty regs for about a year now. Here’s my favorite 50 pics from my (second) favorite website.


  1. Anonymous says:

    someone should douse the girl in pic #2 with honey and a good helping of killer bees. what a fucking waste of decent flesh she is.

  2. Maxwel says:

    neck face saved your neck/face.

  3. KESHY says:

    my life plans include moving somewhere warm and dressing like the lady in pic number 3.

  4. Sarkis Abuchian says:

    wow, thsi is agood as spost! lol peace!

  5. mr.meat says:

    This is the future of something and the demise of whatever.
    I can almost live off this shit if somebody would just feed me doritos under the door when I ask.

  6. ew says:

    that website makes me die a little inside.
    what is this new “edgy” obsession with crime scenes and gory details? these are real fucking people. it’s fakey and groooss.

  7. stink nutz mcgizzlewiezenhaf says:

    What the fuck has happened to this site in the past 9 months???????? before, it used to be all, “Har dee Fukkin’ Har HARRR!”, and now it’s all, “Hmmmph, Del leeeoooohh Humph Humph!” I mean, really, what is goin’ on? Huh??? FUKKIN TELL ME, GODDAMMITT!!!

  8. stink nutz mcgizzlewiezenhaf says:

    Andyes, I misspelled some words. sorry. Punctuation is no good either. Fuck you Blog- African-American!!!!! There, I said it.

  9. unbelievable says:

    why doesn’t this site have pictures of girls in underwear with its logo on their ass?

  10. hahahahahaha says:


    Man, I kinda feel like we’re pretty much obsessed with 3 things: butts, tits, and cam’ron?! hahaha fuck that that’s awesome! internship anyone?!

  11. MaltLikkaSippa says:

    Ass shots are good. P.Diddy finding a single in his roll is funny. Also enjoyed vagina cave and vagina sculpture. And monkey squeezing tit. Good shit.

  12. MaltLikkaSippa says:

    Let’s not forget the lickable kids as well.

  13. a says:

    this post is like following a shitty tumblr of someone who saved pictures that were posted on 4chan two years ago.

  14. These pics feel like eating fast food..or maybe catching a meal at 7-11…
    thedayafteryoudie be like a filet mignon with a petite syrah
    or maybe some bomb ass tai food with a tecate.

  15. Anonymous says:

    gavin i love you sometimes

  16. kure kure takora says:

    Yeah great thanks for the FUNNAY INTARNET PICTARZ

    I’m sure there’s tons of ROOFLES to be found here.

  17. frenchy says:

    fuuuuck. i used to have that deck…i forgot all about that til i saw the pic.

  18. koreanish says:

    bravo monsieur!

  19. nought says:

    i know the girl next to the massive vagina, i’ve been in it actually. was quite cozy.

  20. todd is a faggot name says:

    very good as well.

  21. Anonymous says:

    someone would like 4chan

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